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Whoa! Actor Playing Adam Bolts Y&R

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Did you read this Young & the Restless story today on Chris Engen (Adam Wilson) made the sudden decision to quit the show in protest over an upcoming storyline… a storyline that involves a same-sex kiss.

Wow! That's a shocker. I'm actually of two minds about this. First, if he's leaving because he really wasn't happy with the direction the Adam character was taking before this same sex biz, I can sort of understand his feelings. I haven't been happy with the Adam revenge story. I wrote about it in Lathered Up just last week. I said then and I still believe that it's a story line that doesn't really make sense. Like I wrote before, what is the end game for Adam? If he causes Ashley to have a miscarriage and Victor suffers, at some point Adam will have to gloat about what he's done and that's when Victor will kill him. There's no way he walks away from this intact -- so WHY IS HE DOING IT?

Now, if Chris has left the show because Adam kisses another guy and he has some objection based on his religious beliefs (or homophobia), then he's an idiot. Actors are paid to act. Pretending to be attracted to a man is no reflection on his personal sex orientation and he shouldn't be such a weenie about playing a character who is gay or bi or whatever. It's make believe, Chris. Act, damn it! You think the greatest actors turn down a role because they're worried about what people think? You think people can't separate the actor from the role? If so, you're in the wrong business. You don't understand your profession.

Here's what i think is going to happen: they'll recast the role and unless there is an end game for Adam, he'll be quickly dispatched (probably back to prison) and we won't see him again for years. Victor and Ashley will move on.

What do you think? Write me!

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  1. JimmieLove77's Avatar
    I'm glad to hear they are replacing him and he is a joke as an actor if that is his belief. I don't think Tom Hanks, Will Smith, and other very talented actors are gay just because they take on a role like that.

    Grow Up Chris
  2. Rich01's Avatar
    If it is true that CE does not want to
    smooch a man, he does not understand his profession. I am sure they ask a potential actor/actress if they have trouble with same/sex relationships especially in a SOAP OPERA. CE is an actor and an actor should act and if he does not understand that it is fake and real he might not understand fake from real. And, should bag grocieries for a living if he cannot act as a actor should.
  3. Scotty4ever's Avatar
    I was shocked to learn that he quit over that. Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal were far more eastablished in the acting world than CE and they had no problem playing gay men. CE needs to grow up or find another career.
  4. nickykitkat's Avatar
    I dont see a problem with him quitting over that...he has every right to not want to kiss a guy if he is against it. If i was against a practice, i wouldn't do it either.
    so what if he is an actor, he has a right to decide if he wants to play certain roles. If it would make him as a actor uncomfortable then he shouldn't be doing it. i support him doing what is best for him.
    Not every straight actor can stomach kissing same sex when on the job.
    I dont think he is an idiot for deciding to leave because of this. He should stand up for himself and he knows when the kitchen is getting too hot....
    good for him
  5. BreEMI's Avatar
    Please, keep in mind, I'm horrible with actors names . . . the actress that is currently playing Mac on
    Y & R is rumoured to be gay, yet Mac has been kissed by Billy & more recently a very romantic kiss with Raul. One of the actresses that played Vicky/Marley on Another World was also gay, her character wasn't and she had many passionate sex scenes.

    Here's my question, what is the difference between these gay actress being in sexual scenes with members of the opposite sex and "Adam" embarking on a bisexual or gay relationship?

    In my opinion, there is absolutely no difference. As has already been said, they are actors.
  6. nickykitkat's Avatar
    If CF did not want to kiss men, then she would also have the right to refuse to do so and leave the job. I would also support her, if she made that decision.
    So there is not much of a difference but it is the actors/actresses choice to draw the line if a storyline gets to be too much for them. We should respect their decision and support them.
    I am surprised at the backlash he has been getting...i hope he can get past it
  7. mature&calm's Avatar
    I agree with everything [URL=""]latheredup[/URL] said about Chris Engen.I am sure there are a few gay soap actors out there who because of their carreer keep it quiet that have no trouble kissing a female costar,and who realize it's just acting and not real.For instance Y&R just re-hired an openly gay actor to reprise a "straight role" and i'm sure he has no issue with it! How ironic!
    I do have to admit I am surprised that they are taking the "Adam" character in that direction.I wonder how Yani Gellman(Rafe) feels about all the drama!I like his character and hope to see more of him
  8. kattsbark's Avatar
    Fine, they are now going to go with Adam being gay.
    So, how is his girl Heather going to take this and also what about the sexual thing he had going on with that card shark that got killed?
    How is this going to be explained?
  9. NeptuneK's Avatar
    A same-sex kiss does not a gay make. With what Adam has been doing lately I'd imagine this kiss would be some machination of his to take advantage of Rafe or throw him off his trail. I thought Chris Engen was a good actor. I'm saddened that he wasn't happy with the storyline & that this supposed kiss was the straw that broke the camel's back. I think he coulda sorted it out before bolting like he did.
  10. middymarcy's Avatar
    Since he went to a BAPTIST HIGHSCHOOL it is not a surprise that he would be homophobic being that they taught to be some of the most judgmental sects of Christianity and there is no room for such "ant-christian" behavior. However, I am shocked that he was such an idiot to pursue acting of any kind much less on soap operas since he is not enlightenened enough of a human being to see things outside the box of Christianity he has chosen to live in. No reason to miss him if he is going to be so ridiculous as to walk away from Y&R especially in this climate.
  11. travis's Avatar
    I just read Chris Engen's comments and support his thoughts. Having an alternative lifestyle, I do not believe he is homophobic. The storyline is terrible and noone can state differently. Having watched this show for over fifteen years, the writers have done a great job in reshaping the Abbott family. The Victor/Nikki side..not so good. Also, if Chris even was uncomfortable in a kiss with a man, the show should have consulted..acting is one thing. Many people though are just not comfortable with same sex situations and those of us who do practice should understand. Just an opinion.