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  1. What's in a name?

    Well I don’t know about you, but my Tuesday totally sucked. Thanks to the polar vortex, my morning commute bloated to a whopping two hours and 15 minutes. Since my car was in park, I picked up my cell phone and perused Twitter only to be smacked in the face with the news that Alison Sweeney decided to leave DAYS.

    Excuse me, what? What?!? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I…can’t…wha….who….oh, man. This lacks ...

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  2. Why does Alexis gets a Mob Boss & Carly gets a Serial Killer?

    [QUOTE=Hyatt4Life;18908782][FONT=Georgia][SIZE=4]As a Carly fan I am terribly pissed off. And I am an Alexis ' fan too. Why of all of the men on the show in the past, and the present they had to put my girl Carly with a serial killer? You mean to tell me that either Ingo Rademacher or Ted King wasn't able to reprise their roles of Jasper Jacks and Lorenzo Alcazar respectively so that Carly could have been paired with either one of them instead of some broke arse serial killer who taunted her children? ...
  3. 48 reasons to watch days!

    Be it hanging Christmas bulbs on the Horton tree, or enjoying a bowl of Caroline’s chowder, Salem is no slouch when it comes to tradition. Your faithful Two Scoopers aren’t either! Ever since we were lucky enough to snag the job in 2007, we’ve honored the anniversary of DAYS’ first episode by counting down the reasons we love it (and can’t get enough of it). This November 8, DAYS turns a fabulous 48! So, grab a celebratory Irish Champaign and watch DAYS because…

    48. …nothing relieves ...

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  4. Halloween 2013 - Part 4

    Kayla Brady Johnson as Alicia Florrick from “The Good Wife”
    Estranged from her husband, this power lady still managed to hold up a demanding career and awesome hair.

    Mary, Harold, and Henderson as Cat Deeley from “So You Think You Can Dance”, Ryan Secrest from “American Idol”, and
  5. Halloween 2013- Part 3

    J.J. Deveraux as Hamlet

    The dude really thinks his mom moved on too fast with the wrong fella. And the visions in his head are probably going to drive him to cut people with poisoned swords.

    Cameron Davis as a 401K
    He’s got to gain interest somehow. This costume can’t hurt. ...

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