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  1. FO of Dante's Shooting - My Version Cont. SKYE Q RETURNS (slightly spoilerish)

    So, now we know Sonny's not really dead. Johnny's revealed to be the one who kidnapped Sonny from Olivia and Vito as they were bring the mob boss to the location of his death. But apparently Sonny's body has been found next to the club he use to co-own and Carly and Jason's identifying has shocked all of PC! A day, maybe two(Port Charles time) passes and soon a very unexpected visitor... or two returns...

    • In through the front door of the Quartermaine mansion walks none other than
  2. ATWT 2/24

    by , 02-25-2010 at 12:24 AM (dolce_amore's blog)
    Hi everyone! Happy Hump Day!

    Today was a GREAT episode! Loved it.

    I want to talk about all things Reid-related first. Shocking, I know. You've gotta keep your eye on me, because I'm just SO unpredictable with these things.

    The scenes between Katie and Reid and Bob and Reid were all GREAT. "Holy codependency!"... oh Reid, no truer words have been spoken. He hit the nail right on the head (but then again, when hasn't he?). I definitely see ...
  3. Foto-Fu

    Foto-Fu is a Japanese zen approach to photography + cinema.
    Historically, it developed in cyber punk Tokyo of the 1990's. And nowadays, it's in the forefront of political opposition to the Digital Cloud.

    = this is M.B. fictional autobiography = this is M.B. alternate social history =

    FOTOFU, adapted from GONGFU (kung fu)
    note the key concepts labor and effort

    功夫 gōng fu skill / art / kung fu / labor / effort

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  4. YaY! IT'S RANDI!!!

    I am Very EXCITED that I got a chance to see Randi not just Once but Two Days In a row!..Last week we got a tiny glimpse of Frankie but It was so nice to actually see Frandi together! Being an Ultimate Hubbard Fan, I like to see ALL My Hubbards!...Thank YOU AMC for showing us Beautiful Randi!!!
  5. Today's show - my thoughts 2/24/10

    Brooke: YAY!! Everytime they show her I yell out BROOKE!

    Brooke and Annie: Annie is jealous! ROFL! Especially when Brooke and Scott hug!!

    Annie: She goes on the tempo website to read all about Brooke and Tempo! ROFL! And then she watches the video on the site of Adam talking about Brooke back then. Adam says Brooke is the love of his life! ROFL! Annie says I thought I was the love of his life! ROFL!

    Brooke and Adam:

    Jr and ...