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I miss Another World

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Okay, this message may not appeal to all of you out there, but I'm thinking there must be some long time soap fans -- like me -- that miss the characters and stories from Another World. I know that I do. I think it's more the characters, really. Cass Winthrop and Rachel Cory, Felicia Gallant and Iris Carrington. Remember Donna Love and her daughters, Marley and Victoria. I watched those characters for years and years and they became part of my DNA.

To this day, Anne Heche is always in my memory as Marley/Vicki. So is Ellen Wheeler for that matter, even though now she's running Guiding Light. (I wonder if she feels a deeper sorrow seeing GL go after knowing how it felt when AW went, though she was off the show by that time).

Anyway, the other night when I was having trouble falling asleep, I started thinking about Another World. Stephen Schnetzer, who played Cass, has been all over the TV lately doing commercials. He's the voice of Mercedes Benz and he's selling prescription drugs, and every time I see him, I think, "Hi Cass." Isn't that funny? I wonder how he feels as an actor these days, going from a full-time gig on a soap where you're adored by the masses and busy all the time, to a new career doing other kinds of work.

Does he miss his AW days? Does he stay in touch with Linda Dano -- I know they were great friends at one time. Maybe it's just like it would be for you and I, remembering fondly a friend from work whom you haven't seen or talked to for a while, but will always feel close to.

So today, if I had a chance, I'd go to Tops and have a champagne cocktail with Felicia and Cass, drink a toast to Wally, and discuss what romantic novel Felicia has planned for 2010. In my mind, the show may be over, but the characters linger on. And I expect it will be the same once GL goes.

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  1. cmcmarym's Avatar
    I thought I was the only one who felt this way. I keep hoping someone calls Cass to fix whatever mess is happening in Oakdale. I will always miss that show.
  2. lovin's Avatar
    I watched AW from the time I was about 11 and we had such greats as Larry and Clorice Ewing (the origional Ewings LOL) Ada Hobson and Charlie, Pat Bancroft..AUNT LIZ! Then of course, the glory days of Mac/Rachel and Mitch...
    right up until the show left the air.....I miss it to this day and love those Cass sightings......he and Linda are still friends and she has had AW reunion shows from what I understand.....they can be found on the Internet on the site that dares not be named...
    I MISS THIS had everything! Family, love, mystery, connection!
  3. BeaAnn's Avatar
    OMG. I miss Another World so much. Definitely my all time favorite soap. My sister and I know Cass's voice whenever we hear it too, and it always reminds me how much I miss the show. I loved Felicia and Cass and Jenna and of course Mac and Rachel. Remember when Rachel ended up marrying the villain, Carl. I loved that storyline. I thought I was the only one (other than my sister)!! Thanks for being out there too!! Best soap ever.
  4. Iloveejami's Avatar
    I miss AW as well. I loved watching the charecters as well. I remember Amanda and sam, Cass, Felicia, to name just a few as I loved them all. I remember towards the end when Carl was becomimg a decent man and married Rachel....I really thought I was the only one out there. I do not watch soap net but I heard that one can still watch reruns of AW there. At times I do think about cheking it out just to watch some of my " old friends". It was only after AW left the air that I became a faithful follower of DOOL.