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  1. Let's hear from the LBGT Community

    Is your story being told as it is right now a true depiction of what really does happen? Do you feel the current s/l is doing justice to the trans community? I read what is posted and the comments are not very good but maybe I am biased and do not have an open mind. The way Maya is behaving, her out right lying, bullying (in my mind as I am not speaking for anyone else), obnoxious, unforgivable nasty self is hard to accept that trans are being portrayed this way. As it is being written in the current ...
  2. Thursday 25th June 2015

    Episode like 10 of the SAME DAY. God, call it a night already Salem!

    Hope’s in the Brady Booth with her sexy glasses reading the article about Clyde. Rafe ‘s sparring with her re Clyde. Rafe’s got ‘friends’ in the system keeping an eye out for Gabi inside which is pretty sweet of him. Hope gets a call and runs off to arrest Stefano.

    John and Abe are sweeping Titan TV for evidence. Roman’s made it to the hospital finally, but where’s Marlena? Oh hi Marlena, she’s here ...
  3. Wednesday 24th June 2015

    Chad’s having a mope in the Garden of Dimera, flashbacking to when he promised Abby the sex would be awesome. They are getting their money’s worth with these flashbacks. Zoe’s here with her magic ladygarden of distraction. He’s going to wine and dine Zoe in the same spot, that’s kind of icky. He’s giving her more power at Sonix. They are flirting. I like Zoe, she can stay. He’s being a jerk and she’s all screw this, I’m going. She’s accusing him of calling her an ambitious slut for being interested ...
  4. Tuesday 23rd June 2015

    Paul and John are at the hospital chatting. Tate is 3 months old, supposedly? I meant to ask if we knew when his birthday was. Paul has bought him a baseball glove, mitt thing? Paul/Brady apologizing to each other for being jerks is nice – a brotherly relationship between them will be nice.

    John’s moved to the Brady Booth and is making jokes about Theresa to Abe. Both their phones ring and they are called to the Titan TV mess.

    Ben and Sonny are chatting about Abby moving ...
  5. Monday 22nd June 2015

    Anne and Theresa are building a cot, this is hilarious. Theresa’s hair looks great. Lol, it just collapsed. Anne’s like have a drink and chill, “No Anne, I’m assembling a death trap for my infant child,” lol. Brady’s here to the rescue of the wimmins who can’t do flatpack. Anne’s all we dun need you, Theresa’s all SAVE ME BRADY, Anne can GTFO lol. “If I don’t come back he’ll think I died!” Theresa: “He won’t care!” Oh god, here we go again, the your clean, safe, warm apartment isn’t child appropriate ...