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  1. Is Ian faking his death? Speculation only
  2. SPOILER: Fall is Here for Y&R - What are you most anticipating? (May contain spoilers)
  3. ARTICLE: Original Cast Member Returns to Y&R
  4. ARTICLE: Kelly Sullivan (ex- Connie/Kate, GH) joins Y&R as "Sage"
  5. Sets, hair, costumes etc for week of 9/8
  6. Why can't Hilarie really love Neil
  7. Is Victor really that stupid?? Can't he tell Nikki is drunk??
  8. Adrienne frantz (amber moore)
  9. Victor Is An Idiot Thinking That Nick Would Be Mad At Sharon Forever.
  10. Is it possible Ben and Kelly's mom is DeeDee's killer
  11. I'm over Mariah's attitude... (merged)
  12. Can we utilize Christine a bit better please!
  13. Phyliss needs to give Sharon a pass, like the one she wanted from Christine (merged)
  14. Do you think Kelly was sexually abused?
  15. His stay was too darn short!
  16. Billy and Hillary pairing?
  17. Billy & Chelsea -- cat and mouse game
  18. Mariah and Kevin
  19. SPOILER: Return of Y&R cast member{MERGED}
  20. OMG, Devon give Hilary some breathing room.
  21. Nick & Sharon are being selfish - Mariah has a right to be angry and hurt
  22. Paul to Dylan: I'm taking you in for questioning
  23. Shick - Heartbreaking
  24. Mariah throwing water in Abby's face
  26. Nick's romantic proposal - love it! (merged)
  27. SPOILER: SOC's spoilers: Week of September 15 .. & .. DTR
  28. The struggle in the stairwell...you be the judge!
  29. Will Phyllis be more upset about Nick and Sharon, or Jack and Kelly?
  30. Think Sharon Hallucinated that she changed test results and Summer really is Jack's
  31. Mariah/Kevin Age Difference
  32. How will Chelsea react when she sees Adam?
  33. How Long Will it Take for Sharon's Lies to be revealed?
  34. Y&R casting is really nailing it these days
  35. Just a quick guidelines and policies refresher... :)
  36. A Murder Mystery/Serial Killer S/L
  37. Phyllis is TERRIFYING
  38. St. Noah the mediator
  39. Two Scoops: Family ties are not for the faint at heart
  40. Bring back Dru...
  41. Nick doesn't deserve Sharon or Phyllis at all
  42. Victor vs Everyone
  43. Week of 9/15: Sets, hair, costuming, make up etc
  44. Silent extras.... Just crazy.
  45. SPOILER: Casting News
  46. LiveThread 9/15/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  47. Am I the only one who doesn't care about Vicki's baby or wtd is?
  48. SMH Thread - Week of September 15
  49. Loved Sharon's and Victor's reaction to Nikki embracing Nick and Sharon!
  50. SPOILER: Fen and ____ spoiler?
  51. Shick's love scene - just WOW!
  52. Reasons I wouldn't want to move to GC..
  54. Abby, is she for real?
  55. Wow, did I hear Vicky say she feels bad for Sharon?
  56. Loved Noah Today
  57. So, no more Hand?
  58. SPOILER: Casting Call for another NEW character for Y&R
  59. Regarding the outside shots
  60. LiveThread 9/16/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  61. Kevin and Mariah Tuesday (merged)
  62. Sudden Sisterly Bond & Potential Rivalry!??
  63. Lauren asks Michael to see a marriage counselor - not a doctor!
  64. Cassie's death
  65. SPOILER: Justin Hartley's (Adam) debut date
  67. Why does everyone in GC call Mariah a Newman?
  68. The Fisher/ Baldwins great television!
  69. The Previews!
  70. Uh oh...Michael & Avery have the same brief case
  71. LOL. I'm sorry, but I don't know how anyone can take nick seriously.
  72. Loving the new Phyllis!!!
  73. What happened to Leslie, Tyler and Dr. Barton
  74. Contacting Y&R's production company
  75. Y&R Promo: ~ Phyllis Returns! ~
  76. Looking forward to the day that Hilary cheats on Devon... and she will.
  77. LiveThread 9/17/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  78. I'm surprised Mariah is not the least bit interested in her twin Cassie
  79. loving the new Billy
  80. Neil wants a divorce
  81. Hillary and Devon get it on---finally! Yay! (merged)
  82. Chelsea and Billy agree to explore the relationship
  83. Hillary and Devon story line is really getting on my nerves. Neil deserves better.
  84. Ian Ward... This gift that keeps on giving
  85. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE Wednesday - Thursday USA
  86. Any bets on where Vicki's baby will be born? Hospital, anyone?
  87. Not if, but when, Vicki's baby's DNA test is altered, who will do it? My guess is...
  88. The writers really messed up with Devon and Hilary.
  89. Is Paul's Son Being Thrown Under the Bus?
  90. Jill, Colin, Esther and Tyler removed from opening credits?
  91. Whats the point of Sharon seeing Cassie again?
  92. Does the excessive use of last names bother anyone else?
  93. Maureen's purpose
  94. Is Jack acting his Age?
  95. Song on 9/17 Show
  96. Avery was on fire with Dylan and Paul
  97. Coffee House Waitress???