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  1. Just Wondering

    Does anyone know for sure DOL star Galen Gering (Rafe) wear eyeliner as part of his makeup routine for the show? I am arguing with my husband about this.
  2. soaps are they like your real life

    i know soaps are for entertainment only, but in some cases do they mirror your real life.
    like my life i see things that the characters go threw that do mirror my own life.
    the ups and down of love and relationships, the down fall of friends that you thought you knew and how you really never knew them at all.
    or how do they keep it all together in such a short period of time so fast just to go on to another story line.
    or how certain characters just piss you off for just ...
  3. Attention all Kaley Cuoco and Big Bang Theory fans!

    That is a really great site with news and pictures of Kaley and info about Big Bang Theory! We need some new members!
  4. So Now We Know

    I know it sounds really weird… but I feel strangely revitalized after today.

    I’ve experienced a renewal of hope.

    This was the first true and honest conversation that Maxie and Spinelli have had in weeks… hell, maybe even months. And can I just mention how beautifully acted the scenes today were! I could have melted just watching Maxie and Spinelli. The chemistry between these two is electrifying.

    What I saw today (more so from the Jo-Spin interaction, as ...

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  5. Cassaquiz... ARE YOU A CASSAWHORE?

    [B]Official POLL... ARE YOU A CASSAWHORE??[/B]
    Tell the truth.

    Did you watch today?
    Did you think you were interested in today's show.. then, at the end saw the heels, the dark, heard the music of Her Evil Highness and then REALLY got interested?
    Did a Big ARSE Sih eating grin burst out across your face as you saw her?
    Did you sit up straighter in your seat and [I][B]LEAN INTO[/B][/I] the tv as she laughed?
    Did YOU laugh TOO?

    Did NIK, ALEXIS ...