1. Propping and Throwing Under the Bus v. Just Poor Story Telling

    I posted this in the Days of Our lives thread, but I think the sentiment really applies to many Soaps these days.
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    I see the words "propping," "sacrifice," "thrown under the bus," and similar terms re characters all the time, most recently regarding Carly and Kayla.

    As a fan of both characters, I see it differently. Whether the writers’ intention is to favor one character over another or simply create a new rivalry, I think they do a disservice

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  2. Books

    I will not give you up.

    I will not have you replaced by changeable, cold, soulless digital facsimiles.

    Donít get me wrong, Iím no Luddite. Take away my internet and I canít make dinner reservations or find a movie time. But I remain fast. The experience of reading you cannot be provided by a screen.

    So no, I donít care to download your content. I want to feel your aged thin pages, your shape, and the weight of your form in my hand. The experience of a book ...
  3. An Open Letter to the Movie Industry

    Dear Movie Execs:

    Please Stop Strip-Mining My Childhood!!!!!!! I am asking you as nicely as I can to please stop taking the beloved cinematic masterpieces of my youth and divesting them of all the charm, wit and creativity they possess and ďre-makingĒ them as hollow facades of the originals.

    Clash of the Titans was EPIC in the best and most ironic sense of the word. Sure, it was a mishmash of mythology that ended with Andromeda chained to a rock wearing sparkly ...