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  1. Steffy Has NEVER Been Accused Of Trying To Kill Someone, So What Is Ivy Basing Her

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    Steffy is a murderer theory on, what has she see Steffy do, that would make her think, she could kill her cousin in cold blood? The only thing Ivy can say she has seen Steffy do, is TAKE HER MAN, that's it. Steffy wasn't the one loosing it in a board room setting, getting so irate and out of control, that even Ivy told her about herself in the Forrester's kitchen. That was this now all of a sudden, "Saint Innocent Meek and Mild Ally", which Ivy has painted in Ally to justify her going
  2. Wednesday 12th August 2015

    Ok first up Ė why the hell is that hideous bassinet still in the Kiriakis lounge room? That baby is HUGE, thereís no way he sleeps in there. Plus, he has a nursery with cot (crib), and a nanny who watches him sleep. It needs to go already. Brady is on the phone re Caroline and then he and Maggie bitch a little about Theresa who didnít come home, I guess she stayed at the hospital with Caroline. At the hospital Caroline is all ďWhereís your cast?Ē Theresa. Maggieís all Theresa living here isnít the ...
  3. Does love win?

    There is a great post on our board about the lack of sustainable romance and how love loses. So I thought I'd start a blog to see where love wins. What couples have stuck together and loved each other through thick and thin regardless of whether they've had their moments.

    Lila and Edward
    Alan and Monica (and they had a lot of their moments but always came back to each other)
    Sonny and Carly
    Lee and Gail

    Love does sometimes win on our soap but we ...
  4. Tuesday 11th August 2015

    Maggieís gone to see Daniel but Daniel is at Victorís (and therefore her's no?) so she had to talk to Nicole instead. Victorís telling Daniel to harden the eff up re Xander. Is Daniel seriously under some delusion that Victor is all sweetness and light? Do we know who Danielís bio-dad is BTW? I know Maggie is his bio-mum but I think I zoned out on the rest. Victor gets a call about Caroline (not sure from who though, maybe Hope?) and stomps off. Iím not very interested in Maggie/Nicole so thatís ...
  5. Monday 10th August 2015

    Where are all the other people in CBD today? Itís empty. Couldnít they afford extras? Chad comes in and is all whatís the celebration? Abbyís all like are you drunk? Chadís mouthing off and is all ďThe three of us, we share,Ē and Iím laughing but Benís not. Chadís not either when Ben smugly announces they are engaged and Abby just looks awkward as hell when Ben puts the ring on her. I still maintain that its terribly unromantic to get engaged at a coffee shop/bar in front of the bloke who shagged ...