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  1. The new and improved Chad DiMera?

    Sometimes a Two Scoops column isn’t big enough for an exciting week on DAYS! Last week, we had a lot of love affairs to discuss, so I’ve taken to my blog to talk about the latest DiMera return. That would be Chad, and he’s no longer a hipster.

    To make this easier, I’m going to break it down into two parts -- casting and the character. I’ll start with the casting. Gone is lanky but dreamy Casey ...

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  2. Summer Lovin’: Super kids from supercouples

    When you’re the offspring of a grand love story, you better be ready to entertain us. We’re talking top hats, bowties, and jazz hands up and ready. Because, with your pedigree, we’re expecting a high level of soapy charm and general greatness. And we anticipate you’ll grow up and be part of a supercouple as well. No pressure, though. There are many, many kids that fell terribly short (looking at you, Stephanie Johnson!) But for those few that excelled, we salute you!

    1. Claire Brady ...
  3. Summer Lovin’: Love is lovelier the second (or third, or fourth) time around

    Love. It’s a soap staple. A simple tale, really. One Salemite meets another, sparks fly, and months (sometimes a year) later, fans rejoice when a pair of star-crossed kids finally become a legit couple. And then it happens -- just when everything looks up and wedding bells chime, things implode. Yep, that’s another soap staple.

    So, Queen sang, “Why can't we give love that one more chance?” We wondered that, too! Seriously, what normal couple couldn’t get past some of the little relationship ...

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  4. Summer Lovin’: What Might Have Been

    It’s the official first day of summer! Since we counted down the best of the evil last year with our Summer of Sinners, we thought it only fair to spread a little love this time around. So today we kick off the Summer Lovin’ blog series with a list of dream couples that never actually made it to couple-dom but sure should have! Spend some time thinking of what might have been if only...

    Carly Manning and Philip Kiriakis
    [IMG] ...
  5. What's in a name?

    Well I don’t know about you, but my Tuesday totally sucked. Thanks to the polar vortex, my morning commute bloated to a whopping two hours and 15 minutes. Since my car was in park, I picked up my cell phone and perused Twitter only to be smacked in the face with the news that Alison Sweeney decided to leave DAYS.

    Excuse me, what? What?!? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I…can’t…wha….who….oh, man. This lacks ...

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