1. 48 reasons to watch days!

    Be it hanging Christmas bulbs on the Horton tree, or enjoying a bowl of Carolineís chowder, Salem is no slouch when it comes to tradition. Your faithful Two Scoopers arenít either! Ever since we were lucky enough to snag the job in 2007, weíve honored the anniversary of DAYSí first episode by counting down the reasons we love it (and canít get enough of it). This November 8, DAYS turns a fabulous 48! So, grab a celebratory Irish Champaign and watch DAYS becauseÖ

    48. Önothing relieves ...

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  2. Halloween 2013 - Part 4

    Kayla Brady Johnson as Alicia Florrick from ďThe Good WifeĒ
    Estranged from her husband, this power lady still managed to hold up a demanding career and awesome hair.

    Mary, Harold, and Henderson as Cat Deeley from ďSo You Think You Can DanceĒ, Ryan Secrest from ďAmerican IdolĒ, and
  3. Halloween 2013- Part 3

    J.J. Deveraux as Hamlet

    The dude really thinks his mom moved on too fast with the wrong fella. And the visions in his head are probably going to drive him to cut people with poisoned swords.

    Cameron Davis as a 401K
    Heís got to gain interest somehow. This costume canít hurt. ...

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  4. Summer of Sinners: Top 10 Most Sinister Sinners

    All soaps need villains. And DAYS had some of the best, most sinister mo-fos out there. Weíre not talking just rookie blackmail and love triangle scheming. No, we mean a list of people whose redeeming qualities are the equivalent of the nice paint job on the Titanic. Luckily, these are people that we love to hate, played by some of the best talent Salemís ever seen. So, to wrap up our Tour de Evil on this last official day of summer, letís take a look at the Top 10 Most Sinister Sinners. Weíll ...

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  5. Parentsí Worst Nightmares: Salemís Biggest Problem Children

    This is the time of year when kids put away their summer scrapbooks and reopen textbooks. Unsurprisingly, this is a joyous time of year for certain parents. Mainly, those who were with spirited children. We all love our little darlings, of course. But sometimes, itís those other darlings that really need a good long stint in time out. So, in honor of the back-to-school season and our Summer of Sinners, your faithful Two Scoops columnists now present to you the Top 10 Problem ...

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