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  1. Can I get a Lake kiss?

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    Sam going bonkers doesn't fit because she knows she has Jason's heart. Liz, on the other hand, was used by Jason twice....first time was when Sam had sex with Ric & the second time was when Sam kissed McBain. And Liz had to lie to Jason about Danny's DNA in order to hang on to him because she didn't stand a chance otherwise.
    Not true...Sam went bonkers before because of Jason and Elizabeth so it can very well happen again !
    for Sam they call them moments of weakness. ...
  2. One Question. How old is Kevin?

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    I don't really get the big deal about ages. I've had older friends all my life. I don't think they have to put the characters in a box based on their age. Maybe they're grouping these people by the fact that they're childless and/or single moreso than their age.
    You said a mouthful
  3. Is Jack really liar to himself or does he don't remember what happened

    Phyllis had cornered Kelly at her place of work and was going on and on trashing Kelly. That was her mission. Then Kelly had a chance to speak and she clarified what the relationship was about and that Jack had her move in they'd had a real commitment. At this point Kelly, who had not said a thing before and had allowed Jack to keep things a secret and be humiliated so Jack could protect Phyllis, finally spoke up. Phyllis couldn't handle learning the truth and then struck a very low blow by saying ...

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  4. PB (Jack) and EB (Victor) acting Gold!!

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    Loving grumpy Jack in something other than a suit, helpless in his hospital bed. When he said he'd like to swing a bedpan at Victor, I was howling!
    i love that line to but my favorite was from Victor "rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated...again!! Such a great nod to victors history of being presumed dead so much!
  5. Jake and Liz

    Who would like to see Liz and Jake (Jason) together again
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