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  1. A Little Humor Doesn't Hurt

    With all the craziness that's currently going on in the town halls, we do need a little humor. Check this out:

  2. The Healthcare Debate Is Not Over Yet

    Quite a few people are without health insurance because of unemployment and other unforeseen circumstances. Please weigh in:
  3. A rambling from Wendy

    Hello All! I hope everyone is having a great day. I know that after yesterdays events I am great.

    I wish President Obama all the best during his next 4 years and who knows after that! He has my total support and back him 100%. I watched all day, ABC of course lol, and I have to say that his wife Michelle seems like a wonderful woman. I hope that she handles all the pressure that comes with the status of First Lady well. And not to forget Sasha and Malia they were so adorable yesterday. ...

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  4. Today was ama to the zing!

    My friends father is a(hardcore) republican and even HE was moved by today's event(s)! What a great day!
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