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  1. Tuesday 8th September 2015

    There’s an envelope at the front door marked 'JJ' and its got a bullet. Paige comes up and I guess all is forgiven between them. JJ says not here, will discuss at MURDER PARK, because it’s way safer there, obviously. Did I mention I hate Paige’s shirt? I do not understand the whole missing-shoulders style. I do like her lipstick though. Paige is all speak to the DEA guy and JJ is all NOPE. JJ honey, hired implies they are paying you. JJ is all I WOULD DIE IF ANYTHING HAPPENED TO YOOOOOOOU! And giant ...
  2. Friday 4th September 2015

    Someone wakes up to a yellow rose oh, its Marlena. DOES MARLENA HAVE A HOUSE AGAIN!? John let her sleep in and cleared her schedule and SHE IS PISSED. She softens then he spills that he’s been called interstate on work and she’s pissed again. He reschedules and she claims he’s making it up. They snog, he makes her eggs, she loves the eggs, they discuss marriage because “Do we really want to live in sin at this stage of our lives?” and Marlena legit answers “Well, I kind of liked it,” lol. Marlena ...
  3. Thursday 3rd September 2015

    Aiden and Hope are in bed, I assume at hers since he doesn’t have a house set. Hope’s all you tossed and turned and I think you are keeping something from me and he’s all NO WAY REALLY?

    Chad’s packing a bag full of cash to run away and Abby is saying noooo and then she wakes up and Ben’s all what’s up,, she says morning sickness and wants crackers. Meanwhile Chad’s just out of the shower over at the Inn and Daddy’s here to have a chat about his problems. I do love me some smartarse ...
  4. I don't feel the least sorry for Morgan

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    I'm hoping he doesn't have bi-polar disorder. I'm hoping it's just a scare, but enough for him to just grab himself by the bootstraps and say, well it's not a disease, and drugs won't pull me out of this rut, so what do I do now?

    Everything Morgan has done since he came back to PC is easily explained by his feeling of unworthiness, his feeling of having constantly been overlooked. He screws up, but I think no one, even in his family, has really pulled for him first and foremost. The
  5. i do not feel sorry for Devon, or neil

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    We all know that love (or lust) is blind but it is also often insensitive to the feelings of others, including an adoptive father. Besides, Hillary was Neil's fourth wife and was also half his age. If she had not cheated with Devon, she would have cheated with Noah, or Kyle, or the bartender. No one could have believed that the Neil/Hillary relationship would last.
    Not many thought Neil/Hilary would last. And not many even wanted them together in the first place. Especially on