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  1. Thanks Grayson and Sarah

    Sarah managed to come to the luncheon despite having worked her last day on Wt a couple of weeks ago. Bless her heart. As a caveat at least like Spencer and Peyton she's escaping the bad storylines. GOOD LAWD, Is this how it is going to end? JP and Goutman driving the show into the ground? We at least have some great parody vids to make fun of the state of soaps.

    I guess Grayson made up for the 2005 fiasco by being a sweetie to the fans. I've never heard of any actor letting ...
  2. ATWT 4/21 :)

    by , 04-21-2009 at 11:05 PM (dolce_amore's blog)

    I thought today was a really good show - even Ali and Casey were kind of cute today (not because of anything they did - it was all Mr. Pants ). And, you know, Damian helped, too.

    I'll start with kidnapped Noah and the oh-so-lovely kidnappers. I'm glad we found out what the ZZs are after - Luke's inheritance. No surprise there, really, but I like having that piece of the puzzle solved. So Zoe is a Grimaldi... hmm. I wonder how she's related to Luke? Cousin, ...

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  3. Legends: The Interview begins


    The Interview Begins…..

    Claire looked over her notes. Smiling to herself, she knew that this would be one helluva interview. Her eyes studied everything that was going on around her. The crew was putting the finishing touches on everything and the producers were gathered in a corner. She knew they were whispering about her refusal to use the ‘preapproved’ questions but she didn’t give a damn. No this time she was in control and there was no one who would ...
  4. Villainy with style

    There are some wonderful evil-doers on the soaps, characters who are a joy to watch no matter how nasty they get. I was thinking about that today when three venerable villains were going at it on Days of Our Lives and General Hospital, respectively. Stefano and Victor were nose to nose today, vowing to destroy each other, sparing no quarter. It was a reminder that these guys have been the puppet masters for a long, long time on Days, and they're still damn good at what they do.

    Then, ...
  5. Today's show - my thoughts 4/21/09

    SHOW BRAVO! There were so many shocking moments.

    Brot and Taylor: Woah Taylor is there I didn't see that coming! GOD BLESS AMERICA!! Those scenes were great! It made me cry!

    Marissa's boss: Woah I love this guy! He insults Krystal! The moment he did that I loved him. Can we keep him? Can they sign him up? He can get into people's faces.. Hey Bitch! ROFL.

    Ecstasy massage parlor? ROFL! Looked and ...