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  1. brady black & david hayward how many weddings they both had

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    do you guys know ? and also with who
    brady from days david from amc
  2. No spoilers-just do you want the sl to go down now-Jasam/drea/friz

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    Jason and Sam

    Liz and Franco

    Drew with somebody else, maybe Kim
    ...although I did like Drew, when he was Jason with Elizabeth. Their baby faces, ya'know?

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    That would be my choice too, but for now all I want to see is JaSam meeting in secret and talking about and acting on their secret love. For now and the foreseeable future, that would make me very happy.
    haha. Never thought, I'd see Sam & Jason as Secret Loves. Now you've got me wondering what that
  3. AJ - I'm a fan because...

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    The frequent defense of AJ on this board came as a surprise to me because every single person I know who watches GH has disliked him since he was a teenager. When he "died" after kidnapping the kids and shooting Alan, we were mad that death saved him from prison.

    So, for those who support the character, Id truly appreciate some insight into the fandom, not to start any flame throwing!
    i would have picked all of the above, if I could.
  4. Why Eli? Why!!!!!!!!!

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    This could be true, but those relationships will still suffer from Lani's lie, truth always comes to light, no matter how dark things get!!!!
  5. No one still cares Jason was locked up for 5 years against his will.

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    Jason must feel like he woke up in the Twilight Zone. His world has changed, and not for the better. An evil guy is now considered a good guy and never paid for his crimes. Another man stole his life, including the woman he loves, and isn't giving it back. He has two sons to get acquainted with, but their allegiances are with other substitute father's. At least he has a few steadfast friends.
    Jason was alive and well at Y&R for 5 years..
    Could see him daily/ under a