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  1. Nina's story

    OKay, so a while ago and by a while ago I mean over 20 years ago Nina's baby was stolen and never found. There is talk that the real phillip is coming back and their son is coming back as well. It got me thinking, what if Cane is connected to Nina, what if he's connected to her child she lost, what if he has something to do with it?
  2. ATWT 5/12

    by , 05-12-2009 at 11:19 PM (dolce_amore's blog)
    Hello everyone! I'm in a spiffy good mood tonight. Which is good, since I need to be in a good mood in order to talk about Dusty in any capacity.

    So, today, Craig's son finally had a bit of a meltdown from being a hot potato for so long. At least, that's what we're supposed to think. My thought is that he didn't respond when Dusty called him because he was calling for a boy named "Johnny". To his knowledge, his name is "Myson", and this probably confused him. ...

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  3. GH, this girls opinion

    I have to admit I like watching lulu and ethan together more than johnny & lulu.i was never a big lulu johnny fan though so..

    looks like spinelli and maxie might work things out yet. the private eye buisness is shaping up to be real funny

    i can't wait for michael to wake up. these scenes of back & forth are trying.

    jason took the decision off of carly's hands and put the pressure in his. he needs sam! why can't he see it?

    i want ric to ...
  4. ATWT it's only hope is...

    I watch Gossip Girl and see my favorite non-couple, Chuck and Blair, sharing the screen together. I am so in love with this potential pairing. I want to feel like THAT when I watch ATWT. It's a nice feeling.
    Oh yes definitely, and how they had a touching scene despite being so mischievious when CHuck's dad died.

    I just don't think soaps are cutting it on networks. I think on cable it would thrive and survive. I just saw a youtube clip of Silk Stalkings and hot ...

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  5. Welcome back, Don Diamont!

    Today was Don Diamont's first day on The Bold & the Beautiful. May I be one of the first to welcome him back to the soaps! I love Don Diamont and I think he's going to be a real plus to B&B. And how smart of Bradley Bell to snatched Don after he was killed off The Young & the Restless. Keeping it all in the family, Bell soaps know talent.

    So far it's hard to tell what Bill Spencer is going to be like -- but don't call him Bill, Jr. In his scenes today with Stephanie, ...