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  1. Mac talking to Frisco...

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    How did Mac get access to Frisco and make a phone call so easily? Plus, they weren't exactly the best of friends as early as Feb of this year. For years NO ONE could get a hold of Frisco, even for Tony's funeral.

    Good question. However, I wish RC would allow Frisco to talk with Maxie. If Frisco can talk with Mac and Ana, he could easily talk with Maxie as well.
  2. Halloween 2013 - Part 1

    Hope Brady and Marlena Evans as Max Black and Caroline Channing from “2 Broke Girls”

    If you’re forced to start over basically on your own, you might as well do it with a bestie.

    Gabriella Hernandez as Alan from “The Hangover”

    Her terrible, horrible judgment gets everyone ...

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  3. Billy feels guilty

    Y&R was all about Billy and his pain why are the writter leaving out Chloe if he wasnt the one that hit her and blocked it out stop on the side of the rode to let dash peepee the dog took off Delia undid her seat belt was going to jump out Billy reaches from the front seat to stop Delia from jumping out all her could grab was her scarf and knock the car out of gear while tryn to help his daughter and the his car was the one that hit her the stop at the store never happen but I just wish the ...
  4. Adam's guilt

    I can see why Chelsea would be angry he has given all kinds of grief because of her lie only to find out how he has been hiding this from her and the rest of the world. He has made Delia's death all about him. Adam has so many reasons to have come forward because he is a parent, he should want to set a better example for his child because he and Jack are friends and Delia his niece he should come forward out of respect for their friendship and last, because everyone expects the worst from him. ...
  5. Adam's conscience of Delia's death

    Adam's hiding behind his son and using him as an excuse not to do the right thing. As Lanie saidhe pretty much danced on her grave. Adam destroys the scarf in the fireplace and Copperhead hacked into the car rental place to wipe away the evidence that she rented the car that caused the hit and run. What should Adam do with the scarf put in the mail and send it to Chloe. Put in his garbage at home. The evidence that puts him at the scene of what the police are calling a hit and run. He can't comfort ...

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