1. PB (Jack) and EB (Victor) acting Gold!!

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    Loving grumpy Jack in something other than a suit, helpless in his hospital bed. When he said he'd like to swing a bedpan at Victor, I was howling!
    i love that line to but my favorite was from Victor "rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated...again!! Such a great nod to victors history of being presumed dead so much!
  2. Bad Special Effects

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    That model airplane was really hokey! I would think there would be some sort of stock footage available.
    its a soap opera guys not a movie you shouldn't expect movie style special effects
  3. CK/Lily's wrist tattoo-Mystery of original Mariah solved

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    The tats are not even the same tats.

    There is no proof anywhere that CK was going to play a doppelganger.
    That was all speculation only - started on this site - by one poster (I won't name the poster).
    Just goes to show how rumors start.

    Another doppelganger/double would have put me on another hiatus.
    I still can't believe the sci-fi we had with: Emily/Patty and Sara/Lauren stuff.
    Adam having Gabriel's face is enough to deal with. Anyone able