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  1. Nikki is overstepping her bounds with Chris & Paul

    Nikki attempted to be less sexually active and not so casual about sex Paul made fun of her and told her so long. Then there was his child with April that he wanted nothing to do with. Later they had Paul making amends for his way. I think joining the cult that Nikki had joined was the beginning of him finding his morals and place in life. Nikki herself was all about herself. Strange how she never brings up the fact that she was still married to Greg Foster when she ran away to the cult. So she ...

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    what we don't know:
    -what's his real name
    -what was his crime, before assuming someone elses identity ( that's not it?)
    -did he graduate from any HS? (if he didn't become BR,would he have gotten into Med school?

    Twitch was an altar boy?

    why'd Kelly say he took away her family if he's her brother?
    why do 'disgusting' and 'despicable' and 'killer' keep being said, why did Jenna say she didn't want Max 'tainted'? (Who died, and how, and why?) ...
  3. Love, Love The New Billy

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    The shouldn't have let Billy Miller go. It was a HUGE mistake!
  4. Phyllis returns to Y&R August 11, 2014

    At this point a new strong Phyllis but the paternity and the aftermath has totally ruined Nick for me. I want better for Phyllis. Like the company there is nothing left to do with this played out boring couple. Phyllis will be rocking on the front burner with Chelsea Adam. I never understood why Phyllis put up with Nick telling her he was in love with two women the whole time he was married to her. Can't find any happiness when the man you apparently love also loves another woman. Its one of the ...
  5. All My Children Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #42

    by , 07-05-2014 at 11:51 AM (AllMy Children Fan Fiction By Patti G)

    Scene 1:

    AJ walks in the house looks around and finds Miranda sitting in the Family Room playing with Bella.

    Miranda looks up and sees AJ. “Hey stranger, what brings you here?”

    “I stopped by because I wanted to talk to you about something.”

    “Okay, you sound very serious is something wrong?”

    “No everything is fine, I’m just nervous.”

    “AJ we know each other better than anyone, what ...