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  1. Crazy Sharon time...again?!
  2. So Neil didn't hurt Hillary....
  3. Marissa's accent
  4. The beautiful Eileen Davidson
  5. I miss 'the help' who always added a common touch!
  6. Can they actually keep Devon on lockdown without evidence?
  7. Name the Newman baby
  8. Pregnant Sage's love scene
  9. Sharon was framed !!
  10. Victor got what he wanted - now will Chelsea fight him?
  11. So good to see Billy!!
  12. Is this leading to a "Who Shot Victor?" story? (merged)
  14. Who Would come out on Top J.R Ewing or Victor Newman?
  15. SPOILER: SOC spoilers - Week of August 31 .. & .. DTR
  16. Chris McKenna
  17. We Miss You Katherine!
  18. So Paul and Dylan are written to loose their babies while Nick has his no. 4 kid
  19. Buzzfeed Covers Lauren vs Sheila Rivalry, LOL
  20. Adam & Chelsea the only happy couple in Gena City?
  22. How do you think the writers will treat Adam's reveal?
  23. So is Dylan not to supposed to notice that the baby is a couple months overdue?
  24. Mariah's future
  25. Sharon
  26. No mention of the Paragon Project?
  27. Victoria's kids
  28. ARTICLE: Elizabeth Bogush joins Y&R as Dr. Anderson
  29. Y&R LIVE Thread 12:30 Eastern Time August 31, 2015
  30. why cant they just be satisfied
  31. SPOILER: Sharon & Patty Williams (merged)
  32. Sets, fashion, makeup week of Aug 31/15
  33. Do you think the Boards & Critics influence your like/dislike of Y&R and other soaps?
  34. SPOILER: Casting Corner News
  35. Nick & Mariah moment (merged)
  37. Sharon and Dylan need a positive story that heats up the screen!!!
  38. Sage with the glare of steel
  39. Does Stitch truly care about Abby
  40. When nick and sage break up and Dylan and Sharon break up
  41. Teflon Victor (merged)
  42. Neil sure is pouring on the support
  43. i do not feel sorry for Devon, or neil
  44. The actor who plays Noah broke up with his fiancee
  45. I wish Billy would tell Victoria to stick it.
  46. There is one real very positive thing that has happened since the new writing...
  47. is something wrong with Nikki
  48. Chelsea should see the pattern in Adam's behavior
  49. I was wondering how long Victor would tolerate Marissa dating Noah
  50. The Sage Character
  51. Who does not Interact on YR
  52. YR Fist Fights
  53. no online Y&R anymore?
  54. Why is Marissa all into other folks business
  55. LiveThread for 12:30E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE
  56. So Victor blackmails Neil...now what?? (merged)
  57. ARTICLE: Is Sharon Case out at Y&R?
  58. Mariah tells Sharon "I really resent you making me the grown-up" (merged)
  59. Paul calls Nikki out on her insensitivity and friendship
  61. Kelly Sullivan (Sage) in the opening credits
  62. Adam is going to have to step up to save Chelsea's line
  63. SPOILER: Colin, Esther, Jill
  64. Neil only Loved Drucilla, everyone else was "Collateral Damage"
  65. Devon would never kill his wife, Lily and Cane!
  66. ARTICLE: Judith Chapman says Gloria may be gone for good
  67. Under the Dome cancelled, good news for the Baldwins?
  68. So Dylan is a pretend cop for a day?
  69. Does Victor KNOW Gabe is really Adam?
  70. Joe Clark/MIA
  71. Backstage Drama for Soap Writers
  72. LiveThread for 12:30E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE
  73. Noah is in love with Marissa
  74. Sharon & Dylan showing that they can weather the storm
  75. Is everyone a coward? Neil, Marissa, Jack.....
  76. Grandparents' rights ... what are they?
  77. An "out" for Adam ...
  78. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE Wednesday - Thursday USA
  79. Neil and Bringing back Dru Scenerio, Think about it..
  80. Can someone familiar with this HW and EP please explain.......
  81. When Victor talks about keeping his grandkids close
  82. Victor orders and accuse Neil of staying away from wife Nikki. Really.