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Is this thing on??

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I just noticed a new feature, a blog! YAY! I'm excited about it. I suppose I'll start with the basics.
I am a 4th generation Guiding Light viewer. Because of that, i always caught bits and pieces of ATWT. I also watch Days of our lives.

Favorite soap couples:

Ej and Sami
Harley and Gus
Jonathan and Tammy
Shayne and Dinah
Tony and Marah
Henry and Vienna
Simon and Katie
Buzz and Lilian
Fletcher and Alexander
Rusty and Mindy
Reva and Josh
Reva and Jeffery

I'm sure I'm forgetting about 20 couplings.

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  1. Unusual You's Avatar
    Tony and Marah are one of my favs too!!
    Actually my all-time favorite
    Nice blog btw