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    Well its over so you can recover now. NO more Jamie and Cirsi ever ever again. . . . Hears the cheers one of them has been a chatn. Looks like everything other Jamie being here when Jamie jr dies is pretty accurate. Now let the fun begin.

    So my question for you is who is comming back from the day by the time book four ends

    Who is Joffery ral killers?

    Who is left to die in this book

    Who is John Snows parents
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    Cool ..........Yeah, the "inbreeding" in those days was quite prolific
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    Shae yeah theres goinng abe a mess depends on what they right but shes getting rewrite from her orgional way of going way. In the book spolier: she and brom testify he was behind jofferys deaths, then tyion kills her after find her with his dad, then kiss his dad. But I hear they are writing shays death to make it more heroic. Brienne and Jamie are certainly much closer than Jamie and Cirsi. Thought Brienne may pay a price for not getting Sana back. A back from the dead alert but who?

    And yes I saw the pics of Brieanne last year I wished i looked like her. Funny thing is listen to the dvd extras shes a girlie girl so some of the stuff she does is new and awkward for her.
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    I hope that Jaimie and Brienne of Tarth get together (have you seen pictures of her in real life?......she's drop dead gorgeous). I'm also wondering if Shae did board the ship?
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    Another wonderful blog!
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    And yes someone does a jail break to free the Imp but he will be on the run calling himself Kingsalyer even though hes innocnet. He is at war with Jamie and Cirsi at the end of the season all Lanniesters he wishes to kill expect for himself
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    They're the best thing on GH right now. It's a nobrainer how Julexis should be treated going forward, but I agree that in spite of their overwhelming popularity, it's going to be a wait and see situation. I hope the network and showrunners get a clue. They're the only reason I'm still watching.
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    Very enjoyable read. I agree with many of your comments. GH really seems to be floundering in direction and they've been handed this delightful lifeline in the form of Julexis. I hope they grab hold and let this amazing couple pull the show into a better ratings and story all around.