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  1. all my children

    i think it is a little weird that after losing Greenly, Ryan would fall so quick for Kendall.Dosen't make any sense.
  2. The baby crisis

    Is it me or do the writers end up having a character become pregnant when they (the writers) can't figure out what to do next with the character?

    What's worse is that once this is done typically within a few years that baby (well toddler) ends up aged to a teenager OR a young adult! Example, Michael (Quartermaine) Corinthos was born on December 29, 1997. Michael should be 11-years-old and in the 6th grade however the character was aged a year or so to meet the actor's age. Dylan Cash ...
  3. ATWT 4/22 :)

    by , 04-22-2009 at 11:48 PM (dolce_amore's blog)
    Hi guys! Good show once again today!

    Now, usually during these situations where Lily ignores the police's advice and goes off on her own (and, you have to admit, she's done it several times), I find her to be really stupid. This time, I actually agree with her though. Really, when has Margo ever caught the right bad guy first time around without help from other people? Uh, never, as far as I can remember. She already struck out this time!!! I'm glad Lily realizes that Damian can be ...
  4. Guiding Light goes to Bosnia?

    What the hell is Guiding Light doing these days? What are Shayne and Dinah and Roc and Josh and Edmund doing in Bosnia? This storyline is so obtuse and off-track that I find myself screaming at the set, get back to Springfield!!

    Look, I realize GL is just playing out the last few months. Barring a great save by some other network or DirecTV or online, these are the last of the characters we love, the last of Reva and the Lewises and the Coopers and the Spauldings. Does chasing the ...
  5. Today's show - my thoughts 4/22/09

    Kendall: Wow she is busy today. It really bothers her that Zak slept with someone! ROFL. She is jealous and wants to know who he slept with! She thinks it was Bi/lesbian Reese! Hahahahaha! I liked Reese today. Then after visiting Reese she goes to Ryan and wants to sleep with him so she can forget Zak having a one night stand! ROFL.

    Superhero whisper monster: He saved the day!!! ROFL ROFL!

    Zak: He has his beard again and he wants to have sex with that unnamed stranger! ...