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  1. Boo gh! Wrong choice!

    Slutty liz is carrying Lucky's baby. BOO BOO BOO. iT SHOULD BE Nik's but OF COURSE helena switched it to raise a Spencer as a Cassadine! That's her plan.

    Christina should be ashamed of herself. She has lied before and learned Nothing! She still blames poor Ethan for beating her up! He is brought to the PCPD and keeps saying he didn't do it. only Johnny really believes him! john warned Jason to be sure before killing Ethan in case christina is lying.

    Keifer finds out he's ...
  2. Today's show my thoughts 3/16/10

    Tad and Damon: WOAH! What was that about Tad?!?!!?! I'm glad Tad went to the hospital to see Damon and apologize to him for being angry.

    Adam and David: Great scenes! They really hate each other! ROFL! Yes Adam you could kill David and bury him in the tunnels ROFL!

    Adam and Jesse: Adam says the cops are useless ROFL!

    Opal and Liza: Hahahaha you tell her Opal!! ROFL!
  3. GH Please Bring Vladimir Etush To GH As The New Mikkos Cassadine. Thank You.

    [B][FONT=Georgia][SIZE=4][COLOR=blue]I would love it very much if TPTB would bring Mr. Vladimir Etush as the new Mikkos Cassadine. With the wake of Kristina Davis Corinthos being assulted by her no good boyfriend Keifer I think that this whole thing could have been avoided if Alexis would have her father to be the babysitter to her children. She doesn't want Kristina's father in her life on a constant bases and I think that Kristina needs a male influence to watch out for her and her sisters. Because ...
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  4. Game Blog/Survey

    Please name your top three favorite characters (must be people who are currently on the show and have not been recently announced as "departed) in order of preference.

    Mine are:


    Now also name your three most hated characters in order of preference, #1 being your most hated. And I'm not asking for characters you love to hate. I want you to name those characters you want GONE!

    Mine are:

    Todd ...
  5. ATWT 3/15

    by , 03-16-2010 at 12:21 AM (dolce_amore's blog)
    Hey guys! I know I said I'd do a blog for Friday's episode, sorry about that! I was busy most of the weekend and just ran out of time. That, and I've just been spending way to much time on the actual boards talking about Reid, Reid, Reid, Reid...

    But, I'm BACK! I'll put a little recap of my thoughts on Friday's episode at the bottom of this one.

    For now, let's talk about TODAY.

    Today, even with the CarJack/Dustnet stuff, was pretty good, I thought. ...