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  1. Y&R's Talking Corpse

    So, The Young and the Restless got a little creative -- and a little goofy -- yesterday with Marge, the interred corpse, narrating the entire episode. It was a little strange, but you know what? Jeanne Cooper sold it. She made it work. She looked into the camera and made us part of the experience.

    I'd love to tell you this hasn't been done before, but CSI did it a couple of years ago. Of course, in that episode, the dead stiffs were all unknown to the viewers. They were there to explain ...

    [B][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I want Helena to wreak HAVOC[/FONT][/COLOR][/B]


    [FONT=Verdana][COLOR=black]We need a good shakeup that doesn't involve a Toxic Ball and the Mob. [/COLOR][/FONT]
    [LIST][*][FONT=Verdana]I want her to instill confusion [/FONT][*][FONT=Verdana]I want her to instill complete and utter fear [/FONT][*][FONT=Verdana]I want her to threaten, to maime ...
  3. Embrace your helena

    Helena's black sedan is seen driving through the PC city limits, into PC Proper. She has Dimitrius make a stop before she follows through to hospital.

    Camera pans to pier 52, where the Launch to Spoon Island is docked.
    Gleaming in the moonlight the car door swings wide, and she is helped out by a hasty Cornelius. He mistakenly grazes her shoe as he passes, and walks her to dockside.

    She stares ahead and smiles; Lovingly. knowingly, instantly transported. For ...
  4. Atwt 3/26 :)

    by , 03-26-2009 at 09:56 PM (dolce_amore's blog)

    Oh dear god. I forgot how much I love how that man speaks. Ugh. I assume you know who I'm talking about, lol. I love that he always calls Luke "Luciano". He says it so pretty, it's just... When Luke said Luciano Grimaldi doesn't exist, I was like "Don't say that!!!". First of all, it's just really cool that Damian calls Luke that, because it's a constant reminder for Holden that Lily actually had a life that didn't involve him, lol. Too... I just smile ...
  5. Jill & Nikki

    [FONT=Arial Black]Jill will be hurt when she finds out she's not Kathrine Daughter. and the Nikki is her Daughter. :clap:[/FONT]