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  1. favorite gh couples

    Luke Laura
    Dante Lulu
    Spinelli Maxie
    Frisco Felicia
    Macolm Alexis
    Tony Bobbie
    Kevin Lucy
    Jason Elizabeth
    Patrick Robin
    Carlos Sabrina
  2. Adam's guilty conscience is getting to him

    Adam is not feeling free of what happened or that he thinks happened no matter what he tells himself, and the presence of Billy and Chloe and having to deal with so much unwanted stuff from others seems like it's getting to him. Plus she is so much in love that she is glowing & why not as everything is great for her at the moment. She will look back realizing why he was so nervous & it wasn't about the wedding. She is not a mind reader. When you are in love, especially at the beginning, ...

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  3. Wyatt & the jewelry heist

    Wyatt walked by the necklace. I can't let them steal this diamond from FC. I'll test Charlie and save the diamond at the same time. He was na´ve to think the robbers would leave since the diamond wasn't there but had to react quickly. What is the problem? Why or why doesn't the writers bring up Liam annulment papers that he tore up which Brook knew and didn't tell Hope. Donna knows how Liam put a tracker on Hope's phone, why doesn't she or Quinn tell Hope about Liam's stalking. It's ok that Liam ...
  4. What does Hope see in Wyatt?

    It's about Hope and her game playing and immaturity. She wanted Wyatt but couldnm't own up to it. Thus, throwning all the blame on Liam. And not be mature enough to see what she has done. If it had been she wouldn't have been rolling around with Wyatt just after accepting Liam's proposal. Her continuing to blame her decision not to go through with the wedding on Steffy is just plain deceitful, especially when it took her all of five seconds to decide to board the flight to be with Wyatt and then ...
  5. Sabrina Needs To Own This Baby Lie

    This baby lie is really Carlos"s baby. Not Patrick, love
    This story line, be gone but want Patrick, & Robin,
    Have another baby on their own, not Sabrina, reunite her w
    Carlos, & go to Puerto Rico together leave port Charles