1. New Y&R Promo: Men Behaving Badly!!!!!!!

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    Thank you! Tyler seems to be a one note character to me... I get it already, he's suppose to ooze sexiness but,I find him obnoxious and smarmy.
    He was kind of smarmy when He first came on. His only function was to ogle Lily. I like his sibling solidarity. Love it when Leslie said something like, "He's got a big head, but the goods to carry it off." His interaction with Nick and a few other characters has shown him more relaxed, and maybe even fun. His bravado and "big head" are
  2. Sorry, but Lily and Tyler's Chemistry is stronger than what I see with her and Cane.

    I don't think that Lily has chemistry with anyone. She is just... there.
    Davetta's Lily had tons of chemistry with Graz's Daniel.