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  1. Game Blog/Survey

    Please name your top three favorite characters (must be people who are currently on the show and have not been recently announced as "departed) in order of preference.

    Mine are:


    Now also name your three most hated characters in order of preference, #1 being your most hated. And I'm not asking for characters you love to hate. I want you to name those characters you want GONE!

    Mine are:

    Todd ...
  2. ATWT 3/15

    by , 03-16-2010 at 12:21 AM (dolce_amore's blog)
    Hey guys! I know I said I'd do a blog for Friday's episode, sorry about that! I was busy most of the weekend and just ran out of time. That, and I've just been spending way to much time on the actual boards talking about Reid, Reid, Reid, Reid...

    But, I'm BACK! I'll put a little recap of my thoughts on Friday's episode at the bottom of this one.

    For now, let's talk about TODAY.

    Today, even with the CarJack/Dustnet stuff, was pretty good, I thought. ...
  3. Top 5 Reasons + 1 About Why She Lied

    On GH this week, the Kiefer/Kristina teen-on-teen violence storyline takes center stage. A number of posts on the GH messageboard are reacting to why Kristina lied and said that Ethan beat her up, when the truth is that Keifer is the perpertrator. After being asked, "Who did this to you?" The first word that Kristina said was, "Ethan". Now, this could very well be the old soap opera trick to keep you hanging on for the next episode. But if it is not, then IMO there are several ...
  4. Today's show my thoughts 3/15/10

    Erica: Her hair was a little strange today.

    David and Adam: David dunk Adam's face in the cold water. That was really making me uncomfortable. I know David isn't a killer, but for a few seconds I thought he was going to kill Adam! But he didn't! He saved his life! I'm sorry for doubting you David! Forgive me?

    Jesse and Tad: ROFL! Yes Jesse do the dna test!!! Hahahaha!

    Emma, Ryan, and Madison: Cute scene.

    Annie and Brooke: ...

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  5. Who else loves the "Dr. Dan" commercial.

    Quote Originally Posted by Patricklover77 View Post
    HEHEHE. Maybe. HEHE. I don't like Ryan either don't think I do. HEHE.

    I turn the channel...