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  1. Lots of "Days" ahead?

    First off, I am truly sad that Tony has been killed and Anna is leaving also. %( They added the lighter side of the DiMera family that it sorely needed. Although, it was always clear that Tony could be as devious as Stephano if the need came up. >:} I mean-he was Stephano's son! And I always loved the way Anna would stand up to Stephano even when she knew it could get her in a lot of trouble. I think writing these characters out was a real mistake! Hopefully, Tony will be the second Phoenix ...
  2. I Got No Title: When You Think Up A Good One, You Tell Me

    Well, I really am stumped today for what to call this posting so well, I just picked something random. How'd I do?

    We really gotta figure out a name for this blog. All the best blogs need a name. Got any suggestions? I am open to them.

    I really loved the Gigi and Todd/Jack scenes on OLTL today. They were really awesome.

    I watched a movie a good ten + years old last night, Con Air. I loved it. It's a great action movie.

    By name I am ...
  3. Stress, stress, stress

    *deep breath*

    So lots has been going on in the last few weeks. Both of my parents have been undergoing some health problems, which is the main reason why I returned from Iowa.

    Three weeks ago my dad had a mild heart attack. He was in the hospital for 2 weeks and needed help for nearly everything...I'd planned a trip to NM for Spring Break, but was unable to go because I know my Papa needed me.

    While my dad was in the hospital, my uncle, who was like a second ...
  4. And the new Kristina is........

    Ali Lohan!
    The very mature 15-year-old sister of Lindsay Lohan is reportedly the new Kristina. (She turns 16 in December.)
    Lohan was part of the reality series, Living Lohan, and has made a few films. She's mainly known as herself, however, and has appeared on talk shows and is often photographed at events.
    With the casting of Lohan, it's evident that General Hospital is going for a new audience to boost its ratings. And I doubt she comes cheap.

    This isn't ...
  5. Nightshift Blog - Oldies But Goodies... Rollercoaster of Emotion

    [B](This was written after part1 of NS2 season Finale, back in October)[/B]
    [B]Roller Coaster of Emotion ....oldies and goodies[/B]
    I am here, up late on a Tuesday night, just feeling COMPELLED to comment on the emotions that the latest installment of NS has instilled in me.

    Night Shift is arguably far superior to anything we have been seeing on GH daytime for the past three months, this we already know.

    But tonight, I had such a rush of emotion. A culmination, ...

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