1. Oh Abby.....(HOT SPOILER)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by newattitude View Post it EJ or is it Eric?
    Well, she'd be out of her depth with Nicole too.
    it would be one sided EJ doesn't want that twit besides no one would tune in to see Abby with EJ fans had enough of that with Taylor it stunk big time ejami helped days ratings Abby is a total bore and would sink ratings days has enough of the Horton family with jennier jj with Daniel added in the mix Abby would sink them futher sorry this is noting for us ejami fans we've been through ...
  2. Sami is free and EJAMI were HOTTTTT

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    Sweet mercy,were they ever!!!!!I Loved every second!
    I agree 100% tea,I were so amazing and sexy !!!!!