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  1. Who is the most romantic couple in daytime history?

    This week on Soap Central Live, I'll be chatting with some real-life and reel-life couples for our special Valentine's Day episode. They'll share their personal romance tips, and look at how lucky or unlucky in love their soap alter egos have been.

    Who do you think is the most romantic couple in daytime history? I'd like to hear your choices and explanations on why you picked who you picked. I'll be reading your responses and I might read some of them on-air.

    Soap Central ...

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  2. Valentine's Day Episode 2/16/09

    I don't really understand the thinking of these stand-alone episodes they do every once in a while. I liked last year's "what would have been" Valentine's Day episode (minus the fact that Luke and Noah hugged while every other couple kissed ) but I wasn't crazy about the dollhouse coming alive episode for Christmas 2007. They seem very expensive to produce and while I love getting to see many characters that normally wouldn't interact together, it seems like a waste. Today's episode ...
  3. Once upon an As the World Turns Valentine

    Okay, I was skeptical when I read that As the World Turns was going to do a "special" Valentine's Day show involving most of the actors on the show enacting new variations on classic fairy tales. It sounded vaguely saccharine and I was doubtful about the results.

    Well, there's a reason As the World Turns recently won the 2008 Writers Guild Award for daytime dramas. To my joy and relief, the fairy tales were adorable. The actors seemed to be having a blast, wearing outrageous ...
  4. The day has come!!

    The ATWT Valentine's Day special airs today at 2pm (or depending on where you live). I have been waiting for this day to come since I heard the spoilers and saw the pictures, and getting emails from Grayson McCouch about spoilers and asking him questions. I want to thank everybody who have supported my decision to keep on blogging about the special episode, and about my thoughts and opinions. Enjoy the show today. And again Happy belated-Valentine's Day!
  5. My 'Grumpy Smurf' view of Valentine's Day

    I think Valentine's Day is so dumb. I feel bad for people who don't have a 'significant other' who then have to watch all the commercialism hoopla over a stupid non-holiday! It puts lame pressure on men (and maybe women too). Grade school kids should not have to worry about giving out Valentine's. (Ever see the Charlie Brown special where he took a suitcase to school to bring all his Valentine cards home in and he didn't get one?!)

    Couples have anniversaries they can celebrate. ...
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