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  1. Wednesday 29th July 2015

    Super jumpy show today but I’m ok with that because it meant lots of stuff happened.

    Dan is sniffling the list of engagement party dates, while Serena is badgering Eric in the square. I think Dan is crying, seriously. All the crying he does doesn’t really mesh with the rugged manly thing he’s trying to project, just saying. Stop waffling and spill your guts Nikki. Serena is trying to sell being a nosy bitch as being in Eric’s best interest… yeah, nah. Dan’s still trying to get Nik ...
  2. Tuesday 28th July 2015

    Tuesday 28th July 2015

    Brady and Theresa are looking for a nanny and Theresa is trying to make it impossible so she doesn’t get tossed out on her faaaaannyyyy! Maggie’s all like how hard is it to get someone to mind the kid? The trashy nanny isn’t that bad really, but the new one does look like Mary Poppins so Theresa’s plan is stuffed. Look, I love Theresa but this scheme is DUMB. All she has to do is be maybe 15% less of an outright bitch coupled with actually looking after her own ...
  3. Monday 27th July 2015

    And a rehash of Paige shouting at JJ not to walk away from her when she’s shouting at him to leave her alone. I DON’T CARE. JJ, put your chest hair away already. Sorry JJ, I can’t listen to this again so fast forward… oh Bev’s here, time to watch. Shame its because she’s saying BYE LOSER to JJ and taking the free trip to Europe. Go get yourself some tickets to Glastonbury or Pukklepop or Mysterland or something fun and forget about Salem. JJ’s all thinking CRAP there goes my sex life… wonder what ...
  4. Steffy V.S Ivy On Aly's death

    Especially if Liam has second thoughts once he learns of Ivy's suspicions and it becomes a wedge between them. Why have these silly scenes with Ivy accusing Steffy of wrong doing. Such a waste of viewers time. This story is also a good way for Steffy to get a bit of pay back for her own bad behavior. I'm sure there are still a few viewers out there who remember the disrespect, pain for Steffy, it is yet another one of her lies. I think that Thorne probably is feeling some level of unwarranted guilt ...
  5. Lauren and Hilary scenes were nice

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    It's been a long time since we've had nice supportive scenes between two women like the ones between lauren and Hilary. I want to see more of that on the show. I'd love for the show to make lauren and Hilary friends the way that kay and nikki were.
    I am not to sold on this support. It would have gone over better if Lauren would have shown some support and concern to Lily when she was monopolizing Lily's husband and crying on his shoulder. Lauren knew that Lily had a problem with her
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