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  1. So who can Cane and Lily be paired with?
  2. Sets, hair, costumes etc for week of 2/23 (merged)
  3. RIP Derek. Let's share our memories about him!
  4. Lachlan Buchanan joins Y&R as Kyle (merged)
  5. Adam and Jack
  6. Feeling sorry for Kelly
  7. Cabin Theories (merged)
  8. Why is it that everyone else gets sympathy but Sharon??
  9. I think Jack is lying
  10. OMG Did Hilary really do all this to destroy the Winters family? (merged)
  11. what does Victor have in store for Jack and who was in the confessional
  12. Dylan and Sharon have so much chemistry but..
  13. Wicked to Like This Newly Emerged Hilary? (merged)
  14. Cane knew about Lily and Tyler but chose to overlook it (split)
  15. Unpopular Opinion: This "who and what happened to Austin" s/l is BRILLIANT
  16. Soapcentral. com Appreciation Thread!
  17. Victor Newman needs to get a life
  18. SPOILER: SOD nuggets for next week
  19. SPOILER: Camryn Grimes interview on the cabin mystery
  20. Lily the Buzz Saw to Hilary: wake up bitch! (merged)
  21. Dang! Abby and Austin have lots of chemistry
  22. Cane, Sage, and Bingo
  23. ARTICLE: Victoria Rowell gives new interview
  24. Neil is a millionaire? Since when?
  25. Why was Hillary crying in the last scene?
  26. Where's Tracy
  28. With Hillary leaving,is it time for Dru to return?
  29. To many story lines that will go on & on!!!
  30. Mariah: Back to Mama or Marry Kevin?
  31. Neil and his short memory and misdirected anger
  32. Have we not seen this all before.
  33. SPOILER: PROMO - Week of March 2nd ... ~ New Suspects ~
  34. SPOILER: SOC spoilers .. Week of March 2nd & DTR
  35. Chelsea's look in last scene
  36. I'm kind of bummed the Neil/Nikki drinking buddies thing may stop
  37. Sharon & hilary one is not believed to be telling the truth the other believed
  38. Does anyone remember Evan Owen played by actor Chris Potter?
  39. Cane is rocking
  40. I usually love Jill, but......
  41. How would you describe Y&Rs current character, tone or mood to a non-watcher?
  42. Where is Stitch?
  43. Sage is very annoying
  44. Who was Victor keeping prisoner in a cellar a long time ago?
  45. Unpopular opinion I like Sage
  46. Will Jack ever get his own DNA test done on Summer?
  47. Who Killed Austin?
  48. Kyle and Noahs Un Organic Rivalry
  49. Is Pratt Storyling Everyone
  50. It's good to see the Winters front and center under new management.
  51. Hilary Has Her Own Room But Jack and Victor Dont?
  52. Who are Y&R's leading romantic couples at the moment?
  53. "Get Out Of Town" Seems To Be The Favorite Threat In GC
  54. Is anyone else ready for this Adam/Chelsea/Billy/Sage to be OVER?!
  55. Why is Abby not heartbroken about her lovers death?
  56. Hunter King co-lead in new film
  57. Kevin the Writer
  58. Isn't it time for Esther to find love?
  59. Phyllis and Kyle?
  60. Question about Chloe ?
  61. Is Kevin's blog as real as Avery's cooking show?
  62. I want to see Noah with an older woman I.E. Ashley
  63. So much for all that "JFP will kill off the veterans" press. Veterans are ruling!!!!!
  64. SPOILER: Canadian spoiler will be late today
  65. Austin used the Abbott cabin to hide from Summer
  66. Daytime Emmys Back on TV!!!
  67. LiveThread for 12:30E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE
  68. What Is Up With Jack?
  69. Could Austin Have Gotten in Touch with Kyle?
  70. How is what Victor is doing with Kelly and Jack helping Phyllis? (merged)
  71. billly abbott was such a good gambler...
  72. Sets, Wardrobe, Hair etc Week of March 2
  73. Hints that Victor is using a doppleganger for Jack (merged)
  74. Adam Threatening and Manhandling Sage
  75. Sage married Gabe as a favor TO GABE?
  76. So whose car was Austin found in?
  77. Phyllis " The last time you falsely accused me and I went free"
  79. Middle Eastern Theme Music & Neil?
  80. Summer and Kyle....great love? She was stalking him and they had one date....
  81. SPOILER: Y&R's Cast credits as of 3-02-2015 - US Monday
  82. Did anyone notice the chemistry between Sage and Cane, last week?
  83. Avery's face watching Sage praise Nick (merged)
  84. Where's the Mother-Daughter Connection Between Phyllis and Summer?
  85. Adam, Chelsea and Sage
  86. Fen's Spike Punching Behaviour
  87. Adam's attitude about Billy
  88. I hope they are not destroying the Abbott family... it's looking like it
  89. Sharon's off screen time may be good fer her case
  90. Never Can Say Goodby
  91. LiveThread for 12:30E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE
  92. Harding
  93. Please let Paul find out what Victor is up to in the Kelly/Phyllis case
  94. Neil and his public drinking binge
  95. Nick Newman know about his son in law yet?
  96. lol...Billy's comment about being good at poker
  97. Can Nikki's danger behind the wheel reflect on Delia?
  98. Neil is responsible... not Nikki. The Pratt twists keep coming...
  99. I can't wait for summer to find out about abby/austin
  100. So I'm guessing Nick and the real Gabe are a lot alike
  101. Did the pillow that Victor put under Jacks head have the formula on it?
  102. What time do they have memorial services in Genoa City?
  103. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE Tuesday - Wednesday USA
  104. Christine's troubles with Paul...
  105. Shouldn't Christine be showing by now?
  106. So what horrible things did Phyllis do to Nick during their Marriage?
  107. Does Noah Know?
  108. How Did Nikki
  109. Are They Legally Married