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  1. Tuesday 18th August 2015

    Abby rolls her eyes at Chad and says of course sheís not leaving, whereíd he get that dumb ideaÖ oh. Benís dumb idea, of course. Abby tells Chad that Stefano came by to plead his case and Chad is unimpressed. Then he wants to know why she didnít tell him they were getting married, they bicker back and forward. In my opinion, its very telling that Abby completely believes and trusts Chadís promise that he wonít ever blab to Ben about their romp. She can't even trust Ben enough to tell him JJ slept ...
  2. Could ******* be the killer? (Speculation)

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    I wouldn't be surprised if it's the Dimeras behind the killings. That's nothing new.
  3. Monday 17th August 2015

    Recapping Paigeís meltdown from Friday. JJ tells her to GTFO. She claims heís a drug dealing addict and going on like sheís some kind of authority on the issue? Meanwhile Kyle and Eve are chatting outside TDB, maybe Paige should be more worried about her own mother. Eve is delusional if she thinks Kyle is a Ďnice boy.í Jennís hair is nice today, the soft waves are much nicer than the dead straight and tightly pulled back thing. Paige is dressed up like a gypsy reject from the late 90ís (again). ...
  4. Friday 14th August 2015

    Friday 14th August 2015

    God bless the French because I found a full ep elsewhere on the interwebz.

    HOLY CRAP TODAY IS JUMPY. Why do we have 90 second scenes? Canít we have a conversation take one scene?

    JJís trying to show Agent Whatshisface his l33t stalking skills but Roman is all hell naw. Paige and Kyle are spading on the phone. Romanís all yeah you are just in this because of Paigey-poo. They give him a bunch of reasons why JJ will compromise the ...
  5. Thursday 13th August 2015

    Canít find a feed and Iím not exactly motivated to keep searching.

    Did see the clip of Theresa and Eve and I enjoy Eve with Theresa so much. Theresaís hair looks nice today. Brady comes in and immediately launches into selfish prick mode. She wants to discuss the kid and heís all you tell the nanny and sheíll tell me and Iím all what is this, year 3? Seriously, when Brady tells you he doesnít trust you, take your kid and RUN. When VICTOR is #1 on the list of people heíd trust with ...