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The Bold & Beautiful: the good & bad on the same day

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Okay, there was a moment today on The Bold & the Beautiful when the show really was flying high. Stephanie and Eric got into a shouting match that was so real, so true, so familiar and so heated that I was completely caught up in the exchange. Kudos to Susan Flannery and John McCook for really being "in the moment" and letting the fur fly. It wasn't even like they were really mad at each other -- it was more like the way people who know each other very, very well fight in real life.

That was the good part of the show, the part I was compelled to watch. However, there was another part of the show that I just didn't buy. The way Bill Spencer, Jr. came up with something to hold over Eric felt very contrived. Based on a comment by Stephanie regarding Eric's generous heart, Bill latched onto the idea that Forrester has done something illegal and therefore exposed himself to criminal prosecution. Whoa! Are you kidding me?

First of all, what a leap in story telling! To go from one off-hand remark to searching Forrester employee databases to Google searches that reveal that Eric has hired undocumented employees -- those without a green card -- and covered their records by using fake identities -- is a huge revelation. Frankly, I don't think Eric Forrester would do it. He's been in the rag trade all his life, well over 60 years! Eric has seen it all and I don't believe for a minute that he would risk his fashion empire to hire illegal aliens and then cover that up with identity theft.

Furthermore, do you think a California judge would put Eric behind bars -- as Bill contends -- for a crime of this nature, assuming it's true? Wouldn't it be more likely that he would be fined and given community service or something like that? Eric's not going to prison for white collar crimes and for the B&B writers to suggest it is insulting to the viewers!

Of course, what should really come out in all of this is that Eric and Stephanie were both involved and it wasn't done for profits. I think that's the direction, but even so, the Forresters should be above reproach. They can arrange to get every worker in the building the proper paperwork because they're the Forresters!

Anyway, let's see where this is going. And in the mean time, keep putting Eric and Stephanie in each other's path and each other's faces!

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  1. BHG's Avatar
    I don't know about the state courts in the California, but the federal government would definitely put someone behind bars for knowingly hiring illegals and using dead people's identities to cover it up. I used to work in the federal system and know that the FBI raids such businesses. And the feds do punish white collar crimes with jail -- see Martha Stewart, etc.. It frequently ends up being a low security federal prison "camp", but it's still jail. So it's not an insult to me to suggest Eric Forrester could go to jail for this.
  2. Allison J. Waldman's Avatar
    I think the difference is that Martha Stewart lied under oath. If she had been honest, I don't think she would have been jailed. Most white collar criminals get into trouble for the cover up, not the crime. That said, I don't think Eric will see jail time. He's a first time offender and a civic leader. This is also not a violent crime.