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  1. ATWT 5/4

    by , 05-04-2009 at 11:44 PM (dolce_amore's blog)
    Hi all!

    I understand a lot of people didn't like today's show. Well - it wasn't my favorite. It didn't even come close, but, it wasn't an epic failure or anything either.

    Jack is disgusting and needs to be stripped of his job. He's holding a personal grudge against Craig and is holding him in police custody PURELY because of that. It's total crap that he has evidence building - he just knows that if he says he's getting nothing, he'll have to let Craig go.
  2. Kendall's Lovers

    Some of my opinions of Kendall' Lovers...

    Ryan-loved them before he chose Greenlee...Loved them again in 2006,during the Zach/Dixie disaster(IMO)...I'm not feeling them this time , though it could change

    Aidan- After the ONS and the aftermath I was turned off ...I think if Zach/Greenlee connected then they should have too ...They should have been explored

    JR- LOVED their fling ...hated him for dropping building supplies on her ...I'm glad they are at a ...
  3. Universal looked great

    Today Guiding Light was pretty much back in Springfield. I have to admit, I miss the great-looking Universal Orlando locations. I guess this is my left-handed way of saying that they did a great job with the remote. It was a wee bit -- okay, VERY -- far-fetched that everyone would end up in Universal Orlando at the same time. Not only were they all in the same place at the same time, they actually ran into each other. Oh really? Have you ever tried to arrange to meet friends or family at a theme ...
  4. Today's show - my thoughts 5/4/09

    Wow the time went by so fast today! I look at the time and it's 1:30. The next thing I know the show is over!

    Kendall and Ryan: They were having sex! UGH! They took a shower together! Their dialog sucks! Oh does this hurt? Turn around.

    Erica: Erica are you wearing a bra?

    Erica and Scott: Talking about Cindy and Mona!

    Tad and Krystal: Adam killed Dixie? Oh please! I think Adam is a red herring!

    Krystal: She ...
  5. OLTL Cole/Starr..detox..

    The storyline that has Cole going thru withdrawl has been so good. Starr and him should come out of this healthy and happy and I hope they will even find their child. If Cole can stay clean they could serve as a great rolemodel for parents with addicion who are young. It is possibleto overcome and become stronger. Let's see a positive out come for once and a couple who is young and capable of staying together and raising their child.