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Its Component and Activity buttons send multiple Beats sale

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Its Component and Activity buttons send multiple Beats sale
commands to multiple devices automatically, allowing true one-touch control. Users can control even the most complex AV systems, and extend their functionality with the special feature buttons. The unique ergonomic design of the Revolution 200 features an intuitive layout of easy-to-read large tactile buttons. Thanks to the special illuminated backlit buttons, the remote is easy to read in the dark. Further adding to its value for custom installers and electricians who want to give their clients true leading-edge networked remote control capabilities, the Monster Revolution 200 is a multi-room lighting controller that works through walls, ceilings, and floors. Encouraging Individual Components to “Work in Concert” Monster’s new Evolution and Revolution remotes literally make individual home entertainment components work in concert, rather than as separate devices. They all share a host of advanced setup, customization and maintenance features that elevate them far beyond ordinary remotes. These include: By Bruce Guthrie Daily Leader Posted Sep 04, 2010 @ 01:29 AM MCGEHEE — Two things that Stuttgart head coach Todd Barnes said that had to happen in order to beat the McGehee Owls Friday night in the 2010 season opener was that his defense couldn't give up big plays and they had to win the kicking game. His fears about those two areas were realized. “You can't give up big plays,” Barnes said, “and not win the kicking game. We gave up big plays and had a breakdown on a punt.” Barnes' defense allowed three plays of 20 yards or more. All three led to points for the Owls. The Birds bottled up T'Cambry Green for most of the night. In his first six carries, Green mustered just 19 yards. But Green proved himself a solid receiver. His 34-yard catch from Deondrai Haynes down to the Ricebird four set up Keith Lockwood's 24-yard field goal. In the second quarter, Green grabbed a screen pass from Haynes and weaved his way through the Ricebird defense for a 20-yard gain down to the 22. That set up Kendall Lambert's first of three touchdowns, a one yard dive up the middle that cut the Ricebirds' lead to 16-10. That's where the two teams stood at the half. Stuttgart re-established their lead back to 12 points at 22-10, but the Owls bit the Birds with another big play. Lambert grabbed a pass with one hand out of the air from Haynes and landed out of bounds at the 28 for a 24-yard gain. 27 yards on two carries from Green set up Lambert again for another one-yard TD. Then the biggest play of the night. After the second drive of the second half stalled without a first down, Lambert took Regan Counce's punt and cut for a 66-yard touchdown. “We practice angle punting it,” said head coach Todd Barnes. “And we kicked it down the hash. The fact is when you punt it, you've got to break down and make a tackle.” That play is what swung momentum to the Owls for the rest of the night. Stuttgart had just as many big plays from scrimmage and even had a turnover in the kicking game as well. Three long touchdowns from Lukas McGhee to Dre'Ion Ice plus a fumble recovery on a quick kick could count as a match in the big play and kicking game department. McGhee's three scoring strikes to Ice were his only three completions in 11 attempts on the night for a total of 76 yards. The Ricebirds just fell one point short where it counted—on the scoreboard. Copyright 2010 Stuttgart Daily Leader. Some rights reserved Atlanta, GA, September 23, 2010 – (Virtual Press Office) - Monster?, the leading manufacturer of advanced consumer electronics accessories, now offers a line of three “game-changing” remote controls geared to meet the needs of every home entertainment consumer. The new remotes include the Evolution 55 (Model MCC AV55, SRP: $129.95), and Evolution 50 (Model MCC AV50, SRP: $99.95), as well as the breakthrough Revolution 200 Home Theater Lighting Controller (Model MCC AVL200, SRP:$249.95). The simple yet powerful products are poised to revolutionize the growing universal remote control category by offering all flat panel TV owners a completely new perspective on the traditional remote. All feature a unique Monster “Game Controller-style” layout for single or two-handed and tabletop operation. Their beneficial one or two-handed operation provides the familiar feel of a game console controller and the “thumbstick” pad makes it easy for anyone to navigate the menu selections of virtually any A/V Component. Noel Lee, Head Monster, noted: “With the arrival of today’s new Network-enabled home A/V components, including networked TVs, Blu-ray players with BD Live and media and movie rentals, A/V network receivers, HD game consoles, cable/satellite TV boxes and more, there’s fast-growing demand for multi-directional menu navigation and remote controls that literally tie everything together simply and easily. Our three new remote controls represent a fresh re-envisioning of how people will interact with all of today’s most advanced A/V devices.” Evolution… The Next Generation of Universal Remote Control In a world where network TVs, Blu-ray players and game consoles have more and more complex graphic user interfaces, the two new Evolution Remotes represent a major leap forward and a long-awaited milestone in Universal Remote Control design and functionality. Designed to control six separate components and eliminate “remote control clutter” once and for all, the Evolution 55 and Evolution 50 remotes are the world’s first tabletop, dual- and single-handed universal remote controls. They both feature ergonomically designed buttons and navigation layouts similar to those of portable game consoles, making navigating today’s networked TV, games, Blu-ray players and other devices more natural and straightforward than ever before. Everything about the design of Monster’s new Evolution remotes caters to today’s flat panel TV customers looking to enhance the look of their rooms without the clutter of the typical handheld remotes. With a “console” design similar to expensive control system console controllers, the Evolution Remotes are designed to mirror the look of the widescreen TV. With their elegant tabletop designs, the new remotes meet the needs of today’s lifestyle-conscious consumer and offers a much differentiated flat panel TV attachment sale for custom installers and specialty retailers. Notably, as flat panel TVs increasingly become integral design elements in the décor of many people’s homes, the attractive form factor of the remotes provides a more natural look on any coffee table or end table. To ensure that users rarely if ever have to reach for their old remotes, the all-in-one Monster devices are packed with basic ‘common sense’ buttons that control the key performance and convenience features of today’s most advanced home theater components, such as on-screen aspect ratio selection. Monster’s unique touch sensing interface navigation design allows users to access player transport controls and direction pad without having to shift the controller. Revolution 200: Activity-Based AV and Z Wave Lighting Controller The Monster Revolution 200 is a breakthrough Advanced Activity-Based AV and Z Wave Lighting Controller. The follow-up to the company’s award-winning MCC AVL300, the Revolution 200 is able to accomplish all of the advanced AV Macros functions of the AVL300 in a much more simplified wizard based online set up.
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