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  1. Drive By

    Hey bloggers. I don't got much to say today. So I am just driving by with a few quick thinks to say.

    Can I just say that colds suck?

    And about that episode, I finally did finish it. You can probably guess that I am not proud of myself. Oh wait, you thought I would be? Well why did you expect something like that silly?

    Bet you're already spacing out from my gibber-gabber? Well, I won't torture you too much. Since it's Saturday, I'll let you go early today ...
  2. The Guiding Light

    I can't believe that after 72 years you'd just consider pulling the plug on a show that means soo much to'll be taking away people that have become family members.
    I have been watching TGL since I was twenty it was introduced to me by my mother-in-law that was 40 years ago and rarely do I miss an espsode...At least try to make until it's 100 years old and to think of replacing it with another mindless game show is just crazy!!! We ahve enough of those...[COLOR=black][B]We want ...
  3. That takes the cake!

    Let me state for the record and without equivocation -- I have never had a girl fight. I've never lifted my hand to smack another woman. I've never pulled hair. I've never thought the answer to a problem was to confront a rival and challenge her to a wrestling match.

    Now, I say all this because today on The Young & the Restless, a girl fight broke out. No, it wasn't Eden and Colleen or even Sharon and Phyllis (although they're likely to throwdown at a moment's notice). No, the ...
  4. Lots of "Days" ahead?

    First off, I am truly sad that Tony has been killed and Anna is leaving also. %( They added the lighter side of the DiMera family that it sorely needed. Although, it was always clear that Tony could be as devious as Stephano if the need came up. >:} I mean-he was Stephano's son! And I always loved the way Anna would stand up to Stephano even when she knew it could get her in a lot of trouble. I think writing these characters out was a real mistake! Hopefully, Tony will be the second Phoenix ...
  5. I Got No Title: When You Think Up A Good One, You Tell Me

    Well, I really am stumped today for what to call this posting so well, I just picked something random. How'd I do?

    We really gotta figure out a name for this blog. All the best blogs need a name. Got any suggestions? I am open to them.

    I really loved the Gigi and Todd/Jack scenes on OLTL today. They were really awesome.

    I watched a movie a good ten + years old last night, Con Air. I loved it. It's a great action movie.

    By name I am ...