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  1. Scenes that you'd love to see on Y&R 2014
  2. Could Sharon be Ian's daughter? Is Ian Victor's brother? (merged)
  3. ARTICLE: "Revenge" star Justin Hartley cast as Adam Newman! (merged)
  4. Michael & Lauren - An impotence story line?? (merged)
  5. Is this the fifth "Can someone slap Summer please?" thread? If so, I'm sorry.
  6. How to Regain Your Love for Our Soap!
  7. Summer's Trust Fund (merged)
  8. Victor's animosity and hatred for Sharon is really getting old and tired
  9. Noah and Faith are so adorable together
  10. Kevin and Mariah`s motorcycle ride (merged)
  11. Kevin Question - where did he get the $ to buy a Harley?
  12. Austin lied when he said he wouldn't live off Summer's money
  13. Stitch's crime vs Austin's crime
  14. Sharon took Nick's daughter and he's giving her back hers! (merged)
  15. I think Billy and Victoria still have sparks!
  16. Excuses Excuses! Victor found out about the secret AFTER he hired Mariah...
  17. Mariah and Cassie twins? I wish Mariah WAS Cassie!
  18. When Victor finds out Sharon's secret
  19. Issues with the Mariah reveal (merged)
  20. Are Billy and Chelsea getting on anyone else's nerves
  21. Am i the only one who don't want Phyllis to wake up?
  22. What will be the first thing that Neil sees?
  23. Mariah's "crush" on Nick
  24. Must We Part Ways With The Hand???
  25. What are your unpopular opinions?
  26. Are we in for a couples shake up?
  27. Which former vets would you like to see, if Y&R bring some back?
  28. Is there a way to buy old episodes?
  29. Leslie's new position as ADA--what does this mean?
  30. Soaps Storyline VS Actor
  31. SPOILER: Scoop on Ashley's new storyline via Logan
  32. Nick's Nauseous Look at Mariah Seduction Attempt News
  33. Sharon Finding Out About Mariah . . . . . . . . .
  34. Neil just wanted a trophy wife
  35. Oh the horror of pasta salad
  36. Ian may not be the villain that I thought he was! (merged)
  37. Sharon vs Nikki
  38. SMH Thread - Week of August 25
  39. Jack suspects Hilary & Devon
  40. Best line of the day
  42. Who is Cassie and Mariah's father? (merged)
  43. Has Neil already figured out Hilary and Devon - will he fake it? (merged)
  44. There is no Middle for Sharon
  45. Sharon's Father
  46. Is Tyler gone?
  47. Lily Ashby: The screech of reason
  48. Missed Opportunities - Victor/Neil and Neil/Sharon
  49. LiveThread 8/26/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  50. SPOILER: Kay's memorial spoiler nuggets
  51. Noah is one unbelievable son
  52. Sharon to Nick: Why my baby? I had no ties to the Newman family!
  53. Mariah's passed out in a wedding dress, Ian kisses her hand.....EW.
  54. I thought Mariah was supposed to be street smart?
  55. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE Tuesday - Wednesday USA
  56. So sick of Kevin...
  57. Alcohol on display in an alcoholic's home
  58. Hard to Believe Mariah is older than Noah
  59. Murphy!!!!!
  60. Is Jill going to get caught and arrested for Insurance Fraud?
  61. If Ian really wanted to take a baby why didn't he take Nikki's (Dylan)?
  62. Ian would have been in their lives if Dylan found him or not because of Victor too
  63. The case of Sharon's mother
  64. Wardrobe, makeup, props for week of August 25
  65. Y&R: 2014 is turning out to be a great Y&R year. How would you grade it?
  66. I loved MTS' Nikki expressions when Nick told on Victor
  67. Peter Bergman is on Hallmark Channel HOME show RIGHT NOW (noon est).
  68. LiveThread 8/27/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  69. Jack takes Victor's letter - then changes his mind
  70. Today, a Very Strange and Curious Thing ....with CC and the Remembrance Ceremony
  71. If Ian marries Mariah
  72. Drunk Nikki at the memorial/Nikki getting irate with Stitch (merged)
  73. What do YOU think of Jill's take on what the MUSIC BOX means?
  74. Could we see more sibling rivalry when Ashley returns?
  75. SPOILER: Mini spoiler .. Re: returning character (merged)
  76. I liked Vicki and Billy together today
  77. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE Wednesday Thursday USA
  78. OH no I missed it!! Happy belated bday my beloved CLB!!
  79. What will Phyllis be like when she wakes up? Opinions, please
  80. And the observation of the day award goes to ---- NINA!!!!
  81. How old is Johnny?
  82. Colin rationalizes just like Victor! "I'm doing this for the ones I love"
  83. I wish Tracy Abbott and Nina can stay longer term
  84. Murphy and Esther??
  85. ADVISORY: When "Nu" no longer applies
  86. Speculation - Ian Ward whodunnit coming? (merged)
  87. Which character (or characters) have improved with the current writing?
  88. Did Katherine like Colin?
  89. LiveThread 8/28/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  90. ARTICLE: Shemar Moore PROMO .. & .. SOC's article on the return of Shemar Moore (Malcolm)
  91. Gloria and Michael
  92. Gloria sees Kevin's twisted writing
  93. Fen on Under The Dome
  94. Ian and his child bride
  96. Do you think that Michael will have an affair?
  97. Murphy on King of Queens
  98. Ray Wise in Toronto this Saturday
  99. YR pre-empted for 2 days coming up for TENNIS (U.S. Open)
  100. Best new Character hands down....
  101. Who Has Katherine's Music Box?
  102. Mariah vs Summer
  103. Will Nick adopt Mariah
  104. Very funny scenes between Likey, Davery, and Jill
  105. Will Courtney be the 'drop off' lookalike for Sharon?
  106. Mariah's attire joins the Y and R ugly wedding gown hall of fame
  107. when did mariah leaving town become a kidnapping
  108. kudos to y&r on good casting
  109. "No More Anger" by Ian Ward and other gems from Ray Wise's Twitter
  110. SPOILER: spoiler nuggets for next week and fall via SOD
  111. LiveThread 8/29/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  112. i'm so tired of Summer's whining
  113. Nikki Opens Her Door Instead of Dialing 911, WTH?
  114. The ladies of GC brought their A game today! Kudos to the actresses!
  115. Michael - there is viagra!
  116. Everyone's favorite guest: Kelly!
  117. Victor At Phyllis' Bedside . . . . . . . .
  119. How many coma patients wear make-up?
  120. Everyone gets that Victor is ruthless -- how is it that nobody gets that he's cruel?
  121. I loved the Sharon/Nikki Scene.
  122. Thank You JFP Regime! Y&R is on fire! Love it!!!!
  123. Off Topic: I recognized the young singer (related to Devon) in "August Rush" movie
  124. SPOILER: SOC's spoilers .. Week of September 1 .. & .. DTR
  125. Sharon, be careful of how much you want someone to pay for taking away a child
  126. Mariah's feelings for Nick