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  1. Friday 10th July 2015

    Adrienne/Sonny/Lucas/Will are having divorce conversations in stereo. Adrienne is being very kind to Justin in her conversation with Sonny which is refreshing. I wonder if Justin would be so kind about Adrienne. Iím kind of sketchy on their past in that I know what happened but I never saw it, but I bet once we see the flashbacks on Monday Iíll want to go watch it all on YouTube. Arianna is having ANOTHER nap, thatís #3 for the day. Iím convinced they are putting Phenergan in her sippy cup. ...
  2. Thursday 7th July 2015

    SO MUCH RECAPPING. 5 minutes in and we are still rehashing yesterdays episode. But things did move along so Iím not too cranky.

    I love Zoeís sass. Never change. Chadís face when Zoe called Ben hot. Nice Italian accent there Chad on the Ďfinitoí. Abbyís been taking notes from Ben on how to stalk in the bushes. Theoís waving the Team Chabby flag today. Theo is great though. Shame they are too broke to show actual water, Abby spinning around and looking like she was going to chuck ...
  3. Wednesday 8th July 2015

    Much better episode today, though the editing was kind of choppy? I feel like Justin/Kate were inserted in... which might be true since they tape everything so far in advance and he was still Ned on General Hospital in May.

    Abbyís having nightmares about saying the wrong name while Chad has another bloody flashback. Chad has such pretty eyes. Oh I was wrong, its BEN is having the nightmare, not Abby. Ben looks like a Ken doll, like someone on makeup has done some contouring on his ...
  4. Tuesday 7th July 2015

    Today was so dull I went and painted my nails halfway through because there was so little to say. Its a bad day when the most interesting story is JJ's!

    JJ is being arrested for being a teenage dirtbag, baby, and probably being set up to be the new face of the ISA in Salem. Iíll put money on it, theyíve got to push JJ out of the teens and up to the young adults because the new teens are all at SORAS summer camp. Anyway, if he throws Bev under a bus for Paige then Iíll be annoyed as ...
  5. Now that Little Jake is Free...What about Robin?

    Quote Originally Posted by SAMLEXIS FAN View Post
    The problem with that is Kimberly McCullough doesn't want to return to the show full time. I'm not interested in watching Robin come & go; it doesn't do any good as far as storyline advancement goes.
    They need to wrap up her story line. If she doesn't want to come back for that have Patrick mention to Sam that Robin contacted him and she wanted to discuss something with him. Patrick can that have an offscreen conversation with Robin. We can then have him tell Sam that she told ...