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  1. Weekend 10

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    2 The Ethan and Johnny combo, the new Jason,it takes two to replace him but he's looking a little tired.
    3.A friday hint of a Johnny /Maxie hook-up,cross your fingers,we love Johnny and the cougar but such an event could pull our favorite Port Charles pixie out of her tired Spinelli funk.
    4.Creepy Helena,creeping around plotting
    5.The Jax and Carly resturant romp, maybe it will jar ...
  2. Disappointing Friday over in Port Charles!

    Most exciting thing. Jason sneaks up on Johnny to prove he can take him out if need be!

    Sonny walks in on Dante and Michael talking about Claudia and throws Dante out!

    Spinelli asks Maxie to go on a mission togeher.

    Dianne pretty much gets Alexis to work with her! I like them both for their legal smarts and I want to see them leave that new DA chick a pile of ashes! She sucks and looks 10 years old! She should be trying to date Michael not going up against ...
  3. Today's show - my thoughts 3/5/10

    Ryan's cult: Damn they are all idiots! Even tho David fell for it and signed the papers and told them who the tech was (altho he lied at first), they forgot that David can get them back!!!

    Erica and David: Oh oh! Run Erica run!! Hahahaha!

    Jr and Dixie: Altho I just want to rip that fake hair off of Dixie's head! ROFL!

    Stuart: YAY!!!!

    Adam, Brooke, and Annie: Oh!! Brooke is moving in! And that daydream that Annie was thinking ...
  4. Surprised That I like These OLTL Characters

    I am really surprised how much I'm likeing Kelly, Kevin, and even Cassie now. I hated Cassie and Kevin when I began watching OLTL in the 90's. I wouldn't say I hated Kelly; thats too strong a word. She wasn't one of my favorite characters, but I could tolerate her more than I could Cassie or Kevin.

    I'd like DG(Kevin) to stay on OLTL long term. I think the show has finaly found the right Kevin in DG.
  5. massively irritated by ATWT viewers and more Grayson news

    BOY, I wanted everyone to watch Grayson's Lusty scenes in 2004 and PROVE to everyone how much happier he was. Only a few would admit it, but he was. Grayson in 2003-2004 ATWT would actually dissect and change his lines on his scripts because he CARED that much about the show. Nowadays he has stopped photoshoots, his acting school, numerous interviews, and many public appearances that he initially did in 2003-2005.

    Grayson ...

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