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Recently, we learnt that Victor Newman is over of the soap, it is a sad new, because we cannot imagine the story without him. What do you think?

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  1. vidi's Avatar
    We hope that Eric Breaden will not go for good!
  2. Beak's Avatar
    I think Y&R has made a huge mistake!
  3. Karlie's Avatar
    HUGE mistake! I hope the ratings tank like never before, then maybe those Sony SOBs will realize that what idiots they are.
  4. sharon49's Avatar

    Victor was never EVIL !
    Adam is EVIL and the cause of us losing Victor. I hope Eric Braden comes back soon and puts the Fork to Adam !!
    Victor Newman style !!
  5. vidi's Avatar
    Yes, Sharon49, Victor is not evil. He is hard man but right in his actions.
  6. vidi's Avatar
    Why they changed Malcom, the old actor was nice and we miss him! We liked him with Olivia.: