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  1. ATWT 4/10

    by , 04-10-2009 at 10:51 PM (dolce_amore's blog)
    Happy Friday!

    Well, today wasn't quite the va-va-voom of yesterday, but it was still interesting.

    I have to ask first - was it not bizarre that Janet, the woman who was so utterly against losing her baby while she went to NY for the summer, was not their to wish her daughter luck today? Or even give her a kiss goodbye? Hmm... if she didn't even care enough to kiss her baby girl goodbye, I think she needs to relax in the "blaming Craig and Parker for taking her ...
  2. Pasting the Clues together... transition time on GH...

    Few Things I’m Certain of, After Watching This Week…

    [LIST][*][FONT=Verdana]Edgily is Emily – and doesn’t know it. I know we discussed this just last night in the Rebecca Theory thread… and after posting my theory, it has mysteriously disappeared… hmmmmm was I getting too close? LOL… So I posted my saved theory to my [URL=""][COLOR=green]blog,[/COLOR][/URL] if you care to see it, take a look there. [/FONT][/LIST][/LIST] ...

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  3. Susan Flannery rules!

    Kudos to Brad Bell at The Bold & the Beautiful for knowing how to show off a diamond. The diamond in question is actress Susan Flannery, the imperial Stephanie Forrester, who has been the biggest mover and shaper in the cast since the day the show premiered 22 years ago. Lately, the writers have turned away from the juvenile romance of Rick and Steffy -- thank goodness -- to deal with Stephanie being given the shaft by her husband of 30 years (on and off), Eric Forrester.

    Yesterday, ...
  4. sonny is as sweet as he is hot!GH

    i loved the scenes with Sonny and Robin and Sonny and Patrick and Sonny. When he spoke of his troubles and needing meds and realiaing it's o.k. to get help and be a good parent he seemed so sincere!Those were grat scenes.watching him do those scenes were not hard either!;)
  5. GH Carly Sonny Jason

    i just keep hoping that Sonny and Carley WILL reunite. I can't wait for Jaxto be found a traitor who lies to his wife. I can't wait for Sonny to catch Claudia in her Michael lies. I think this proves again that Sonny & carly can only trust eachother.
    Jason is sweeter than a ripe strawberry. His scenes are so great. It's nice that him & carly have a relationship that doesn't have to do with sex.
    I can see that Elizabeth and Patrick may be heading to a supply closet!
    what ...