1. PC's Serial Killer

    So over on the boards, there has been some discussion about what event we would like to see on GH next.

    I am all for a good, honest, real serial killer storyline.

    The caveat that I made on the board that a serial killer storyline should include the following:

    1 - Killing characters that have actual history on the show. Who cares if a brand new waitress at Kelly's or bartender at Jake's is offed as the first few victims? But if you lose someone with a long ...
  2. If Thorston is leaving AMC - - -

    So it appears that Thorston is really leaving AMC.

    Good for him, he chose family over AMC. Makes him a good guy in my bood.

    Suppose ABC wants to hang on to him and offers him a return to OLTL?

    Can Patrick come back? Should he?

    Thorston has already played Patrick's twin brother, Ian, on the defunct soap PORT CHARLES. It was stated on screen that he was, in fact, Patrick's twin so this is not a stretch on my part.

    I would suggest ...
  3. No Quick GH Fix But These Are Starters

    GH is driving me crazy!

    I have watched this show since Jessie was jail for Phil Brewer's murder and it has never been such a mess.

    We can't always live in the past, so maybe it is time to take some bold steps to move this show forward.

    My list??

    This doesn't mean losing all the characters within the mob story. It just means moving them on.

    I would suggest a year or so with Sonny actually in ...