1. What's in a name?

    Well I don’t know about you, but my Tuesday totally sucked. Thanks to the polar vortex, my morning commute bloated to a whopping two hours and 15 minutes. Since my car was in park, I picked up my cell phone and perused Twitter only to be smacked in the face with the news that Alison Sweeney decided to leave DAYS.

    Excuse me, what? What?!? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I…can’t…wha….who….oh, man. This lacks ...

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  2. Halloween 2013 - Part 2

    Jordan Ridgeway as Ghoul Girl Chloe Lane

    Oh, gross! She’s so not pretty to look at. Yuk. It’s a shame that she won’t ever be a good-looking girl.

    Nick Fallon as Dr. Leonard Hofstadter from “The Big Band Theory”

    Who knows? Maybe he’ll actually enjoy being a nice geek ...

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  3. Halloween 2013 - Part 1

    Hope Brady and Marlena Evans as Max Black and Caroline Channing from “2 Broke Girls”

    If you’re forced to start over basically on your own, you might as well do it with a bestie.

    Gabriella Hernandez as Alan from “The Hangover”

    Her terrible, horrible judgment gets everyone ...

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  4. Summer of Sinners: Schemers We Love

    While the characters on this list are all criminals, these baddies don't revel in schadenfreude. Nope, they’re more goal-oriented villains, if you will. They protect the innocent, get revenge on legitimate targets, land that special someone, or just steal an honest living. These bad guys have a cause we can mostly support and a spunk that we certainly admire!

    Craig and Nancy Wesley
    (Craig: 1997; 1998-2003; 2005; 2009
    Nancy: 1998-2003; 2013)
    [IMG] 5%3EWSNRCG%3D3952998%3B5532%3Cnu0mrj ...

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  5. DAYS’ Top 10 Wicked Hot Witches and Short-Lived Villainesses! (Part 1)

    Welcome back to the Summer of Sinners! Last month, we blogged about some of Salem’s “Hunky Henchman And Other Dodgy DAYS Guest Star Baddies.” Well, naughty girls need blogs too. So, now we’re focusing our Two Scoop powers on those wild women and witches who’ve raised some hell in Salem.

    Of course, not every villainess -- or, as we like to call them, “misunderstood ladies” -- can reach the über status of Vivian, Kristen, Kate, Sami, or Nicole. Still, that doesn’t negate the evil deeds ...

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