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  1. Halloween in Salem 2014 - Part 1

    Happy Halloween, everyone! Since your favorite Days Two Scoop columnists are already sporting black to mourning the departure of James Scott and Alison Sweeney, we figured we'd transition that fashion choice into a festive one. Let's talk Halloween costumes! Be sure to let us know what you think of the choices! Leave a comment or tweet us at at @LaurisaDays and @Tony_S_Days.


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  2. Charolais mistake V.S Rick's mistake

    Caroline belittle and mocked and disrespected Maya ever step of the way and Maya never even retaliated know she's dishes out a little justice and poor Caroline. Maya she sure didn't ave a problem doing it to you. She played with your life and orchestrated situation and used people has her ponds all to get her way. Why the hell would I feel sorry for self inflicted misery and blame Maya for her down fall l when all Maya did was tell the truth. She didn't set up Ridge and Caroline the way Caroline ...
  3. Is the new Adam & Sage as central to future stories

    It was his mystery that made him such a draw. The new Adam looking forward to Adam and Chelsea rebuilding their family but I think current direction will stay the same if the powers that be at Y&R thought Sharon was a lead Phyllis would not have been recast and Sage, Avery would be have been needed at all. I agree with Summer Hilary or Lily and I would add Courtney to the mix not sure about Mariah. Once the Cassie's twin reveal and Ian connection was over, I really don't see much for left for ...
  4. Phyllis is playing everybody and she remembers all what Sharon did

    Y&R did this by having her tamper with the result which affected other characters finding out following her witnessing her confess this then they hired another psychologist to try and get her to just tell the truth that didn't work case Sharon was not having it so to make a long story short Sharon decided to have electrical treatments to stop seeing Cassie and the constant remember that she tampered with the paternity results she was manipulating her daughter who turned around and trashed up ...
  5. All My Children Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #54

    by , 10-27-2014 at 11:13 AM (AllMy Children Fan Fiction By Patti G)

    Scene 1:

    Jack and Krystal are sharing drinks and talking to their guests. Greenlee asks “Is everything okay? I saw you talking to AJ and then he split.”

    “Everything is fine. Reggie was suppose to pick Lily up at the station but did not show up. I asked AJ if he would go pick her up. I guess Reggie is just running late but I’m sure everything is fine,” Krystal tells everyone.

    “So Jack how are you holding up with the ...