1. really dislike what they did to shaun

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    I thought he was supposed to be this role model for TJ that his mother couldn't be. Now he is hiding his gun so TJ won't see him and running around for Sonny. I am just embarrassed for his character.

    That said, I never really liked his character, but I think recently it has been ruined.
    I like Shawn, but I wish they would give him more to do. Give him a love interest and some friends. Maybe he could become a cop instead of one of Sonny's henchmen.
  2. Mac talking to Frisco...

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    How did Mac get access to Frisco and make a phone call so easily? Plus, they weren't exactly the best of friends as early as Feb of this year. For years NO ONE could get a hold of Frisco, even for Tony's funeral.

    Good question. However, I wish RC would allow Frisco to talk with Maxie. If Frisco can talk with Mac and Ana, he could easily talk with Maxie as well.