About Lily and Daniel (Y.R.)

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We have had this soap shut for some months, and then open, and we have seen, Lily and Daniel Divorced, but we don't know why. Can some one explain us? This passage is not clear for we, and now, very things are passed, but there are some blanks we would like understand.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Gotapenname's Avatar
    Daniel become firends with Amber Moore. She gave him a link to porn site she was fetured on. He got addicted to porn. They tired evreyting to work on thier mariage but in the end his addiction to porn was so strong it lead to thier divorce.After the divorce his porn addiction seemed to be magically cured.
  2. vidi's Avatar
    Now , we understand, because we thought, that they were divorced, because their parents did not like this marriage, knowing the rivality between Phillys and Dru.