General Hospital -Bryan Phillips

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Bryan Phillips w\one of the few African American Characters on GH. Lets see if I can gather a history
Young Scotty Baldwin had been in love with Laura before her affair began with David and now, frantic with concern for her whereabouts, Scotty and his friend, Bryan Phillips, went to New York to look for her. They fund Laura involved in a drug and prostitution ring! Posing as street hustlers, Scotty and Bryan rescued her and brought her back to Port Charles, where she finally confessed to killing David. Lesley was freed.
sight contains a picture he really does exist!

Thats were he wentBryan Phillips
(Todd Davis, 1978-1987)
Husband of Claudia Johnston Phillips, and the father of twin daughters. Shot while being held hostage in 1983 with Dr. Monica Quartermaine and Bobbie Spencer.
His father
Eddie Phillips
(Sammy Davis Jr., 1983)
Father of Bryan Phillips.
even less on Claudia

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