massively irritated by ATWT viewers and more Grayson news

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BOY, I wanted everyone to watch Grayson's Lusty scenes in 2004 and PROVE to everyone how much happier he was. Only a few would admit it, but he was. Grayson in 2003-2004 ATWT would actually dissect and change his lines on his scripts because he CARED that much about the show. Nowadays he has stopped photoshoots, his acting school, numerous interviews, and many public appearances that he initially did in 2003-2005.

Grayson was voted in the soaphunks.net poll for their best hunk vote from 2003-2006. I single-handedly swung the vote around in 2007, and his popularity has fallen ever since. He was voted ONLY with Peyton's Lusty 15 weeks in a row for best couple and best actor in SOD. Why didn't the Justy fans help him out? ONLY Ferrin was voted in.

I'm just sick and tired of folks saying Dusty looks good and is good with so and so. Now it is the random chick of the moment, Janet, where some are bewildered of why Dusty would like someone so unlikeable, unless Goutman just cared that Grayson got his paycheck SOMEPLACE. The last time Grayson looked excited about a pairing was with Peyton List. Do have I have to always make it clear?

Grayson had NEVER opened his eyes kissing his costar except with Peyton.

Grayson has NEVER stroked a gal's butt or chest except with Peyton.

Grayson has never done playfighting in a bed scene except with Peyton.

Grayson has never cried tears EXCEPT when he said goodbye with Peyton. He couldn't even freakin tear up at Jenn's death.

Grayson has never done three co-interviews except with Peyton.

Grayson has never done four photoshoots except with Peyton.

Grayson has never had two chats that crashed except the time of Lusty.

Grayson has never had a character voted in SID's Best First Time except with Peyton.

Grayson had a magazine cover with Peyton DURING the times of Jenn and Dusty.

Grayson's highest pairing in SID's all time best couples was Lusty with Peyton where not even the Justy fans complained they were ranked lower.

Grayson has never spoke so highly of a costar as often as Peyton. AS LATE AS LATE 2008, HE WAS STILL TALKING ABOUT PEYTON IN AN ONLINE INTERVIEW.

Grayson said hi to a Lusty fansite. NO OTHER COUPLES FANSITE. He joined a Lusty facebook page and didn't seem to care to hurt others' feelings in 2008. When he had his own Facebook he joined Peyton's Facebook page along with Hallie Berry's.

Grayson stated he wanted to go to a deserted island with Peyton. When asked about what was best working with Peyton, he said, "her eyes and her lips. It is so easyyyy!"

For SID to sell their issues, with Peyton, six months ago, they POSTED A LUSTY PICTURE TO GET FOLKS INTERESTED IN THE ISSUE.

THANK YOU, Daytime Confidential for being the seemingly one of the only sources that can see HOW BIG LUSTY WAS for Grayson! I am just bewildered when I go online and folks freak out about Peyton's age, but FERRIN WAS ONLY 3YRS OLDER THAN HER AND DUSTY EVEN MADE FUN OF JENN'S AGE! As stated, I guess nobody complained of Jenn cuz she looked so dang old and weathered!

Thank you soap magazines, for seeing how popular Lusty is and still to this very day defy the show and post Lusty letters and love. I don't know how long you can do this since the show is prolly tell you all to shut up, but I appreciated your constant love.

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  1. ms27's Avatar
    I thought that Dusty had the most chemistry with Jennifer. I thought her death scenes were beautifully acted by all parties. I find it rude to say "she looked so dang old and weathered". Now I haven't taken the time out to count how many times actors close their eyes while kissing or where they put their hands in a scene, but Grayson has had chemistry with other actresses.