1. Episode Two: Take Each Game As It Comes.

    Team Manager John Howard lies in a coma and the Turners wonder what the future holds when they learn that he could recover. As Jason flies into a blind panic, Amanda forces herself to remain ice-cool - one of them has to put on a convincing performance when the police turn up on the doorstep.

    Donna goes to visit her son, Daniel's adoptive mother, Nora Benton. Assuring a suspicious Nora of her good intentions, she presents her with a wad of cash and a Marlins shirt for Daniel. She ...
  2. Episode One: Getting A Result

    Former Stingray Quaterback, David Williams, is thrilled when he gets offered a place on the Marlins Football Team. Under normal circumstances, David's down-to-earth wife, Donna, would be in a blind panic at the prospect of finding a suitable outfit to wear to the party. Rather than puzzling over which shade of lip-gloss would best compliment her new dress, Donna's brain is preoccupied with the son she and Ian gave up for adoption nine years previously. Eaten up by curiosity, she's desperate to track ...
  3. Football Wives: The Series

    Football Wives
    Sex. Power. Greed. Revenge.
    Just another day in the lives of Football Wives
    Jason Turner
    Amanda Turner
    David Williams
    Donna Williams
    Kyle Lawson
    Shannon Lawson

    Recurring Characters
    Roberta Lawson
    John Howard
    Douglas Baxter
    Caitlin Ellis
    Mark Branson
    Janet Cleary

    Character Descriptions
    Jason Turner:
    A larger-than-life, natural born leader ...
  4. Send our thoughts and prayers to Newtown, Connecticut.

    Newtown Public Schools
    4 Fairfield Circle South
    Newtown, CT 06470

    Newtown Police Department
    3 Main Street
    Newtown, CT 06470

    Newtown Fire Department
    3 Primrose Street
    Newtown, CT 06470

    The above are the addresses in which you can send letters, cards, or anything else expressing your sentiments to those during this tragic time.

    Also, the city that I live in is doing something to honor those who lost ...
  5. Football Wives: The Series.

    I was on YouTube the other evening (it was when the boards were down) watching the BBC show Footballers Wives. While it was a bit much for me, I kept thinking why it was never made into a show here in the United States. Fortunately, I took it upon myself to do just that. The series is set to premiere in text right here on SOC July 6th. Take a look at the characters first.

    Continued in next post....................
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