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  1. It would be sweet if Devon & his MONEY joined Jill, Cane & Colin for Chancellor
  2. Who should win custody of Faith?
  3. who should run Crimson Lights??
  4. ARTICLE: Big changes to rock Y&R (merged)
  5. help with Phyllis and Michael's history
  6. Sets, hair, costumes etc for week of 1/19
  7. Beau Kazer tribute in today's credits (merged)
  8. Who Poisoned Kelly?
  9. The current teen scene makes me miss the 2000s teen scene on Y&R
  10. And Faith is at it again (merged)
  11. Confused about actor(s) playing Faith Newman??? (merged)
  12. CANNOT WAIT for ' The Wrath of LILY'.....!!!
  13. I find the emphasis on Michael's ability to perform disturbing
  14. BRAVO.. CLB!!! In TEARS as Michael NAMED Kevin Executor of his WILL!!!
  15. Nick Is Not A Great Father. He Needs To Lose Custody. Go Sharon!!
  16. Phyliss in the preview going OFF! LMAO! I love it!
  17. The money to buy chancellor
  18. I think Jack wants to blame Victor for all this.
  20. Nick to Sage today "Sharon is a great mother" (merged)
  21. ARTICLE: Are Sharon and Nick headed to France?
  22. The clock's ticking on Summer's marriage
  23. Summer and Mariah
  24. It is simple re: Gabriel's history wirh Nick
  25. Why in the world can't nick afford a decent house
  26. How can Devon do this to Neil? (merged)
  27. Colin blackmails Devon to raise $$$ for CI (merged)
  28. Sorry just not feeling Neil and Hilary (merged)
  29. !! Lily lets Cane be the BOSS #lovedit !!!!
  30. Devon Should Tell Cane About the Blackmail!
  31. This Triangle is getting Gross!! Hillary didn't mind that Devon had sex with Gwen??
  32. Phyllis Has A reality check: good acting by GT
  33. Does Hilary really love Devon?
  35. Mariah walking all over town?
  36. I'd love to see Kyle & Mariah together!
  37. SPOILER: PROMO: Merciless
  38. Question about dylan's ptsd
  39. SPOILER: SOC for week of jan 26 and DTR (merged)
  40. Hillary SNEAKING the 'LOVE POTION'... OR...!!???
  41. Hillary needs to return to her scheming self
  42. If Kelly is framing Phyllis....
  43. i hoope jill comes out on to again
  44. Could Patti Williams be the one behind the Phyllis/Kelly mystery? (merged)
  45. Phyliss and her coma
  46. Joe/Avery/Dylan and possible demise????
  47. Avery gave Joe the power to make his indecent proposal (merged)
  48. Phyllis to Jack: "Do you really think I'M capable of murder"???
  49. Missing in Action
  50. questions nick has not been asked
  51. Fen to Summer: You've always had my back..
  52. Let Neil KNOW, already! (merged)
  53. What happened to Restless Style?
  54. Keemo's brother is coming back...
  55. Two Scoops: Sleep like a puppy tonight
  56. Would you like to see more Y&R and B&B crossovers ???
  57. ARTICLE: Ice Queens of Daytime - who is Y&R's iciest diva? Brrr!
  58. The Homes and the Homeless
  59. Kyle and Joe vs Victor
  60. I actually love the idea of Kelly beating Phyllis at her own game but...
  61. What are Joes real intentions?
  62. Noah Newman needs a life
  63. How long will Adam as Gabriel last?
  64. Calling Michael Graziadei's DANIEL!!
  65. LiveThread for 12:30E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE
  66. Y&R on WLNY in NY Area
  67. Are there any Team Nicks out there
  68. Evidence at custody hearing:Will Sherman ask for evidence that Sharon tampered?
  69. Different Faiths and different approaches
  70. Why is Sharon still wearing her engagement ring?
  71. How might Faith's potential testimony affect the case?
  73. Is Jack really Torn
  74. Neil and Devon Fallout Repair
  75. Recast Dru
  76. Who was Joe Talking to on the Phone
  77. Katherine's Clips of Advice
  78. Sharon is not a fit parent either
  79. Dylan Mcavoy brings back Jason Morgan today!
  80. Today's laughable moment....
  81. Adam/Sage/Billy/Chelsea
  82. Did I miss something with Paul and Nikki
  83. Nick should NOT be stepping in Sharon's Face!
  84. If Nick & Sharon both lose- who could take Faith?
  85. Why is Y&R giving us these new couples we know will not be long term?
  86. Nick was right...Sharon is running off of jealousy re: Faith
  87. I am so over Dillon threatening people when i've figured out he is bluffing.
  88. The State of Chancellor Industries - The Bonaventure Impact
  89. CBS Please Air Our Soaps Now! No More "Blizzard" Coverage!
  90. LiveThread for 12:30E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE
  91. Sharon to Nick: Can you just get over that I betrayed you
  92. Back off Lily re Devon's finances
  93. Katherine flashback
  94. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE Tuesday - Wednesday USA
  95. Phyllis and the session with the Dr.
  96. Phyllis's counseling session should have been Sharon's as well
  97. I love seeing Jill.....love her new story.
  98. Sage knows nick`s dilemma
  99. Sage tells Nick she's married and he's OK with that?
  100. Neil Knows!!!
  101. Question....Jewelry box