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  1. Tuesday 30th June 2015

    Paige/Bev Ė hooking up with old blokes to annoy JJ or something? I have no idea and I donít care. Dan-lite turns up and she furiously swipes left. I wonder if him being Dan-lite is an anvil? Maybe not since Paige is officially out the door. Oh hell naw, Brady walks in and she eyes him up? Bradyís like the only male character on this show who is a hotter mess than JJ. Don't be stupid girl!

    Brady/Theresa Ė Bradyís a jerk. Theresaís an idiot but Brady doesnít come across as the bigger ...
  2. Monday 29th June 2015

    Its lying liars who lie day in Salem.

    Will is lying at Sonny again but Sonnyís got the pips about it. Willís got a Backpfeifengesicht and Iíll happily offer to take care of it. If I hadnít seen the previews Iíd be fast forwarding this. Sonnyís got the Truth Hour Talking Stick today and is calling him out on sleeping with Paul for the story and for calling their relationship boring... blah blah blah. Willís now claiming Sonnyís only friends with Chad because Chad is wealthy? Whatís ...
  3. Its time to bring Caleb The Vampire back to PC

    Quote Originally Posted by soulsouthfan View Post
    I was a huge Caleb and Liv fan
    Absolutely not one of the worst storylines GH has done. It introduced us to Caleb's pathetic puppy dog face nephew(who I am glad us now dead and hopefully he stays that way).
  4. General Hospital-Night Shift season dvd

    Quote Originally Posted by Friscofan1989 View Post
    Does anyone know if it is available for purchase yet?
    Season 1 was released and can be purchased on Amazon. Season 2 has yet to be released on DVD which is a shame since it was a fabulous season!
  5. Characters and Favs

    This is a dedication to the fans and character of Sharon Collins, Lauren, and Michael.

    Although characterization is being slain at the altar...Hopefully they can consider this as fantasy and not canon.

    To my Sharon fanbase...may we prevail and prepare!
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