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    Yes. The new CEO. Big if factor. My comments about NLG/Alexis were based on air time not given even though she has so many fans clamoring for her. Now she is half of Julexis who has an army. Logic prompts me to ask why the disconnect between words of praise for NLG/WdV Alexis/Julian Julexis and lack of consistent air time. I do not get it. While the show is getting more watchable (except for the Nina factor that is) it is still pretty flat. The only time I am on the edge of my seat, fully engrossed is when Julexis and family are on, and I include Ava in the family part.

    Thanks again for all your hard work. You have made a very compelling case which makes me even more curious about the disappearance of a super couple like Julexis.
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    Thanks for your comment and for all those who read it, over 5000 just here so far! I spent three months researching it before I wrote it and am still doing more research including social media. Obviously other criteria for characters/pairings/story like focus groups and other means of feedback off social media is harder to assess. I don't think this regime dislikes Alexis or NLG at all. I think the opposite. The network CLEARLY loves her b/c she's doing a web series to help promote the show which will enter post-production soon. I also think ditto for Frank Valentini though he seems to really like NLG, I'm not exactly sure he supported Julexis including when he sent that tweet last October but...I give him the benefit of the doubt on that because he stepped up in March with his comments to NLG about feedback on the love scene and he did deliver on that. But he does have a lot of responsibility on his plate too.

    I think the show has issues in its writing that likely are unrelated to Julexis and more to do with actor Tony Geary's extended rehab from surgery which pushed a story arc I suspect was shorter than it will be now! But I think TG will be back to work soon as he looked really good in more recent photos of him. RC is busy focusing likely on Nina and the Jason rescue which I think will actually mirror Robin's rescue next year (hopefully avoiding the same pitfalls in story arc transition) and I think other stories probably will have to wait though I think Fluke's story will kick up soon enough. I suspect the sidelining of Fluke bumped Jason's story ahead of schedule. That's just how it looks to me as a viewer. Stuff like Milo/Epiphany's dating were I think filler put in because things like that don't require longer story arc planning.

    GH is entering a critical period overall. It's renewed annually and a new CEO as you read is coming in January to helm ABC Disney so little could change or a whole lot could change. Don't know how that will impact any story let alone Julexis.

    Someone spoke with Dan Kroll who heads this site and is a strong Julexis and NLG fan. He's really cool and was saying how many supporters the pairing has based on the feedback he gets. That was very nice of him.
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    What an amazing piece of work. Like you I keep shaking my head and asking why are they not given the air time they deserve? It has always been my feeling that someone in the executive suite really disliked Alexis or the actress who played her for whatever reason. I was hoping that was Frons. FV signed on to Julexis early on. RC did so in a lukewarm way later. So it is logical to wonder why they are basically cast aside for such long periods of time and who is responsible for that. You have laid out the facts so well and asked the logical question of why this most popular couple is absent from GH most of the time. It makes no sense unless it is personal and if it is it should not be. This couple is the key to increased ratings in all demos (as you pointed out). Right now the so-called key demo is bleeding viewers. I bet if they gave Julexis all the air time MS is getting things would turn around in a heartbeat.

    I hope ABC isn't too upset about it.
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