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  1. So Paul is Dylan's father

    Y&R Got the lump rising in my throat too with Dylan Nikki and Paul. Spilled a few tears myself. Y&R can squeeze their eyes and sniff their dry noses and whine instead of talk but they just CAN'T cry. In an emotional scene like that the actors. Y&R all seem to have to try so hard just to work up a wet eye with one tear in it. Just real old fashioned cornball drama. I actually shed a few tears. seem to be in the cards but she's never been the sharpest tool in the shed- how many times ...
  2. All My Children Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #41

    by , 06-23-2014 at 11:28 AM (AllMy Children Fan Fiction By Patti G)

    Scene 1:

    Amanda and Jake check in with Opal and Joe on the kids. Opal is concerned about where they are as she has a bad feeling about them being “away”. Jake calms Opal and tells her everything is fine and they should be home in a few days.

    Reggie gets off the phone and he does not look happy. “Tad you want to get everybody together, I have some new information.”

    Tad grabs everyone and they sit down to hear what Reggie ...
  3. Paige's relatives if Frankie was her father

    Frankie Brady (father)
    Eve Donovan (mother)
    Henri Von Leuschner (biological paternal grandfather)
    Unknown Woman (biological paternal grandmother; deceased)
    Shawn Brady (adoptive paternal grandfather, deceased)
    Caroline Brady (adoptive paternal grandmother)
    Shane Donovan (maternal grandfather)
    Gabrielle Pascal (maternal grandmother)
    Pete Brady (adoptive paternal great-grandfather; via Shawn; deceased)
    Unknown Woman (adoptive paternal great-grandmother;
  4. Summer Lovin’: What Might Have Been

    It’s the official first day of summer! Since we counted down the best of the evil last year with our Summer of Sinners, we thought it only fair to spread a little love this time around. So today we kick off the Summer Lovin’ blog series with a list of dream couples that never actually made it to couple-dom but sure should have! Spend some time thinking of what might have been if only...

    Carly Manning and Philip Kiriakis
    [IMG] ...
  5. Paul's actions & his mistakes

    Paul's mistake was that he didn't confide in the cop how dangerous Sheila was and how necessary it was to keep her there although now that I think about it, perhaps he didn't want to be charged with kidnapping Either way I still disagree with what Summer did I still think she is a bully and I am glad that cop attempted murderer for nowis back in GC. Paul's actions and Summer ultimately being in harm's way. I don't see Sheila's kidnapping as a felony seing the way it occured when he realized that ...