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  1. Did Caro Tell ALL? ???

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    News conference broke in during the last minute or two. All I know is that she told about the drugged sex and not WHO or that she is preggers.

    Did Ridge's head explode???

    Of all the times for a news conf to start... and I'm a news junkie, but.... arghhhh.
    Caroline told Ridge it was Thomas and Ridge say my son Caroline crys and Ridge looked stunned
  2. Michael and Morgan need to back off!

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    Ava's worse then sonny
    I agree. I'm on Michael and Morgan's side. Ava said flat out that Sonny can't have her "She's mine!" Avery's not a pet, and after Ava just betrayed her other daughter, she doesn't deserve Avery.
  3. Help

    Is there anyway to block a thread ?
  4. Glad Lauren and Michael reunited but what about his cancer? The divorce papers?

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    Umm... we can't be bothered with Michael and Lauren stuff on Victor and The Rest of Them.
    We must see Victor 4 or 5 times a week... while Michael and Lauren - we are lucky if they get any scenes, nowadays.

    Plenty of other characters get screen time along with Victor but I get your point. But I think many are invested in the Baldwin marriage. They were shortchanged on their breakup. I hope they aren't neglected as they rebuild their marriage.
  5. How I would solve the "Franco problem"

    by , 09-18-2015 at 02:21 PM (Maharet's Grotto)
    I have no problem with Franco staying Franco. I find the character interesting. That being said, if it would give everyone a chance to enjoy the wonderful Roger Howarth, I could get behind a change. Here's my idea (writers, if you're reading this, I hereby give you my permission to use this storyline free of charge).

    Dante gets a phone call from Hawaii. The caller identifies himself as a detective in Hawaii and tells Dante that he's contacting him because he was the lead detective
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