Allison J. Waldman

Wedding Bell Blues

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Did you see Taylor today on The Bold & the Beautiful? Excuse me, that's Dr. Taylor Hayes, noted psychiatrist. I mention her credentials because I'm wondering when this woman actually works! She spent today mooning over her wedding pictures, specifically wedding #1 to Ridge. Give me a break! This is a woman who has had multiple romances. She's been married and engaged to a bunch of men, but she's fixated on Ridge. Okay, I get it. He's the father of her children, but -- hello! -- the man is married. Taylor should respect his choice to marry Brooke. Why is that such a strange notion? Ridge had plenty of chances to reconnect with Taylor after she returned from death, he decided not to.

Stephanie, of course, is the devil incarnate. She's never wanted Ridge with Brooke and now that she's learned about Pam's screw-up, she thinks that she's going to somehow get Taylor and Ridge reunited. Mommy, let Ridge make up his own mind. He's a grown man, for goodness sake!

But back to the wedding photos...this scene was just really lame. I've been married for 18 years. I think I've looked at my wedding pictures once or twice, and when I do I have to dig the album out from the back of the closet!

Taylor, you want Ridge to respect you? Get back to work. Get out of the house. Be the strong woman you claim to be and grow a spine. Oh, and by the way, go see your son Jack. Remember him? You carried him for nine months. You gave him up because you were an emotional basket case. Go visit your child. Take Steffy and Thomas -- let them meet their sibling.

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