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  1. "The Bold and the Beautiful" big reveal

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    What was the B&B twist?

    I'm not a long-time watcher I gave a brief try of watching for about six months some point last year for the first time ever but it annoyed me that they repeated every conversation five times so ended up giving it up but now you have me curious.

    Maya used to be Myron...a man
  2. Darnell Williams Honored at Mascoutah High School - Illinois

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    Darnell Williams will be honored on Friday, March 20th, 2015 for his outstanding professional achievement/positive impact on society. He was a Mascoutah student from 1969-1972. He comes from an Air Force family and so his family moved alot when he was a child growing up. He was born in London, England. I am thrilled for him and for he and 3 others that will be recognized and awarded at this time. Darnell deserves all the recognition and praise for his wonderful career. Congrats to him for
  3. All My Children Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #61

    by , 03-17-2015 at 06:19 PM (AllMy Children Fan Fiction By Patti G)

    Scene 1:

    Krystal and Jack sit patiently by Reggie’s bedside. It has been two days since he was shot and still he has not come around.

    Krystal says, “Jack you should go and take care of Election matters. I will stay here and if anything happens I will call you immediately”.

    Jack says, “I just don’t feel right leaving Krystal. With what has happened to Reggie the election just doesn’t seem all that important now”. ...
  4. Rick & Maya storyline will it ever end?

    Eric said that she has been terrific for him and it's showing in his work. They are a great couple because they are perfect for one another. Caroline will get hers. One way or another whether Carter or Ridge, that stupid lil freak will meet karma. She's a user. Look what she did to Thomas. Who in their right mind could ever stab a sweet guy like that in the back, and with his uncle? She's making her way through the Forrester men like a pro, isn't she? Who's next, Eric Sr? I wonder what goodies a ...

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  5. Live Thread ~ 3/16/15

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    Getting hungry for corned beef. Should I be lazy and go out or make it myself. Any Irish O'live threaders here this week?
    This little Irish girl is getting a head start and having corned beed and cabbage for lunch right now!!

    Makes watching that brat, Nicole at least bearable......