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  1. Marcus

    I missed a few shows-however I was thrilled to see Marcus with a new girlfriend-someone who is not a Forrester. thank you writters-I am sick of seeing his talent wasted, chasing a woman they will never let a relationship happen--to bad they couldn't find one for his Dad.
  2. Today's show - my thoughts 3/23/10

    Tad and Damon: Awwww great scenes! Maybe Tad should tell Damon the truth. But wait until Damon is sober.

    Natalia: Wow she is so sensitive damn!

    Jesse and Natalia: You're fired!

    David in a box: David asked Adam if he is gonna give him a hug ROFL! If Adam doesn't want to give David a hug then I will!!!!

    Annie and Adam: Hahahaha Adam brings up Scott!
  3. ATWT 3/22

    by , 03-23-2010 at 12:46 AM (dolce_amore's blog)
    Hey guys! Happy Monday! I'm SO happy to have the show back on! Damn that March Madness for preempting my show!

    Today was... annoying. It was a CarJack day, which is, not secretly, one of my least favorites. Still, it had redeeming moments...

    Parker being the biggest redeemer of all. This kid has more common sense than 90% of Oakdale combined. He does the right thing, but not in the "Holier-than-thou" fashion, and really just "gets it" when it ...
  4. Today's show - my thoughts 3/22/10

    Tad and Liza: Oh my gosh Liza!!! Stop it!!! And shut up! Tad has a lot of things on his mind than to deal with your nonsense!

    Brooke and Annie: Oh dear!!! Yes Annie. Everything is Brooke's fault.. Sure.

    Annie and Adam: Moving out Annie? So you are manipulating him again huh?

    Damon and Liza: ROFL! Damon can be funny.

    JR and Annie: Careful JR there is a very thin line between love and hate. Love and hate are related. ...
  5. OLTL Monday

    Sierra Rose was kidnapped by Mitch's crazy chick.

    Langston is being a ho. Her boyfriend found her button at the TA's sleezy place.

    Cole is lying to be with his partner and found out the TA is her problem too. Wait til he finds out about Langston too!

    Blair wants a relationship with that fugly lawyer.

    Starr likes Langston's story! after all. Cole says it's o.k.

    FISH is Sierra's dad not Sky and that's coming out now that the baby is ...