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  1. Tuesday 15th September

    Abby's all WTF dude, what the hell do you mean tracking app? He's all CAVEMAN SMASH Y U NO LOVE ME LIKE CHAD RAAAAH! Abby bangs on and on and ON about trust and look, I'm the first to think the app was stalky as hell, and I'm firmly a member of "Ben is a weirdo creep" brigade, and am also waving a Chabby flag, but ABBY CHEATED ON HIM. She's really not in a position to lecture anyone on trust.

    The feed crapped out on me at the 20 minute mark. So frustrating. But I found some ...
  2. Monday 14th September

    I'm so far behind, and my feed is choppy as hell, so you get a few choice comments and that's it.

    And what the hell is Abby wearing? Kind of looks like she's forgotten pants again.

    Chad's photo in the paper he's doing a Mr Burns pose which is hilar.

    Clyde has jumped straight to the very familiar "Jenn" from "Ms Horton." He offered to give Abby away since Jack is dead, and Jenn is all HELL NAW.

    JJ's unabomber disguise is ...
  3. Did Caro Tell ALL? ???

    Quote Originally Posted by GimmeABreak View Post
    News conference broke in during the last minute or two. All I know is that she told about the drugged sex and not WHO or that she is preggers.

    Did Ridge's head explode???

    Of all the times for a news conf to start... and I'm a news junkie, but.... arghhhh.
    Caroline told Ridge it was Thomas and Ridge say my son Caroline crys and Ridge looked stunned
  4. Michael and Morgan need to back off!

    Quote Originally Posted by heatherlynn View Post
    Ava's worse then sonny
    I agree. I'm on Michael and Morgan's side. Ava said flat out that Sonny can't have her "She's mine!" Avery's not a pet, and after Ava just betrayed her other daughter, she doesn't deserve Avery.
  5. Help

    Is there anyway to block a thread ?
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