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  1. Guiding Light ignites a flame

    I haven't seen such a stir over the cancellation of a TV show in a long, long time. The web is buzzing with angry fans who cannot believe that Guiding Light is coming to an end. Will CBS hear the ire? Will they do anything about it? I fear they won't, but I live in hope that someone will.

    Here's some ideas; first, Soapnet. They are a soap opera network. Instead of insipid non-soap, Canadian imports like Being Erica, invest in a real draw for soap fans -- GL. Even if they were to trim ...
  2. Wake-up, get over it and Move on!

    In an industry that thrives with addictions and outlandish behaviors, it's time for you and Michael Nader to make peace. Dimitri, his son, juliette (even though her heart was ripped out), were all exciting, interesting characters portrayed by talented actors. You write Brooke, Janet and Merium out? It's no wonder you're going under. We've been watching your show since it aired.

    Bring Dimitri and Brooke Back. (Janet would be good too)

    Please, we don't want to see ...
  3. Help save GL, by signing this petition!!!!!!!!!!

  4. devastated

    I have been watching Guiding Light for as long as I can remember, my Mother watched it and now my Daughter loves the show , I was born on Jan. 1th 1952 , I am so very devastated !!!!!!!!!!! If CBS wants to pull the plug they should pull it on As The World Turns !!!!!!!!!! God Bless all on the show and we are praying that ABC or NBC picks up the show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:o
  5. Irna did you ever think it would go on this long?

    Irna you have my most deepest appreciation. You created so many great shows but "The Guiding Light" made it a grand total of 72 years. Thank you so much for creating this great show and giving all of us unforgetable characters.

    If it weren't for you none of us would have our other beloved soaps. Thank you for hiring them. Agnes Nixon and Bill Bell.

    Agnes Nixon-All My Children and One Life to Live
    Bill Bell- Young and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful. ...