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  1. General Hospital: Draken as HW!...Updated Cast List! AGAIN lol

    Cast of General Hospital: Draken HW

    Lexi Ainsworth - Kristina Davis: 2009-
    Bradford Anderson - Damian Spinelli: 2006-
    Richard Dean Anderson - Dr. Jeff Webber: 1976-1981; 2010-
    Brandon Barash - Johnny Zacchara: 2007-
    Maurice Benard - Sonny Corinthos: 1993-1997, 1998-
    Julie Marie Berman - Lulu Spencer: 2005-
    Brianna Brown - Dr. Lisa Niles: 2010-
    Steve Burton - Jason Morgan: 1991-2000, 2001, 2002-
    Leslie Charleson - Dr. Monica ...

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  2. Billy and Victoria

    Quote Originally Posted by Kiane View Post
    I'm not a Victoria fan, but I like Billy's sarcastic wit and humor, and she does drop her snooty act somewhat with him. JT and Victoria did nothing for me. I like JT and Mac together.

    I'm glad you Villy fans love them. Cheers to Villy.
    did that divorce letter mean they are 100% divorced now?
  3. My issues with some of the writing on GH

    I'm still reeling over the death of Kiefer. This was a total and complete injustice to the abuse story. I wanted to see Kiefer go to prison, and instead now we are seeing Michael suffer and be made an example of. Sure, it makes great drama, but it irks me anyway.

    I feel that the writing sells out its own integrity when it ends one storyline in order to hype another. I, personally, am invested in understanding why Krissy chose Kiefer, and tolerated the abuse for so long. I would like ...
  4. New Books

    Whenever I buy new books, I'm going to post them here. When I can't post anymore titles on this blog, I'm going to begin a New Books part 2.
    I may return and grade each book as I finish reading it.

    Hot Stuff by Janet Evanovish and Leanne Banks
    Ruthless Russian, Lost Innocence by Chantelle Shaw

    Tamed:The Barbarian King
    by Jennie Lucas
    May17/May19 2010
    Sheikh romances are my favorite, and Tamed: ...

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  5. Could Justin Barber and Donna Logan Forrester Have Another Child? Marcus' Sister?

    Wouldn't it be funny if B&B's Justin Barber and Donna Logan Forrester had another child out there that we didn't know anything about? Perhaps Marcus had a twin sister that everybody thought had died at birth. However, she didn't die. And just maybe she was sold on the "black market" no pun intended? Well I think that it would be wonderful if Justin and Donna did have a beautiful daughter out there and it would more beautiful if she found her parents before they got back together and ...