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  1. Do we have a super couple or one in making at the moment?
  2. Characters you used to like and now you don't
  3. Did Fack really send money to Marissa??
  4. Who is your favorite character? Least favorite?
  5. Victor and Colleen's heart.
  6. Hair, Costumes, and Sets for week of 6/29 (merged)
  7. Inconsistencies in writing
  8. Lack of support for rape victim Avery
  9. Peter Bergman: Stellar Performance
  10. Does Victor know he shot Jack, not Marco? (merged)
  11. Loose Children or Dad, Does Victoria deserve to Keep Her Kids
  12. Marisa in the mix of Noah & Adam
  13. Sharon off meds could be the story line that Mariah needs
  14. If My Husband was in a coma...
  15. Jack's living will
  16. Is Marco gone for good or will he be in another Sheila scenario and keep returning?
  17. Victor Newman - annoying and evil or compelling and redeemable? (merged)
  18. Mom, What the Hell is Wrong With You?
  19. SPOILER: SOD re: Lily & Cane
  20. GCPD botches evidence collection in Avery and Jack's cases (merged)
  21. Since there is no loyalty among thieves, Should Gabe Stab VN in the back?
  22. ? re Phylliss
  23. Gabe and Sage's hospital exchange
  24. Adam's smug attitude with his former victim Ashley
  25. Bogus DNA test
  26. SPOILER: Devon and Hillary Spoiler
  28. Where have I seen "Marissa" before Y&R?
  29. Its TOO soon for Noah to move on with Marisa
  30. RATINGS - Week of June 22 - 26
  31. I like Noah because he respectfully disagreed with Nick
  32. Casting question
  33. SPOILER: Promo: Confessions, New Love and Jealousy
  34. Do you like Marisa!?
  35. LiveThread for 12:30E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE
  36. SPOILER: SOD nuggets for next week
  37. Lily apologizes to Hillary and Devon! Hillary makes a "Girl PLEASE" face!
  38. Paul needs to get TOUGHER!
  39. To our American neighbors
  40. It sure must be nice to live in Genoa City!
  41. Why does Victor keep high-priced lawyers...........
  42. Tracy Abbott should be the new matriarch of GC!
  43. Missing the 4th of July Episodes in Chancellors!
  44. Is Ashley playing Stitch?
  45. Why was victor so intent on making jack suffer?
  46. Marissa "introduced" to Gabe
  48. Confuse on something - didn't Jack out Gabe as Adam?
  49. Oh those Newman girls.....don't know what to think.
  50. Phyllis Leaves Victor alone with Jack!
  51. Gotta admit, Adam serving up Victor was well played & written
  52. Paternity Test Errors
  53. SPOILER: SOC spoilers - Week of July 6 .. & .. DTR
  54. Fireworks in Chancellor Park
  55. Help, How did I miss the day Marco went into the Lake
  56. WOW...Stich is REALLY Full of HIMSELF!!!!!
  57. Marisa and Mariah question
  58. What's with Vicky? The ol' switch-a-roo with her personality???
  59. I really like gabe/adam..anyone else ?
  60. Why doesn't Phyllis get the doc who got her out of a coma to help Jack?
  61. The envelope
  62. Circumstances of Brad Carlton's death
  63. I need help: episodes aired in 1994
  64. So what exactly was the point of Ashleys surgery?
  65. Noah & Lily share a scene!
  66. Charlie and Maddie are adorable