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  1. When did you start watch Y&R
  2. "My brother is a murderer." (merged)
  3. Who isn't a murderer on Y&R?
  4. Which character from MAB era do you miss?
  5. Secrets YR characters don't know
  6. How can Victoria be so blind?
  7. Why is Adam hurting Chelsea by hiding?
  8. "Faceplace"
  9. Sets, props, hair and wardrobe week of 7/21
  10. Abby's dinner topics (merged)
  11. Y&R, B&B and GH have solid ratings week; Y&R gains viewers in key demos
  12. ARTICLE: SHEMAR MOORE to reprise the role of Malcolm in September!!!
  13. I love stories where you can't root for anyone! Chelsea/Billy/Victoria/Stitch
  14. ARTICLE: Tricia Cast (Nina) and Michael Fairman (Murphy) to reprise their roles in August
  15. SPOILER: Will Adrienne Frantz (Amber) return for the one year anniversary of Kay's death?
  16. ARTICLE: Eileen Davidson joining the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
  17. SPOILER: Honeymoon for three!
  18. I have never liked Christine Blair.
  19. Paternity test
  20. Dump her Jack!
  21. Mixed up segments.
  22. Will Christine have a change of heart
  23. Ian Ward vs. Nikki Newman (merged)
  24. Adam's hand, meet Phyllis's hand
  25. SPOILER: more CBS SID spoilers and teasers
  26. What has Kevin found on the hospital computer?
  27. Why doesn't Victor or someone put out a hit on Ian?
  28. Is this all there is to Stitch's crime, or is there more coming? (merged)
  29. Hypocrite or Hero - Billy outs Stitch's secret (merged)
  30. Just shut up Devon! You are not all that! Get over yourself. (merged)
  31. SPOILER: Billy/Chelsea/Victoria/Ben story spec possible spoilers
  32. Kellys jealousy. if she can't be happy neither can Stitch
  33. Nick to Vicky: don't like who the daddy is? well, just change it!!
  34. Nikki and her two sons
  35. So Neil pimp's his wife out to his son
  36. So does the revealed secret change your mind about the siblings or the story line?
  38. "I don't want anyone to get hurt"
  39. SPOILER: Promo The Young and The Restless : Lost Love
  40. Judge?
  41. Stitch and Victoria's I love you's....
  42. Lack of Writing for the new generation guys.
  43. What was the point to go to a bar and drink water Hilary/Neil
  44. Vicki's pregnancy - could it be twins?
  45. Hilary's ultimate goal in marrying Neil
  46. Loved NuBilly and Ben's heated exchange
  47. Is Kelly a long term character or short term?
  48. YR Couple Endgame
  49. YR Rules
  50. Devon's car.
  51. SPOILER: SOC's spoilers .. Week of July 28 .. & .. DTR (merged)
  52. I was on vacation all week....who did Stitch murder???
  53. I know the story line may be silly but Melody Thomas Scott is awesome! (merged)
  54. Neil seems to treat Hilary different then Leslie
  55. Can Neil have some happiness
  56. I HATE Nikki!!
  57. I want Gloria back and Gloworm (airdate info in responses)
  58. At what age did Stitch possibly get married and when did Kelly marry?
  59. ageless soap stars
  60. Looking forward to Lily's reaction to relationship advisor Cane
  61. Just Bring Back Nate Jr. for a Triangle with Hilary & Devon
  62. Michael Graziadei (Daniel) would love to work with Gina Tognoni's Phyllis
  63. Who is Kelly and Ben's dad?
  64. The Scoop
  65. What if Kyle returns after Sharon's secret is revealed? (speculation)
  66. It's Getting Old Kelly (and Stitch)
  67. Love Stitch....am I the only one
  68. ARTICLE: Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) Weds
  69. Two Scoops: Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer!
  70. Burgess Jenkins: We have a winner! (merged)
  71. I'm so sick of Victoria Newman on all fronts
  72. Phyllis... 2 week countdown begins
  73. LiveThread 7/25/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  74. Ugh! I'm in love with Devon and Hillary!
  75. My Favorite Couple Is
  76. "Time" sure flies on Y&R
  77. Deception: Crack a Dictionary, Stitch
  78. How are Patty and Kelly any different?
  79. Good guy Dylan gets hit with another lie: buddy Stitch
  80. Sets, props, hair and wardrobe week of 7/28 (merged)
  81. Good for Victoria! No Paternity Test!
  82. Nick starting to treat Mariah like his little girl--but she isn't, LOL
  83. SPOILER: Previews for Tuesday looked great (responses discuss spoilers)
  85. I think Michael Baldwin killed a woman many years ago.........??
  86. SPOILER: Shemar Moore (Malcolm) discusses his return and why Malcolm comes home
  87. johnny babysitter
  88. Just how tall WERE those cows??
  89. Sharon's secret VS Stitch's secret
  90. Could Abby be any more obnoxious?
  91. Kelly crawling into bed with Jack--ICK
  92. perfect song for Patty Willams: Soft Kitty!
  93. song playing from Devon & Hilary scene today 7/28/14
  94. SPOILER: Picture of New Phylliss on Set with Another Actor
  95. Why Does Kelly Insist On Calling Her Brother A Murderer?
  96. I still like Dylan and Sharon's chemistry
  97. Some people who should really get a call for an Adam audition (merged)
  98. How many Y&R characters have had - other names or alias?
  99. Y&R need to bring back more legacy characters from the past.
  100. Nick needs to have a seat
  101. LiveThread 7/29/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  102. Summer's new home (merged)
  103. Nikki's New Hairdo Looks Great - more age appropriste👍👍👍
  104. um that was quite a sandwich summer.lol.
  105. Please don't let Austin be related to anyone in GC
  106. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE Tuesday Wednesday USA