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  1. JOHN!!
  2. How does Kelly's "suicide" fit into Victor's plan? (merged)
  3. Who should be in charge at Chancellor? Jill or Cane? (merged)
  4. What did Sharon tell Austin re: Victor covering for Nick? (merged)
  5. Sharons reaction to Nick and Sage
  6. Nick risks his daughter for a tryst with Sage? (merged)
  7. Happy 20th Birthday soapcentral! Celebrate with Dan on Kroll Call tonight!
  8. Will Sharon ever learn?
  9. Whats up with Sharon and Dylan??
  10. So Nick broke a woman's neck?
  11. Adam/Gabe's signature
  12. Avery conducts legal business in CL and with others around?
  13. Kyle writing the message on Sharon's mirror
  15. Sharon can't dictate Nick's life but he can hers
  16. SPOILER: PROMO - Week of March 30 .. ~ Crossing The Line ~
  17. Hey writers.....PLEADING. Please let Mariah or Noah give a retort to Summer.
  18. SPOILER: Joshua Morrow Tweets ***Spoilerish
  19. SPOILER: Eric Braeden's tweet about the confessional (merged)
  20. SPOILER: SOC spoilers - Week of March 30 .. & .. DTR
  21. Noah is Guilty--Speculation
  22. Stitch didn't tell Dylan about Kelly
  23. It better be worth it
  24. What's with Nick rolling his eyes about Joe
  25. Who Do You Think is in the Confessional ?
  26. Which top 4 stories do you all think needs to be wrapped up finally? Mine are,
  27. Finally figured out the biggest problem with this who killed Austin storyline.
  28. Insulting to audience... if Victor knows another Doppelganger (after Mariah/Cassie)?
  29. Sage and Chelsea Could be Sisters
  30. Question about Austin
  31. Sharon's Meds
  32. Victor's revenge on Jack
  33. Next backstory or rewrite... Sharon's bio dad?
  34. Who is the blame for Nikki's drinking?
  35. Watching Scott Elrod on Lifetime movie "Stolen Child"
  36. It's Tea Time Again .. with Kate Linder (Esther)
  37. LiveThread 3/30/15 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  38. So thats the big secret - Victor bailed Nick out by paying off the girl's family?
  39. Do you Think this is the Real Jack?
  40. "The Talk" to unveil Daytime Emmy Award Nominess tomorrow (Tuesday)
  41. Sandra Allen, who will she turn out to be? (merged)
  43. Today proves Nick is full of it.
  44. What happened to Sharon's "memory loss?"
  45. The End of Victor
  46. What's wrong with Abbotts...Too much gloating
  47. Avery to Phyllis: "You didn't?" Ha Ha
  48. Victor's muster partner
  49. Victor's mystery partner
  50. Nick/Sandra backstory is ridiculous
  51. Sharon turning to blackmail?
  52. Do you think the Billy/Chelsea decision was anticlimatic?
  53. KELLY'S Body
  54. History Repeating: Sharon & Cameron
  55. Are Austin & Kelly hiding out somewhere together?
  56. Will Chelsea be happy or mad when Adam is revealed?
  57. Victor says "no one can know we know each other"
  58. Kyle might be the only to match Victor
  59. Chelsea - Gabe/Sage apartments repairs
  60. Tour of YnR & Lunch with Tristan R & Jess W to raise money for AmericanCancerSociety
  61. Dylan, Dylan, Dylan....
  62. LiveThread for 12:30E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE
  63. Hope it works out for Noah
  64. Victoria 'Heard' About the Engagement......Confused
  65. Faith: I'm a Newman. We can buy anything we want (merged)
  66. Clothes, makeup, sets week of March 30
  67. ARTICLE: Y&R Emmy Nominees
  68. Kyle tells Summer he came back for her
  69. Kyle is a slimeball!!!
  70. I absolutely love the fact that Adam is working for Jabot!
  71. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE Tuesday - Wednesday USA
  72. He put a ring on it!
  73. Is "Pleather" The New Fashion Trend?
  74. Brother father brother
  75. Kyle came back for Summer
  76. Oh No He Didn't...Nick is a real piece of work!
  77. Nick needs to be a bad guy
  78. The Fingerprints in the Envelope
  79. What did Sharon do before she drove off the road?
  80. Nick should use his brain
  81. Would Eden's return spice things up?
  82. Sage says she hates lying.
  83. Do you like how your favorite characters are currently written?
  84. How can Billy Miller (ex-Billy) be nominated?
  85. Is Victoria passing off Stitch to Abby?
  86. Chelsea/Adam Building to an Epic Reveal