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  1. Phyllis vs Kelly's World War 3

    Kelly knew from day one that Jack was in love with Phyllis and that the only reason he took up with her is because Phyllis was in a coma. Kelly took a chance that Phyllis wouldn't wake up she did. Kelly took a chance and she lost. All this screaming she is doing is disgusting. She doesn't love Jack she wants a man. She didn't love Billy either. She jumped from Billy to Jack with the speed and agility of an olympic hurdler. Kelly even told Ben she wants a happily ever after it doesn't matter who ...
  2. Quinn is still guilty & A psycho

    Quinn is the problem and has been changed he problem for months. Quinn is the stalker. Quinn is the obsessive one. She should have kept her buttinsky at the warehouse. Just because Liam and Hope still care about each others well fare doesn't mean they haven't moved on. If Wyatt had put Mommy in place a long time ago this could have been avoided. If Quinn is Hopes stalker then surely Liam is Quinn's stalker. This never would have happen if Liam had stayed away from Hope and move on as Wyatt Bill ...

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  3. Will the question of who actually hit Delia ever be answered?

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    I, still think its Kelly, who hit Delia, not Gabriel
    Or Adam, I, both think Gabriel, or Adam did it
    Bring Kelly, to justice this wk. Goid twist I
    Genoa Cuty this wk
  4. All My Children Fan Fiction Trivia Quiz Answers By Patti G

    by , 12-06-2014 at 11:39 AM (AllMy Children Fan Fiction By Patti G)
    November 20, 2014 QUIZ

    How many did you know?

    1. During Kendall's trial for Michael Cambias's murder, what did Greenlee do to cause a dramatic revelation in the courtroom?

    ANSWER: She ripped away Kendall’s shirt and revealed to everyone her pregnancy by Michael Cambias was a fake.

    2. What secret about Tara's son Little Charlie did they keep from Phoebe?

    ANSWER: ...
  5. Is it me seeing things or is Nick sporting a Toupe? So young and seems to be loosing

    I think tc has had that spot for a very long time now. At the very least it has been a good two years with no growth. It doesn't bother me either way but i did wonder if anyone else had noticed. And no, I don't think any toupees are in use. As I said, tc has had that very small spot for a long time and it is rarely noticeable.