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  1. I'm loving this NuAdam! (merged)
  2. favorite and least favorite male character and why
  3. Hair, clothes, makeup, props (merged)
  4. Isn't Cady McClain coming into her own as Kelly? She rocks
  5. How can Adam have that flashback so accurately?
  6. NEXT: Give me Phyllis VS Mariah!
  7. Characters Who are Seriously in Need of Some Nooky
  8. Thank you Chelsea - ''Billy, S.T.O.P. with the Adam bashing!!!!!''
  9. GRAVITATING Toward SAGE.... Anyone ELSE!?
  10. SPOILER: SOD nuggets
  11. SOD best and worst of 2014 - Y&R
  12. Sharon, Noah and Gabriel (Adam) !!!
  13. unpopular opinion loved Victoria and Nick today
  14. Kudos to Sharon
  16. Ashley caught the spy!
  17. When Victoria finds out about the shower sex ... (merged)
  18. Seems to me that Nick isn't taking the custody battle seriously
  19. Is Chris Really Pregnant?
  20. SPOILER: SOC spoilers for dec 15th and DTR
  21. Sony Fallout and Y&R (merged)
  22. Is Vikki "settling" for Stitch (cause Billy has moved on with Chelsea)?
  23. Nick doesn't have a case
  24. Playing Their Age
  25. What guy would you like to see Sharon date for a bit?
  26. Sage's Quiz to Adam about Gabriel: "Boarding School?" ... "Switzerland."
  27. What do you think of Stitch & Chelsea as Katie's godparents?
  28. How and when is Adam going to get Billy away from Chelsea and Connor?
  29. Neil and Dru back together again
  30. ARTICLE: Melody Thomas Scott discusses recent complications from medication
  31. Sick of Neil being blind this LONG. Good grief!
  32. Favorite recast...!!!???
  33. LiveThread 12/15/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  34. Another Faith switch on the Y&R
  35. Victoria was really frisky today
  36. Agent Tobias
  38. Tristan Rogers
  39. ARTICLE: Vail Bloom (ex- Heather) reveals recovery from drug problem on Vanderpump Rules
  40. Chloe's Baby Daddy
  41. Avery's request for Sharon's medical records
  42. Enough With The Interruptions Already!
  43. Why does Christine always look constipated
  44. Joe asking Cane if Lilly speaks for him
  45. "Gabriel" gives Chelsea an Adam-like look (merged)
  46. Unpopular opinion, don't really see what's wrong with the reivitalization of GC
  47. Rants and Raves...Let's Go!
  48. Victoria was downright rude and awful to Grandma Jill and beaming Dad
  49. What will cause Davery to spilt?
  50. Anybody remember the Brooks sisters?
  51. Michael Logan of TV Guide's Best of 2014
  52. Go to first new post LiveThread 12/16/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  53. Lily's stand, until it negatively affects the bottom line (merged)
  54. That was such a sweet moment between Neil and Lily
  55. Dylan gives Sharon his support and his advice
  56. Annoying Christmas music
  57. Did Victor recognize Gabriel?
  58. Jack is a fool with women
  59. Tired of Jack making excuses for Phyllis behavior.
  60. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE Tuesday - Wednesday USA
  61. The Lost Kids remembered
  62. CK/Lily's wrist tattoo-Mystery of original Mariah solved
  63. Michael's cancer
  64. What Are Your Hopes/Predictions for 2015?
  65. Rings...
  66. Sets, hair, costumes etc for week of 12/15
  67. Do you think Kelly will end up pregnant with Jack's baby?
  68. Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas in GC...
  69. SPOILER: Davery chat tidbits what do you think they mean?
  70. Sharon's situation
  71. Devons BILLIONS.... Wouldn't it Be GREAT IF....!??
  72. Hoping Sage isn't into Nick
  73. LiveThread 12/17/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  74. ARTICLE: Y&R gets new Faith for the holidays as actresses rotate
  75. SPOILER: Help... Any info on Charles Pratt Jr.'s Y&R plans?
  76. Nikki and the A.A. meeting
  77. Anita finally made sense today re: Chelsea and billy
  78. I wish writers treated Sharon's bi-polar disease as realistic as Michael's Cancer.
  79. Sage and Adam
  80. Dealing with a cancer diagnosis in Micheal's case
  81. Jill and the Music Box
  82. Best day so far: Kelly slapping phyllis ~ way overdue
  83. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE Wednesday - Thursday USA
  84. Eileen Davidson on RHOBH
  85. Nicks attitude towards Sharon
  86. I may have missed something - Gus and Rose
  87. Help me understand when, and How Gabriel died
  88. Sage's true purpose
  89. Where's Johnny?
  90. More Jill Please
  91. Team Phyllis vs Team Kelly
  92. Who is Scotty?
  93. SPOILER: CBS spoilers for Christmas/New Year's Eve
  94. LiveThread 12/18/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  95. Sharon asks for her job back but doesn't apologize to Jack (merged)
  96. Mariah knows a hypocrite when she sees one.
  97. Adam and Jack today
  98. Where is Gloria? She is needed in Michael's story!
  99. You know... I'm starting to think sage is delias real killer
  101. Michael & Lauren's sex life
  102. Mariah's Real Father
  103. What should Sharon's next job be?
  104. What SLs do you FF through?
  105. Is Summer re-assessing her marriage?
  106. Y&R #1 Soap for 26 consecutive years!