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  1. Obba Babatundé as Julius Avant

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    Got the name wrong in the title, but you get the idea. I have been just so impressed with Obba Babatundé as Julius Avant. Obba is highly impressive!

    He is one very talented actor who is doing extraordinarily in his delivery of his character portrayal of Julius Avant and so I wanted to dedicate this thread regarding his awesome work!

    Bravo Obba Babatundé!
  2. Monday 3rd August 2015

    Eve’s having a weird dream-fantasy and the knife sticking out of Jenn is kind of lolarific… as is eating one of Grandma Alice’s donuts at the end. God I wish they’d wrap this up already. Real living Jenn’s hair is kind of weirdly nice today – in that it looks good from the side but from behind it looks like its been glued down like a fresh-out-of-the-box Barbie doll. The Horton Centre gets name dropped, yay, but this Satterfield person, am I supposed to recognise them from Jenn’s “reporter days”? ...
  3. Friday 31st July 2015

    Found a full ep, yay!

    Justin and Kate are spading each other (again) and having martini’s made of water to celebrate the success of the name Narita for the cologne. Then they spend time discussing Lucas but my kids are shouting at each other an I can’t hear what’s going on and don’t care enough to shout at the kids to be quiet. He wants to discuss Clyde. Kate’s all “My personal life is off limits,” but Justin’s isn’t? That doesn’t seem fair Kate. Justin’s all I care about you, my friend ...
  4. So sick of nicole

    I like Nicole, she's fun to watch and not a total bore like so many others on this show. Plus, she's gorgeous and has a good heart.
  5. Thursday 30th July 2015

    Goddamn it, it looks like all of the full eps have been taken down. What a pain in the bum. If it aired here on FTA I'd watch it on TV but it doesn't and I can't watch it on the NBC website because of my location. It is up in pieces though, sorted by couples or character groups, so I guess I’m watching it that way. Will make it easier to fast forward anyway.

    The Big Gay Night Out at the Edge is kind of awkward… Rafe has something for Ari, which makes it up to 3 gifts for the kid this ...

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