Allison J. Waldman

I'm so disappointed...

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...In Rick. The Bold & the Beautiful's Rick, that is. I believed him. I wanted to believe him. I wanted to think that his feelings for Steffy -- as mushy as they were -- were real. I did not want Taylor and Ridge to be right about Rick being a user and a cad and a sick young man intent on revenge. But I was wrong.

The writers decided to make Ridge right. Instead of Rick being truthful, they've made him a stinking liar. What does this say about the Logans? According to the Stephanie view of the world, all Logans are no damn good. They destroy everything in their paths; it's supposedly in all of them -- Brooke, Donna, Katie, Rick. Gee, will RJ and Hope be infected, too? How has Bridget avoided the evil strain?

I really am disappointed in this story turn. I could have accepted it if Rick wasn't really gung ho about marrying Steffy, but to hear him say that he was only out for revenge on Ridge was just bad form.

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