1. Game of Thrones the spoliers for those of you who want to know

    Im going to do give out spoliers for those who want so if you dont want dont read. And im not going to give it all away just some stuff to make you dig so if you are not intersted done read past here

    Week of - 4-15 GOT spoilers and tidbits

    At least 4 I am sure one I am not deaths to come in this book one will be a rewrite according to hbo which is just wrong. And some who are dead may actually live.

  2. Now THAT'S the old Greenlee!

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    I know right? Greenlee mad at Ryan and not following him like a sick puppy dog. I had to look outside my window to see any signs of flying monkeys........
    As someone who started out as a LeoGreens then rendall, then rylee thrn alee fan I wish to say this. It's good to have the "real" Green Butterfly. I jumped for at the site of greens wanted to nuke thr Ryerica monster into oblivion. Now seeing bits of the new promo I think its safe to say finally he will get what ...