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  1. "No one is all good or all bad." THANK YOU, Prince Nik! (He rocks.)

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    Oh why notů It's a ride I sure do enjoy!

    (And so does Lizzie!)
    LOL! It's not one I enjoy, and it's repetitive and goes nowhere.
    i don't mind it if it actually lasts more than a minute. I do want her relationship with Ric to run it's course first. I am beyond frustrated not to see Ric onscreen. Her whole relationship I'd offscreen. Argh!
  2. Linsey Godfrey Tweet

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    Poor kid, she has every right to have the "woe is me" attitude but instead, she is positive and grateful and ready to do the work. Good for her, go Linsey!!
    yes, may GOD be with her in her recovery
  3. Nina: A character I couldn't stand is now a bewitching dove.

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    I am definitely liking nina more now, when shes with franco I can even tolerate him.
    qNina came into the picture ine a wheelchair, just bitter and angry , full of lies. She hated everyone, but was always pretending, and had her PT nurse with her that fueled Ninas fire..Sam was on to her then, but loved Silas and didn't want to hurt there relationship. A lot happened Silas son died, and evidence was found that hinted that he had been around Nina, and Silas son had a drug problem and a lot of cash, ...
  4. Unpopular Opinion- I have no issue with Steffy's view on Caridge

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    Steffy acted mortified....wouldn't you be exhausted with a dad like Ridge?
  5. All My Children Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #59

    by , 02-03-2015 at 05:01 PM (AllMy Children Fan Fiction By Patti G)

    Scene 1:

    Everybody looks at Jake and Angie waiting to hear how Reggie is doing.

    Jake says "He's out of surgery and his condition is stable. He took a hit in the abdomen and nicked his liver but we managed to repair it. I have to tell you he has not regained consciousness. "

    Jack and Krystal both say at the same time, "Can we see him?"

    Jake says, "Just give us a few minutes ...