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  1. Phyllis plots vengeance on Jack via Kelly (merged)
  2. Who will 'hook up' with someone first : Nick or Sharon?
  3. What will Victoria and ??? name their baby girl? (merged)
  4. So... Leslie & Tyler Just Dropped Off the Face of the Earth
  5. If you could bring back 2 characters who've been written out..? (Not killed)
  6. Adam has Gabriel's face? How, why, and what's in it for Sage? (merged)
  7. I DON'T Feel Sorry for NEIL... DO YOU!??
  8. Jack has become the real loser
  9. Who fathered Victoria's baby girl?
  10. Which ACTOR/ ACTRESS do you miss the most?
  11. Sets, hair, costumes etc for week of 11/17 (split)
  12. How will Adam return to GC to clear his name?
  13. They dangled Nick and Sharon in front of me just to snatch them away.. (merged)
  14. does Jack really love Phyllis
  15. Who do you want Jack with?
  16. Scott Elrod has been added to the opening credits!
  17. Devon - Devon. I can't believe he is going to let Colin Blackmail him
  18. Billy's reaction toward seeing the baby
  19. Joe and recently single Sharon? (merged)
  20. Victor calling Nikki "Baby"
  21. If you wrote Y&R...Who would be together after the fallout of current SLs?
  22. SPOILER: Thanksgiving Week Spoilers via mags and CBS (update #70)
  23. If Sage is Constance's Niece
  24. Love that Nick and Dylan are acting like brothers
  25. Sharon and Avery Wednesday (merged)
  26. Nick to Sharon today.
  27. At least Dylan is on Sharon's side
  28. Can law partners face eachother in court? Re: Avery & Michael
  29. Awww Kevin is such a good bro
  30. Will Dylan turn to Sharon? (merged)
  31. Kevin's writing project?
  32. "Precious Snowflake Summer"
  33. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE Wednesday Thursday USA
  34. Adam is NOT on enough!
  35. There is something About Avery (not good thing)
  36. Go ahead and spill
  37. Do you think Vicky will wait to name the baby
  38. Where is Alex Perez?!
  39. I still think they should have went w/ Hillary and Jack
  40. Nicki's alcoholism - and the family's enabling
  41. Devon should stand his Ground
  42. Waiting on the Jack/Kelly/Phyllis drama to Turn Up
  43. Can we please see Michael's story more than once a week?
  44. does anyone feel sorry for Devon
  45. HAHAHAHA!! Avery tried to slam a swinging door!!!
  46. Nick's attitude with Sharon makes no logical sense (merged)
  47. Who's your favorite character?
  48. Your Y&R Christmas List. What do you want to happen by 12/25/14?
  49. After 20+ Years I am on Team Sharon
  50. What if nuAdam and Sharon have chemistry.....
  51. A character's one true love
  52. Kevin's Writing
  53. Will Victor change the test?
  54. Speculation:Sage and Constance are playing Adam
  55. Summer Should Still Be Jack's
  56. Potential umbrella business story over Joe's project. Which sides will people take?
  57. GLORIA and MAUREEN friendship?
  58. LiveThread 11/20/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  59. no, no Nick! not Grace!
  60. Will Maureen be the next Baby Snatcher?
  61. Victor and Nikki berate Maureen, Maureen leaves the hospital (merged)
  62. Remember when Devon was so judgmental of everybody
  63. I can not waite for Niki to get exposed for drinking.
  64. I bet Sharon will be the one who catches Nikki
  65. Jack's made things much worse :
  66. Nick and Summer
  68. Why Can't Victor Drink Cider Too?
  69. Liking Lily Lately
  70. Does Victoria's baby have a name yet?
  71. Jill, Harding, Collin, Other guy
  72. Katherine's Will
  73. Jennifer Gareis: Donna or Grace?
  74. So Nick has to be Victoria's deciding ''baby daddy'' factor?
  75. Y&R Was A Comedy Today!
  76. maureen, stitch and kelly story
  77. Where is Nick going?
  78. Phyllis and Summer: Totally RED! (merged)
  79. for those who watch Days and Y&R: Kristen or Ashley?
  80. A Good Reason Victoria should take Billy Back???
  81. The Newman's Are Unredeemable Creatures
  82. Joe Clark.... Just all speculation on my part
  83. Where is Chavez?
  84. Will Lauren cheat on Michael with Joe?
  85. Pure Speculation.....regarding Sharon/Nick/Grace
  86. Will Michael tell Lauren he has cancer before he starts treatments?
  87. Rumors and spoilers
  88. ARTICLE: Interview with Michelle Stafford, ex-Phyllis
  89. LiveThread 11/21/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  90. Confused about Grace
  91. Noah sticks up for Sharon to Nick and the Newmans (merged)
  92. I like Ashley but she was out of line today
  93. How exactly did Austin pay for his crimes?
  94. How do you think Kelly will react to Jacks admission of his love for Phyllis?
  95. The two dud parties
  96. Nick "loses" Summer for a year, hates everyone, Jack loses her for 18 isn't that mad
  97. What do you think the rest of the twist is in Sharon's secret?
  98. Nick's ritzy Bingham adjacent dog infested vacay rental (merged)
  100. Loved Kelly's "machete" comment and her witchy/giddy laugh
  101. Nick goes away to get away from his anger
  102. speculation when devon and hilery are exposed .......
  103. Anybody think that Phyllis is just toying with Jack
  104. Why did Victoria refuse to get a paternity test?
  105. The dog that greeted Nick looks liked Villy's dog.
  106. SPOILER: PROMO: An Axe to Grind
  107. I need some history on Phyllis
  108. LOL. Adam 'trying' to lift weights!
  109. SPOILER: SOC spoilers 11/24/14
  110. Summer and Noah: Your Mom is worse, No your Mom is!!! Abby had the best line today!!!
  111. Good time for Kyle to return
  112. It seems everyone in GC is a Villy fan- (minus TEVN of course)
  113. More home scenes
  114. Is Devon and Hillary are about to get caught again!!This is the worse affair ever.
  115. Ages of Summer, Fen, Reed
  116. Victor and babies
  117. Will Nikki stop drinking now that Maureen's gone?
  118. The writers need to do something different with the character of Nick
  119. If Sharon end up pregnant do you think Nick will try to seek custody of the baby too?
  120. Don Diamont son playing Quarterback for Indiana at Ohio State now on Big 10 Network
  121. Did Austin seem very concerned about Kyles involvement with Summer?
  122. Servants
  123. Sage has the same demeanor as Sky.
  124. Spec: What happens after Hilary and Devon's affair is revealed? (merged)
  125. Abby is finally coming around
  126. Gina's Phyllis and Michael Graziadei's Daniel
  127. Who is Amy?