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  1. The Dankies

    It is officially that time of year again, time for you, the soap fans, to pick the best of the year gone by in our world of soaps. The 2013 Dankies, soapcentral.com's Awards, are open for your nominations to help select the best actors, storylines, and more from the past twelve months.

    Before you cast your nominations, please remember that this is not just about your favorites. This is your chance to help honor the best of the best. There are several categories where you can vote for ...
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  2. Who is the most romantic couple in daytime history?

    This week on Soap Central Live, I'll be chatting with some real-life and reel-life couples for our special Valentine's Day episode. They'll share their personal romance tips, and look at how lucky or unlucky in love their soap alter egos have been.

    Who do you think is the most romantic couple in daytime history? I'd like to hear your choices and explanations on why you picked who you picked. I'll be reading your responses and I might read some of them on-air.

    Soap Central ...

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  3. Oprah celebrates the soaps

    Oprah is airing a special soap opera spectacular on Wednesday. Since Oprah has made a big deal about only wanting to do meaningful stories in her final series... I'm curious what you guys think.

    Is Oprah saying goodbye to her daytime friends that she's shared timeslots with for the past 25 years? Is she trying to boost interest in the soaps? Is this her eulogy for soaps? Or is sometimes a show just a show -- with no ulterior motives.

  4. Congrat to DAYS on its renewal

    Good news, soap fans. Days of our Lives will continue to air at least through September 2013. That's much better than the announcement back in 2007 that DAYS would be off the air by 2009!

  5. One Life to Live event at SAG Foundation in NYC

    I had the opportunity to attend a panel discussion at the SAG Foundation in New York City on Tuesday evening -- and it was a very nice evening. David A Gregory, Kristen Alderson, Sean Ringgold, Florencia Lozano, Kassie DePaiva, Hillary B. Smith, and Frank Valentini were all in attendance.

    The purpose of the event was to tell SAG members about the soap opera genre, offer advice on getting a big break or work in the acting industry, and the like. It was not a "Who was your favorite co-star?" ...
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