1. Never underestimate the "Ewww" factor

    I wish it was a warning that writers heeded more often. If they did I would be spared the following storylines.

    The first "ewwww" factor award goes to the whole Bianca/Reese/Zach love triangle.

    Know why I don't like Reese? Cause Reese is the kind of person who clearly has trouble committing - to relationships, children and even her own sexuality. Yet there she is, committing to all three despite obvious issues.

    Her struggles with her parents would probably ...
  2. When did the bedroom become taboo?

    Has anyone else noticed the new trend for soap couples to have sex everywhere but in the bedroom?

    When exactly did the bedroom become taboo?

    As a mother with children, I can tell you that the LAST place I would have sex is in the middle of my living room.

    I don't care if my kids were out of the country - I would not risk the remote possibility of them walking in on me.

    Yet not only are Gigi and Rex (OLTL) constantly getting hot and heavy in the ...
  3. GH's lack of committment to couples

    As a long time viewer of soaps, I'm resigned to the fact that no couple will ever live happily ever after. It's a soap and, sadly, happily ever afters are boring.

    However, I do expect my couple to at least have a period of happiness before they are ripped apart. Liason has never been given that opportunity.

    The problem seems to be Brian Frons. For whatever reason, he doesn't like this pairing and is constantly trying to pull them apart.

    A few years ago, ...