Logan Rant!!!!!!

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How could I not blog after today's events on B&B??????

First off let me warn you I HATE Brooke and Rick so there will be plenty bashing. If your eyes can't handle it, kindly push the back button.....and so it commences

So it is revealed that the snake known as Rick is the culprit in sabotaging Forrester Creations. I am ecstatic!!!! Everyone wanted so badly for the benefactor to be a Forrester....and Rick is NOT part Forrester. As far as I'm concerned, if you are so much as 1% Logan, then you are 100 percent Logan. lol!

This gives Queen Steph the green light to bash the old horny bear and his sluts!!!!!! She knew from day one he should not be in the company and the company would fail because of him....Boy does Stephanie know how to call it! * I Digress* (Maybe I should take her on a trip to Vegas so she can call some hands of Texas hold'em for me. )

And for the pathetic pity party known as Brooke. I hope she gets what's coming to her!!!! She is a piss poor mother and the evidence is still apparent (as if it wasn't clear with the whole deacon/nick fiasco). She provides excuses for her actions, so it is not out of character when she does the same for her pathetic son. In her sick little world Destiny is a word that you can hide behind to get away with anything. Next she would have no choice but to approve of the SICK relationship after Rick uses the "Steffy is my destiny" line.

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  1. boldbrotha's Avatar
    Brooke is the master at perverting the word destiny.


    Dig. This. Blog.