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  1. Wednesday 3rd October 2015

    No Daniel! No Fast Forwarding!

    Flashing back to Serenaís ugly dress and punching Chad. Heís having a coffee and a reporter want to interview him. He says no comment and the guy shouts after him, causing a scene. Cop turns up and says Rafe wants to speak to him again. Rafe wants a DNA sample, which Chad agrees to because he doesnít want to appear guilty. It matches the blood on the serviette. Serena croaked it around 2.45am, and doesnít the Square have CCTV? Justin comes in and ...
  2. Tuesday 1st September 2015

    Jumpy show today. Lots happens, but I didnít fast forward at all!

    Danielís here and wants to know if he missed himÖ NOPE. Heís here to break the news about Serena to Nicole, who works in TV news, so this is kind of ridiculous. Nicole feels terrible. Oh wow, Milesí is an actual cast character, not just someone behind a phone. He wants her to exploit her relationship with Eric to get a story on Serena and she refuses. Daniel tries to butt in with his 2 cents worth (SHUT UP!) and then ...
  3. Monday 31st August 2015

    Repeat of New Improved Surly Joey getting off the lift followed by long-lost daddy. Kayla gives Steve a Look and heís all DONíT SMOTHER THE KID and sheís all DONíT TELL ME HOW TO PARENT, ABSENT FATHER! And goes back to smothering him. Lol, she does actually call him an absentee father. Surly Joe goes to get a drink so that mommy and daddy can fight and Steveís all can we do this not in the middle of the hospital? They go to her office and heís all UR a BRADY now, and she looks like sheís trying ...
  4. Friday 28th August 2015

    Jumping ahead because IMPORTANT THINGS HAPPEN TODAY and Iíve decided I donít want to be spoiled. Wow, the quality is better, isnít it!

    John waxes lyrical about how awesome it is working with with Hope which is redic considering he slept with her at least once, and I think was married to her too? Roman is being a dick and lecturing John, which really comes at patronising. Hope and Aiden are investigating and she was strangled with a necktie. They rule out Xander because heís in jail ...
  5. People's DAYS 50th Anniversary Preview

    Quote Originally Posted by bodywash View Post
    Correction: just saw a HD screen cap of the Ben/Abby tell me you love scene and Ben looks hurt.
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