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  1. Live Thread 11/25/2014because they want her to die

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    Jesus Katie! You lost your husband, your marriage and your job BECUASE of your "peace making" sister! Grown up!
    I officialy don't care how much Ridge ends up hurting Katie - persoanlly let her heart wear out and die. Between this statement and her siccing Bill on Ridge, there isn't anything left to like about Katie.
    I hate to say it, but HT might be better off if they did let Katie die. She's never going to get a decent plot line as long as Bell Jr. and his
  2. Nick's attitude with Sharon makes no logical sense (merged)

    Two nrw paternity tests need to be performed to determine Summer`s biology. I think the tampering was a fantasy in Sharon's head and Jack is the daddy
  3. All My Children Fan Fiction Trivia Quiz 11/20/2014 By Patti G

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    November 20, 2014

    How many do you know? Good Luck!

    1. During Kendall's trial for Michael Cambias's murder, what did Greenlee do to cause a dramatic revelation in the courtroom?

    2. What secret about Tara's son Little Charlie did they keep from Phoebe?

    3. How did Chuck Tyler and Donna Beck Cortlandt’s infant son die and where?

    4. Who informed Erica of her "sister" Silver's real ...
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  5. Adam's revenge

    I cannot wait for Chelsea to realize her man is back but the biggest thing of all to make the picture complete is for Adam to find the real hit and run driver and expose him or her somehow I have a feeling that Adam already knows who hit Delia and he will find a way to expose that person. This is by far the BEST story on the Young and Restless right now in my opinion.Gabriel's because Constance thinks that's who he is and Sage and Adam are leading her to believe that. Although I'm not sure if Adam ...