1. All Things Allison

    I've been watching this soap for ages, beyond the dino years and never have I seen such an annoying amount of a character that I have no feelings for.

    This is Allison. She is the single most annoying character on this show. She's always confused, never sticks to any decision she makes and never stays with the one guy who has been there for her, day in and day out.

    Its no wonder we are losing this show. The writers are too busy catering to this one character to see what ...
  2. Soaps becoming a thing of the past

    As I write this, I am deeply concerned about the welfare of one of my all time favorite shows, As The World Turns.

    It was bad enough to hear about Guiding Light getting cancelled after 72 years but now the rumors are that ATWT will tank right behind it within the next year.

    I don't know what to say except why? Why ruin these fabulous shows, our heritage from our grandmothers, the characters that have so intricately been a part of our lives for so many years.