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  1. The INVASION of the Avants!!!!

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    I'm with you ElleBrock! One is too many Avants for this viewer! And I hear there are more to come....
    Oh no, why are the writers bent on pushing these characters down our throats, just not a fan of Maya or Nicole.
    i don't hate the just dint find them interesting at all.
  2. Friday 3rd July 2015

    Aidan/Hope, talking about Clyde… I wonder if Clyde offs Aidan? It appears Hope raided Abby’s wardrobe for her white sleeveless top. Her patriotic nails are cute. These two are so sweet. I wish they were getting married and playing happy families with the kids, maybe they could have been the central family. Sigh. Oh heeeeeeeere’s Clyde! Bam bam bam bachoo bam bam bam.

    Sonny, WHAT CRACK ARE YOU SMOKING? Its not your fault Will decided not to sow wild oats and wanted to settle down ...
  3. Speculation of a Hitman suing for custody of a child

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    Because, this time, Liz's betrayal directly affects Jason. I'm sure Sam, Monica & Carly will make Liz's life a living hell too.
    Yeah, but to other people's point that it would be OOC (although that means nothing under RC) for Jason to take away a child from its mother, then I can see Monica suing for custody. Jakeson could move into the Q mansion to be with his son. I'm not saying this could or would happen, but it's a story that can be spun.
    its not a story that I am interested in ...
  4. Thursday 2nd July 2015

    Marlena/Will/Sonny/Paul – Sorry Marlena, I can’t deal with Whingin’ Will Horton. Fast forward! Marlena is calling it a ‘pattern’ and suggesting therapy – she’s probably right but a divorce is inevitable IMO. Writers, PLEASE give Marlena something else to do so I don’t have to keep fast forwarding. More of the same with Paul/Sonny, though Paul has come to an epiphany that he needs to sow his wild oats before settling down and couldn’t have married Sonny when he asked… hence why Will is a dick who ...
  5. Wednesday 1st July 2015

    Jenn/Eve/Theresa/Anne - the paed has a bumpit ub too. Anne’s already sprung Theresa for the keys. Don’t they have FOI in the US? Theresa can just ask for Tate’s file, she’s his mother, they have to give it to her. Didn’t Jenn get told off for barging in without knocking last week? Oh the pretty ring is a present from Shane? I call BS, it looks like an engagement ring. I wonder if its KDP’s, I doubt the props dept can even afford a CZ version. Eve’s advice is interesting… are we laying out the ...
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