jack and phylliss together again?

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now that phylliss has completely ruined her marriage to nick. i think phylliss and jack will/should get back together. they scheme and lie together.. there alot alike. they were one of the best couples! i think there should be a reuinon. if nick and sharon are back together (feb 4th). they should be to. it will be like old times!
the only question is will jack take her back? i think after time he will. not right away but eventually. what do you guys think? will they or wont they?...
but if the foursome get back to the way it was i think nick will think of phyllis when hes with sharon and vice versa with phylliss. i can't wait to see what happens!

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  1. NitaDrink's Avatar
    ITA!! I loved Phyllis when she was with Jack, that was what redeemed her character for me. It was so sad when she lost the baby, and I figured that would eventually end their marriage, but Good God who'd a thought Phyllis would end up with a boytoy.?? While I'm not against a younger guy with an older woman, I couldn't get past the age difference because of seeing Nick grow up on this show, (for the most part) about the time Phyllis was being her bad self. Can't wait to see what happens. I'm just dying to log on to that Canadian site where I could probably watch it now, but I'm making myself wait, I am at work!