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  1. Jamie
  2. Can't wait for Kelly and Phyllis to go head to head!! It's coming...
  3. I can't wait to see Summer vs. Sharon
  4. SHICK Tuesday - bringing sexy back! (merged)
  5. Chloe, the high and mighty unsufferable b.tch who keeps on giving...
  6. Lily is somewhat jealous of Hilary.
  7. Kelly reveals Stitch's secret: "You Killed a MAN!" - who was it? (merged)
  8. Why, Leslie, WHY?/Leslie tells Neil she is MARRIED! (merged)
  9. Does anybody know whose running for Nuadam?
  10. Will Adam Show Up At His Own Memorial Service?
  11. ARTICLE: CASTING: The Young and the Restless hires an OB/GYN
  12. Hilary and Neil kiss
  13. SPOILER: SOC's spoilers: Week of April 14 .. the next week & DTR
  14. not one ounce of sympathy from Victor's other children over the loss of his son
  15. "Couple Overhaul"? (merged)
  16. Chloe said that Delia died alone.....
  17. Victoria and Stitch
  18. Chloe finally cut the last thread.
  19. Chelsea had better not go to B&B!
  20. What is Missing on Y&R these days is "Heart"
  21. Too bad Noah and Cassie are related
  22. Why would Jack disrespect Summer's feelings for Kelly?
  23. Devon/Hilary/Neil
  24. It's an AMC reunion on Y&R today!! :)
  25. Caroline and Rick Forrester's crossover visit from B&B (merged)
  26. Lecherous Old Man - Neil
  27. Is Kyle Coming Back?
  28. Chloe's Exit
  29. Victoria and her 8th grade behavior
  30. Is Colin plotting to kill Jill?
  31. Kevin & Chelsea's scenes with Chloe were SO touching!
  32. Lauren is NOT pregnant (split)
  33. Chelsea's fashion show line - which was the best dress? (merged, link # 48)
  34. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE –Tuesday – Wednesday USA
  35. Phack
  36. Are fans of Y&R hindering some actors from getting good,juicy storylines..?
  37. Another Y&R Actor on Bones
  38. LIVE 4/16
  39. Ian is back....Dylan is upset....Avery is shocked...
  40. You guys! I <3 Cady as Kelly!!
  41. Leslie's husband speculation
  42. Noah Newman and Caroline Spencer Forrester (merged)
  43. More than skin deep (Chloe's Problems)
  44. Do you think Chloe should be recasted?
  45. Leslie's happiness over marriage seems fake...just too soon
  46. Photos of Michelle Stafford as Phyllis
  47. I thought I saw Phylliss at the coffee shop today
  48. Faux Cassie
  49. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE – Wednesday – Thursday USA
  50. Chloe's roll as partner
  51. Ian Ward?
  52. How old does Victor think Abby is ?
  53. SPOILER: CBS SID spoilers for next week
  54. SPOILER: question about Phyllis spoiler
  55. Laura Stone Could Work As A Phyllis ReCast.
  56. LIVE Thread April 17, 2014
  57. Nick and Sharon makelove finally!!
  58. Tyler calls Mariah, yet again.
  59. Victor theatens Ian Ward
  60. song played today
  61. Avery Awkwardly Bakes
  62. Chloe's values
  63. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE – Thursday - Friday USA
  64. Was that Eric Braeden in the preview of "Devious Maids"???
  65. why does Ian continue to go where he is not wanted?
  66. Billy and Victoria - will they make it?
  67. Victor's Hero/Villian Dynamic
  68. Melody Thomas Scott on The Crazy Ones
  69. Mariah - anyone catch the tatoo??
  70. Jess Walton, Tristan Rogers, SeanCarrigan and Amelia Heinle........
  71. For once, can SHARON please have some happiness?
  72. Dankies All Soaps voting now underway!
  73. Really Victoria - you want to tease Billy?
  74. Live thread 4/18
  75. If Tyler Hurt Abby He Might As While Leave GC.
  76. Nick sees faux Cassie at the ranch
  77. Abby and Tyler's engagement party
  78. Very generous of Victor to invite all the Abbotts.....
  79. Billy, could you please go visit Chloe instead of Chelsea for a change
  80. Time to make Chelsea a member of Baldwin-Fisher family.
  81. Is Tyler Scamming Abby?
  82. How will Sharon and Victor's secrets affect Nick?
  84. Hair/Sets/Wardrobe for week of 4/14
  85. SPOILER: Next week's juicy promo
  86. Trip to Y&R History: Conversations with Kay Alden
  87. Could PAUL be Dylan's REAL FATHER???
  88. Ratings drop on Y&R and across all soaps (split)
  89. Billy/Kelly, Jack
  90. The Newman's need new security
  91. SPOILER: SOC spoilers: Week of April 21 .. the next week & DTR
  92. Adam's death certificate makes him 32 years old
  93. Lol!!! Jeffrey: what a character!!
  94. Is there a web site we can go to that will give the name of the songs played on Y&R?
  95. eileen davidson looked amazing at the engagement i would like to see 2 things
  96. What Do You Consider the Best Y&R Love Triangle ever?
  97. Nick/Billy's Emotional fall out Vs Paul's
  98. Two Scoops: Trouble with a capital T
  99. Just sign Gina Tognoni up for Phyllis (or get rid of the character once and for all)