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  1. So.. It's almost time for the SuperBowl

    by , 01-22-2009 at 03:14 AM (Organized Chaos - Green-Butterfly's Musings)
    The only sport I follow is football, pro football to be exact and I absolutely LOVE it. Giants aka Big Blue aka Big Blue Wrecking Crew are my team and well, you know that person that watches sports games going crazy for their team, always on the edge of their seat, jumping up without any notice to either do happy dances or scream around the room, shameless, loud, proud and ridiculous? Yeah, that's me.

    If I can't be at the game, I am sure as hell bringing the game atmosphere

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  2. Rich people and the lack of seriousness in them

    It is amazing to me how dumb people are. Especially people with money. I am currently watching The Real Housewives of Orange County and one of the housewives, Lynne, was treating her daughters to a spa day. And here is the reasoning behind it, "The girls are stressed. Raquel and Alexa have to wake up by 10 instead of sleeping til twelve and they also have to wake up for the cleaning lady. They're so stressed out." ARE YOU FREAKIN SERIOUS?????? That's stress? Hey Lynne there's a war going ...
  3. this board is fun!

    i really enjoy this board. i use this time for relaxation and fun. i especially enjoy the humorous, satirical, and irreverent comments that make me laugh. l hope some of you enjoy my comments as well.
  4. What will happen if no one wants to broadcast this year's Emmys?

    The buzz in the industry over the past few weeks or so has been the rumored demise of the Daytime Emmys. CBS has dropped out of the rotation, saying that they do not want to broadcast the low-rated awards ceremony. It seems odd since CBS has gotten the bulk of the Emmy nominations over the past two years and the telecast has pretty much turned into a CBS tailgate party. Since it wasn't ABC's year to broadcast the Emmys, the network made no plans to air the ceremony. NBC hasn't aired the Daytime ...
  5. Going spoiler free for AMC and OLTL

    Ok. This will be hard. I'm going spoiler free for the next month or so. I want to see if there is much difference in my opinion of AMC and OLTL with out knowing in advanced about things. I want to see it just like viewers who don't have the spoils of the internet. Who know nothing unless they see the commericals about upcoming things.

    So I hope that it works. I know that at some point someone will leak it by mistake or post a spoiler in a non spoiler thread but I hope it works. ...
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