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  1. Aly's Death

    B&B has just pulled off the greatest plot twist B&B has seen in ages, or we've just been treated to a senseless death for shock value Aly Forrester is dead. Or at least that's what we're being told by our characters and various legitimate soap sources. Then why do I feel like the door's still open just enough that Aly Forrester may turn up alive at some point? And if Aly really has joined her mother in heaven how will that impact B&B.

  2. Friday 24th July 2015

    Oh for crying out loud, more Nicole and Serena bickering. I DO NOT CARE. Brady and Eric are having a brother moment, which is lovely. More family pls. Ugh, way less Daniel though. This is kind of awkward now, all three of these men have slept with Nicole at some point. Parkerís home and can actually talk! Heís been cracking into the glitter glue again. Ericís run into Father Someone (not the old guy, I think he actually died IRL?) and wants to confess his sins. Someone needs to tell Ken Corday that ...
  3. Thursday 23rd July 2015

    Emo Eric and Nicole trying to work out what Bluebird knows while she bickers with Brady at the hospital. Nothing much seems to be happening while I fast forward. Heís found out sheís engaged to Saint Jonas and is a sad panda. This is actually a well done scene, Ericís quietly disappointed rather than he usual emo rage and admits he had hoped that since they survived it could have been a new start for them. When Ericís not moping heís actually really pleasant to watch with Nicole Ė heís the straight ...
  4. chelsea's saga with Adam

    I don't like Sage at all and if they keep Nick in character, he would never forgive her for that (and no doubt would be suing for the custody of the fetus) ha ha Seriously,
    it does have the potential to morph into some interesting stories now that it's somewhat out. It's been tiresome for way too long to say the least. Chelsea and her high-handedness with all of it. I mean, sure she would be shocked, but all this "I could never live with it" Chelsea, who drugged Billy, got pregnant ...
  5. Wednesday 22nd July 2015

    Wifi is fixed, yay!

    Hope blabbing to Abbyís voice mail in the square about being pregnant which doesnít seem like a very smart thing to do since itís a secret. A wild Aidan appears with flowers and they continue being adorbs. Kayla is interacting with people who arenít Abby, which is a nice change. Kaylaís on the Bicentennial committee and the 50th is named as the 9th of November (or something like that).

    Doug & Julie are having REAL CAKE (cheesecake?) but no tea/coffee ...