1. If you're Hispanic then you're not white

    I'm so sick of reading people's comments about Hispanics needing to be a certain color. As a Hispanic female I'm so sick that non-Hispanics demand more "diversity" from soaps which translates to "let's have sterotypical looking people for the part".

    Let's look at a few famous Hispanics.

    Martin Sheen, Emilo Estevez and Charlie Sheen
    http://www.topnews.in/usa/files/Charlie_Sheen.2jpg.jpg ...
  2. The baby crisis

    Is it me or do the writers end up having a character become pregnant when they (the writers) can't figure out what to do next with the character?

    What's worse is that once this is done typically within a few years that baby (well toddler) ends up aged to a teenager OR a young adult! Example, Michael (Quartermaine) Corinthos was born on December 29, 1997. Michael should be 11-years-old and in the 6th grade however the character was aged a year or so to meet the actor's age. Dylan Cash ...