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  1. All My Children Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #55

    by , 11-14-2014 at 07:53 PM (AllMy Children Fan Fiction By Patti G)
    Scene 1:

    AJ and Lily pull up in front of the Montgomery house and there are the usual lights that people leave on when they go out. Reggie's car is still parked in the driveway.

    AJ says to Lily " Maybe he just fell asleep. KWAK said he was tired but he wanted to go for a quick run before the party."

    "That is a logical conclusion AJ," says Lily.

    "Do you have your house keys on you?"

    "Yes ...
  2. Two years and counting

    Two years ago I had to say goodbye to the sweetest fur baby. He was my pitbull I raised from a pup only 5 years old, still just a baby in dog years, I still miss him dearly, but just 2 short months later, I got the best gift I could have received, a grand daughter named Lillian Grace she is the love of my life. Now I found out that on the 3rd of December, I will have a second grandchild, a grand son one of each yay me!!!!!!
  3. Phyllis's anger toward Sharon

    Sharon has done some despicable things but I think changing the results of the DNA test just may top it off. Phyllis heard her at the cemetery I hope she slaps the stupid out of her.Nick say something about she had checked with a doctor who said they should do it now probably the same one who Sharon said told her not to let anyone but Nick and her be around Faith after Phyllis helped them get her back. Just another example of the writer's of this soap determination to completely destroy the character ...
  4. All My Children Trivia Quiz Answers By Patti G

    by , 11-10-2014 at 08:22 AM (AllMy Children Fan Fiction By Patti G)
    November 10, 2014

    1. Who is Ross Chandler’s father?
    Answer: Palmer Cortlandt

    2. How did Adam try to embarrass Marion and dissuade Stuart from marrying her?
    Answer: Throwing a party and inviting all the men Marion had slept with to show Stuart who he was marrying.

    3. What was the name of the Dillon family dog? Who could the dog always recognize and growl at?
    Answer: Harold. He could always recognize Janet even when she ...
  5. 49 Reasons to watch DAYS!

    The past year on DAYS has been full of twists and turns. Big ones, in fact! From surprising bedfellows, shocking deaths and even more stunning cappers (we’re looking at you Kristen!), our favorite soap and yours has delivered some blows that have kept fans tuning in each day, and the message boards lit up with “I can’t believe that!” sentiments.

    In keeping with tradition, your faithful DAYS Two Scoopers have compiled our annual anniversary column to give you even more reasons to love ...

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