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  1. Jamie
  2. SHICK Tuesday - bringing sexy back! (merged)
  3. "Couple Overhaul"? (merged)
  4. the Devon/Hilary/Neil triangle (merged)
  5. Are fans of Y&R hindering some actors from getting good,juicy storylines..?
  6. You guys! I <3 Cady as Kelly!!
  7. Noah Newman and Caroline Spencer Forrester (merged)
  8. Photos of Michelle Stafford as Phyllis
  9. SPOILER: question about Phyllis spoiler
  10. Tyler calls Mariah, yet again.
  11. Victor theatens Ian Ward
  12. Avery Awkwardly Bakes (merged)
  13. Billy and Victoria - will they make it?
  14. Mariah/Cassie - anyone catch the tattoo?? (merged)
  15. For once, can SHARON please have some happiness?
  16. Dankies All Soaps voting now underway!
  17. Really Victoria - you want to tease Billy?
  18. Nick sees faux Cassie at the ranch
  19. Abby and Tyler's engagement party
  20. Very generous of Victor to invite all the Abbotts.....
  21. Billy, could you please go visit Chloe instead of Chelsea for a change
  22. Is Tyler Scamming Abby?
  23. How will Sharon and Victor's secrets affect Nick?
  25. Hair/Sets/Wardrobe for week of 4/14
  26. SPOILER: Next week's juicy promo
  27. Trip to Y&R History: Conversations with Kay Alden
  28. Ratings drop on Y&R and across all soaps (split)
  29. Billy/Kelly, Jack
  30. SPOILER: SOC spoilers: Week of April 21 .. the next week & DTR
  31. Lol!!! Jeffrey: what a character!!
  32. eileen davidson looked amazing at the engagement i would like to see 2 things
  33. What Do You Consider the Best Y&R Love Triangle ever?
  34. Phyllis re-cast ideas (merged)
  35. The way Chelsea speaks to her parents really bother me
  36. I'm still not warming up to Courtney. Another dud for Noah.
  37. Would Victor and Nikki's marriage survive if.......
  38. Funny: Kelli Goss (Courtney) on "My Name Is Earl"
  39. So are they ever going to address Tracy's marriage issues
  40. LiveThread 4/21/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  41. Nick confronts Dopple Cassie at the motel (split)
  42. Bravo to the writers for not ignoring the past tensions between Ashley and Victoria
  43. Billy kisses Chelsea
  44. How can Nikki ever forgive Vic for doing this???
  45. Week of 4/21: Sets, hair, costuming, make up etc
  46. Nick asks, "How did you get past ranch security?" LOL
  47. Do YOU Think That TABBY Will Actually Get Married???
  48. Ashley/Stitch have way more chemistry than Victoria/Stitch
  49. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE – Monday - Tuesday USA
  50. ian wards "secret"
  51. Victoria just had to have that first date
  52. Before Teasing us with Chemistry with Vicki and Ashley & not knowing where Kelly fits
  53. I appreciate how much Nikki loves Abby
  54. Sharon & Victor's bonding moment
  55. LiveThread 4/22/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  56. ARTICLE: Friday on Soap Central Live- Sean Kanan (ex- Deacon) & Jill Larson (ex- Connie)
  57. I see pain in Nick
  58. Which is worse: Adam terrorizing Ash or Victor driving Sharon to ECT?
  59. Loved Leslie putting Hilary in her place!!
  60. Another great episode ending with chills all over!!
  61. Did Sharon care about Adam
  62. Neil and Jack's conversation
  63. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE – Tuesday – Wednesday USA
  64. Memory Lane - Peter Bergman (ex- Dr. Warner, AMC) for Vicks44
  65. Ridiculous Billy flaunts Chelsea to Vikkie
  66. So once again we make Sharon out to be the victim.
  67. Speculation about faux Cassie
  68. Pefect Timing to make Faith either Billy's or Jack's
  69. Camryn Grimes (Cassie) is AMAZING. Loving this storyline.
  70. Eric Roberts
  71. Neil was a jerk to Leslie today
  72. Billy 2 Chelsea: we have three kids
  73. ARTICLE: Make a date for... the Daytime Emmys!!!
  74. Womack on Bones
  75. Question: Financial situations of Victoria, Nick and Abby
  76. Y&R Set Visit
  77. Can Y&R keep Jill Larson? She would be a good addition!
  78. My thoughts on the show
  79. So do we think Dylan trashed Ian's room?
  80. now that some time has passed do you think they did the right thing killing Dee Dee?
  81. Nikki to Victor: "You were always gentle with me..." NOT!!!!
  82. May Sweeps
  83. What is Ian Ward up to? (merged)
  84. "My grandparents really aren't snobs"...really Noah?
  85. LiveThread 4/23/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  86. Neil and Leslie
  87. Isn't Courtney's name Farrah?
  88. Nick, Sharon, and Victor's confrontation over faux Cassie (merged)
  89. Christine to Paul: I wonder if, maybe I'm missing out on not being a parent.....
  90. The flashback is killing me!!!
  91. Noah's Reaction
  92. So, who was "Cassie" calling to say she was in trouble? (merged)
  93. My pick for Nu-Adam
  94. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE –Wednesday - Thursday USA
  95. Courtney and Noah at the GCAC
  96. Which is the most heinous paternity lie?
  97. The Baldwin/Williams Storyline Arc
  98. Dylan to Ian : "Are you trying to piss me off?" Fantastic scene!
  99. Right now, of all past characters, who would you most like to come back.
  100. Sharon should have pressed charges against faux Cassie
  101. SPOILER: SPOILER...Canadian tv article Peter Bergman
  102. Where is Faith and are Nick and Sharon going to move off Victor's land?
  103. So is Sharon going to investigate why the double resembles Cassie so much?
  104. "Nick" is usually a total doofis, but Joshua Morrow is an excellent actor
  105. Maybe it's karma for Neil
  106. ARTICLE: Interview with Sean Carrigan -- Stitch's secret
  107. Realistic law an afterthought on Y&R
  108. The thing about Victor that bothers me
  109. Sharon's job