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Brad really died...

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I can't believe it. On The Young & the Restless, Brad Carlton has died. They really killed off the character. He died, in fact, heroically. For a character who had been through so much and had been both good and bad, virtuous and evil, generous and selfish...and everything in between, I was glad to see Brad go off doing something noble. He saved Noah from the icy waters of a Wisconsin lake, pulling him to freedom and apparently drowning in the process.

I'll miss Brad, even though I recognize that he wasn't getting much of a storyline lately. He was always an interesting adversary for Victor, a thorn in Jack's side, and yet there was something that made him fun to watch.

Unlike the deaths on other soaps, I don't think Brad's demise is anything but the real thing. Sometimes the best thing for a show is to let a character perish just to see how it plays out with the other characters. Brad's death, for instance, is devastating to Colleen and Abby and Ashley. Victor will have a hard time faking his feelings about Brad, and that will make the women in his life reconsider Victor. I have.

Meanwhile, I hope Don Diamont has a soft landing on another show or in primetime. He's still a great-looking star and he would add to any cast he'd join. Wouldn't he be an asset to The Bold & the Beautiful? Think about it. He could be just the kind of guy Bridget has yearned for!

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  1. casper402032's Avatar
    I think he would be great on a crime drama or a hospital set like ER.
  2. sandi-314's Avatar
    I'm not a woman impressed w/muscles, I admit he was good looking, but I liked Brad better before he had money.
  3. cocotbo's Avatar
    I agree with you on the way he died. It was truly heroic and there will be ripples in the storyline for a long time to come because of it.

    I did find showing his body under ice pretty disturbing though. I've seen a lot of soap deaths but that was pretty graphic for daytime.

    I like your idea about him going to B&B! They could use some fresh talent there. I'm a little tired of seeing actor-wannabees getting new roles there and bringing nothing to the talent table. D.D. could be a great man for Bridget and give viewers a welcome respite from Ridge.
  4. fancy1120's Avatar
    I'm pretty disgusted with Y & R getting rid of some of our favorites...John Abbot for one. Why in the world was that necessary? He was the white wire that grounded all of them. His story with Gloria would have been great...fighting Jack and putting all his kids in their place. Her love for him seemed genuine and the dirty tricks Jack pulled were heartbreaking. And killing off Brad!? Good God, what about a wild story with him and Sharon.....just what we needed to piss of Victor and Jack....what a riot that could have been. How money saving can the Bells be when they kill of the best and put stupid things on like Esther and Goofy getting married after three hours of knowing each other? Come on, we aren't stupid so stop giving us stupid to watch.
    Nancy W Pittsburgh, PA