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  1. SPOILER: Justin Hartley's (Adam) debut date
  2. Why is Y&R making it like Jack and Phylis had this amazing thing? (merged)
  3. SPOILER: Oct 24 - The Talk - Elrod, Jenkins, Hartley & Tognoni (mild spoilers in responses)
  4. I am really not liking Maureen at all...
  5. SWEEPS weeks begin Oct.30.....What do you want to be finished up ?????
  6. What is Joe Clark's endgame? (merged)
  7. Ashley/Ben/Abby?
  8. SPOILER: SOD nuggets for next week
  9. Coming Back to Y&R, Any Pointers?
  10. Jeffrey is suing the hospital because Stitch treated his Hemorrhoids ????????
  11. Summer: Austin is not the only one who was charged almost killing Paul Williams
  12. Phyllis just got out of a coma and yet Summer seems no longer happy about it.
  13. Why would Chelsea give her no-good dad money? (merged)
  14. Vicki,Ben and Ashley
  15. SPOILER: Y&R Promo: ~ Adam is Back! ~
  16. Summer following Austin to work
  17. My Wish for Victoria's baby delivery
  18. Little towhead Connor
  19. Could Maureen have been the hit and run driver who killed Delia?
  20. Forgotten (or ignored) storylines...
  21. Who's the Baby's Father going to be?
  22. More baby drama?
  23. One thing I miss about Avery
  24. Eileen Davidson in the Opening Credits, Looking Hotter Than Ever!
  25. Community Action against Joe Clark for shutting down Crimson Lights? (merged)
  26. Phyllis Engages In Some "Double Talk" With Sharon
  27. Victor: Hugely Hypocritical With Nikki
  28. I love Abby and the actress who plays her!
  29. Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe, Props for the Week of October 27
  30. Does Billy still believe Adam killed Delia?
  31. Why did Stitch need Maureens permission to tell Victoria the truth?
  32. are classic Y&R episodes available on the $6/mo CBS all access plan?
  34. Phyllis intoduced herself to Faith?
  35. Grand ma Nikki takes an alcohol mint for Faith
  36. Ashley says she did time for murder
  37. The Tiara
  38. I wish someone would tell Phyllis why Navery really broke up.
  39. Gina Tognoni in opening - LOVE her double screens!
  40. Victor/Nikki/Paul ... and Maureen?
  41. LOVE love loving Gina Tognoni/Phyllis! (merged)
  42. Only Two Storylines Have Been Resolved in One Whole Year!👎👎👎 (merged)
  43. LiveThread 10/28/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  44. I hate illness storylines
  45. Lack of connection between Nick and Phyllis
  46. Maureens strange relationship with Kelly
  47. Victoria snoops in Ashley's lab, Ashley responds with advice about love (merged)
  48. Who was the Mysterious Woman at the end of the show? (merged)
  49. Bravo Chelsea!!!!!!! really felt the connection to Adam!!
  51. Adam's Minions
  52. Billy & Chelsea
  53. do the gloves from today match the one ones who took music box?
  54. Did anyone Notice the Christmas Wreath on Chelsea's door
  55. Lovely surprise--Jabott renovated & Lady Ashley in charge
  56. Michael's diagnosis is already bringing me to tears
  57. Summer & Fen
  58. CLB as Michael is so good. His fear is palpable.
  59. Phyllis' coma storyline is the worst written story on this show
  60. Why is Kelly asking Jack to choose already?
  61. Is there any result/climax with Sharon's secret that wouldn't be anti-climatic, now?
  62. Eyal Podell
  63. Sharon/Phyllis Secret What Happened?
  64. If Summer would have married Fen would Phyllis be happy ?
  65. Does Phyllis want Jack or Nick?
  66. Loving the new sets
  67. Does Summer even have a job anymore
  68. ben vs stitch
  69. Queen Latifah Men Of Young and The Restless
  70. A quick word about rumors...
  71. What I hope for Adam's disappearance/return
  72. LiveThread 10/2914 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  73. Phyllis's hypocrisy over Austin
  74. The Winter's today: A complete MESS. So over it.
  75. Y&R's Cast credits as of 10-29-2014 - US Wednesday
  76. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE Wednesday - Thursday USA
  77. Is their not enough storyline of Victor vs Jack??
  78. How will Phyllis react when she finds out about Jack and Kelly?
  79. What would Katherine think of Devon's affair?
  80. Can Sharon get a break?
  81. Where is Michael's sister Eden?
  82. where is Leslie and Barton?
  83. Jack had his worst "love scene" today. Disgusting
  84. I Enjoyed Avery and Phyllis together today and their Sisterly Conversation!
  85. Joe Clark and Adam Newman
  86. I miss john abbott
  87. Neil thinks Hillary is pregant!!!
  88. Nick's announcement of his upcoming wedding.
  89. Can't wait for Fens reaction to Michaels Cancer.
  90. So Phyllis is going to punish Sharon but not Nick?
  91. Phyllis not knowing about Mariah
  92. Jessica Collins on Blue Bloods
  93. SPOILER: SOD and CBS SID spoiler nuggets for next week and Nov Sweeps (update in #1)
  94. Who's the Daddy?????????
  95. When is Chloe coming back???
  96. LiveThread 10/3014 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  97. 2 Questions about Cane's family
  98. I'm confused about Crimson Lights...
  100. Vicky running to everyone about Stitches secret
  101. Wow...Y&R kids were a real "treat" for Holloween
  102. What was that song? (merged)
  103. Maureen calls out Vikkie about the paternity
  104. Wicked creepy Cassie/Mariah Trick or Treat!
  105. Need For Lock For Jabot Lab Door
  106. Significance of the handkerchief??
  107. Ashley and Ben hanging around in a motel room?
  108. Jill's necklace
  109. Have we had Cassandra Rawlings type mystery character lately?
  110. Chelsea and Johnny
  111. I love you more than the moon???
  112. AR King Commission
  113. LiveThread 10/31/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  114. Nick and sharon marriage
  115. Summer now Thanks Victor and He turns around and Lies to Her. UGH!
  116. Abby re-introduces herself to Phyliss......sooo funny.
  117. Love the Shick family!!
  118. Faith, Summer, DNA and hairbrushes - what does it mean? (merged)
  119. Phyllis steals Summer's cell phone when hugging her
  120. Will Phyllis be the one to find out about Kellys past?