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  1. GH Carly Sonny Jason

    i just keep hoping that Sonny and Carley WILL reunite. I can't wait for Jaxto be found a traitor who lies to his wife. I can't wait for Sonny to catch Claudia in her Michael lies. I think this proves again that Sonny & carly can only trust eachother.
    Jason is sweeter than a ripe strawberry. His scenes are so great. It's nice that him & carly have a relationship that doesn't have to do with sex.
    I can see that Elizabeth and Patrick may be heading to a supply closet!
    what ...
  2. OLTL is firing alot of people

    I was suprised to learn that One Life to Live is firing Marcie,Michael, and the girl cop who is involved with Antonio, carlo Hesser's daughter.(Brain freeze on her name!) Marcie leaving makes me sad. She is so talented and I always hoped that she would have a kid. [I]I'd love to see her on GH. I liked the original Michael better and I didn't care for this one really.:o:-?#-o[/I]
  3. Still broke

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE working for FREE.......... NOT!


    I thought all this working for no money was supposed to STOP when you graduated... but apparently not the case
  4. Lizzie,Coop,Tammy & Jon fanfic story.Chapter:4

    [FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=4][COLOR=darkorchid]Jon wakes up at 3 am.He stares at the alarm clock.He set it for 4 am.He falls back to sleep,only to ending up to dream about Lizzie & the baby.All of the sudden his alarm goes off.He hurries up and shuts it off so he doesn't wake up Reva.Jon puts some jeans and a t-shirt on.He gently opens his squeaky bedroom door.He walks down the hall and then down the stairs.Reva doesn't hear a thing.Jon is searching around the kitchen for a pen and paper to ...

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  5. ATWT 4/9 :)

    by , 04-09-2009 at 11:47 PM (dolce_amore's blog)
    Hi guys! GREAT episode today!!! YAY!

    Luke is a brat. I'm calling him Luke today because he's clearly not getting his idiotic way of behaving from Damian, so - he doesn't deserve to be called such an awesome name today, sorry. There' just no way around it, he's a spoiled, immature brat. It's amazing to me that he not only doesn't think the ZZs are "that bad", but he actually went along with their stupid prank on his father! They are just some strangers who clearly have ...