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  1. Tuesday 23rd June 2015

    Paul and John are at the hospital chatting. Tate is 3 months old, supposedly? I meant to ask if we knew when his birthday was. Paul has bought him a baseball glove, mitt thing? Paul/Brady apologizing to each other for being jerks is nice – a brotherly relationship between them will be nice.

    John’s moved to the Brady Booth and is making jokes about Theresa to Abe. Both their phones ring and they are called to the Titan TV mess.

    Ben and Sonny are chatting about Abby moving ...
  2. Monday 22nd June 2015

    Anne and Theresa are building a cot, this is hilarious. Theresa’s hair looks great. Lol, it just collapsed. Anne’s like have a drink and chill, “No Anne, I’m assembling a death trap for my infant child,” lol. Brady’s here to the rescue of the wimmins who can’t do flatpack. Anne’s all we dun need you, Theresa’s all SAVE ME BRADY, Anne can GTFO lol. “If I don’t come back he’ll think I died!” Theresa: “He won’t care!” Oh god, here we go again, the your clean, safe, warm apartment isn’t child appropriate ...
  3. Friday 19th June 2015

    Eric/Nicole/Xander – they need to wedge something against the door on the inside… ok good, they are going to do that. Xander’s shooting at the door? Through the hole? I can’t tell. Why does he need a silencer if there’s no one else in the building? Are they hiding in a trash compactor now? That’d be kind of stupid. No they are in a vent or hatch or something? OH NOES XANDER IS IN A MOOD! Oooh he’s getting snarky at his HenchWench now too. Xander needs a laptop or something, walking back to the ...
  4. Michael is caring with Avery but cruel to Lauren. This makes no sense!

    Quote Originally Posted by FerretLove View Post
    ^^ Yeah, I don't feel bad for him either! His anger has been OTT! And the fact he doesn't care about Lily's marriage or children...

    Quote Originally Posted by lmfan View Post
    She is
    not giving him what he wants because she loves him and even though he is being cruel she knows he still loves her. After 20 yrs being married to the love of your life it's not easy to let that love go nor should they let it go. This is not a couple that no longer loves each other. You have a good
  5. Thursday 18th June 2015

    I like Anne’s wrap dress today, its kind of retro and much nicer than Theresa’s dress. Anne’s trying to show a bit of Theresa’s leg to Brady, who’s in with Maggie and the baby saying how he’s “Never going to do anything with Theresa ever again!” Yeah right Brady, you can’t be without a woman long. And I call BS on this – first time that kid gets a sniffle or an earache Brady is going to lose his shizzle if Theresa doesn’t call him to advise him, even though he’s said not to contact him. Anne’s saying ...