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  1. Wednesday 22nd July 2015

    Wifi is fixed, yay!

    Hope blabbing to Abbyís voice mail in the square about being pregnant which doesnít seem like a very smart thing to do since itís a secret. A wild Aidan appears with flowers and they continue being adorbs. Kayla is interacting with people who arenít Abby, which is a nice change. Kaylaís on the Bicentennial committee and the 50th is named as the 9th of November (or something like that).

    Doug & Julie are having REAL CAKE (cheesecake?) but no tea/coffee ...
  2. Aly's Death

    I know we seen it all. But apparently Ivy only saw what she took a picture of. And I don't think it's all about getting Liam back. From Ivy and Liams conversation today, Ivy is disgusted with Liam and his timing of telling her he wants Steffy. Liam probably thinks Ivy and Steffy were arguing about him. If Ivy really thinks that Steffy murdered Aly. Then she is confronting Steffy on being dishonest. With Steffy only stating half truths, it is hard to believe she is innocent. I haven't heard Steffy ...
  3. Tuesday 21st July 2015

    In which I'm now officially 5 eps behind and my wifi hardware just pooped itself so I'm stuck sitting next to the router to watch and blog while my kids destroy the house unsupervised.

    Emo Eric is removing any trace of the Bluebird from his life, starting with anything vaguely African, when Marlena comes to visit. Not sold on Marlenaís giant belt. Now Serena is here to rehash again and to offload HER artifacts and my god this is dull.

    Nicole is all excited about being ...
  4. Jack should have had a triumphant return

    I misposted here and cannot delete. Sorry

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  5. Monday 20th July 2015

    Sonnyís changed from his purple shirt into the pink Chicago tee, and Paul is in long sleeves in summer for some reason. QOTD from Sonny: ďI didnít SAY you where whipped, I just thought it REAL loud.Ē The Salem Losers Club Basketball Game is on today featuring Sonny, Will, Ben, Rafe, Chad and Paul. Gays v Straights? But then Ben and Chad would have to play nicely together and god knows they canít share sandpit toys. Will and Paul donít play well together either. Everyone hates Vanquish as a name. ...