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  1. Sets, hair, costumes etc week of 11/17 and the short week of 11/24 (merged)
  2. Your Y&R Christmas List. What do you want to happen by 12/25/14?
  3. no, no Nick! not Grace!
  4. Katherine's Will
  5. Jennifer Gareis: Donna or Grace?
  6. maureen, stitch and kelly story
  7. Phyllis and Summer: Totally RED! (merged)
  8. for those who watch Days and Y&R: Kristen or Ashley?
  9. Noah sticks up for Sharon to Nick and the Newmans (merged)
  10. Nick's ritzy Bingham adjacent dog infested vacay rental (merged)
  11. Anybody think that Phyllis is just toying with Jack
  12. Why did Victoria refuse to get a paternity test?
  13. The dog that greeted Nick looks liked Villy's dog.
  14. Summer and Noah: Your Mom is worse, No your Mom is!!! Abby had the best line today!!!
  15. Spec: What happens after Hilary and Devon's affair is revealed? (merged)
  16. Gina's Phyllis and Michael Graziadei's Daniel
  17. Kelly's double whammy. Kudos to Cady!!!!!
  18. Mariah and Kevin: A potential couple being done right
  19. Do you think Phyllis planned this? (merged)
  20. I hope Billy and Stitch get copies of the tests Speculation only
  21. Hilary and Devon
  22. Billy and Victoria were a forever couple....Billy and Chelsea, no.
  24. Justin Hartley is cemented
  25. Jack---an unbelievable jerk.
  26. Kelly lives in lala land
  27. Kelly does not have to plan the wedding
  28. it is about time for Chelsea to be PG again
  29. Chris McKenna aka Det. Harding on "State of Affairs"
  30. Is that it for Maureen (Meredith Baxter)?
  31. Adam's Disfunctionel Sibling Repore
  32. Sage and Constance's YR connection
  33. OT Constance portrayer
  34. "Charming Adam"
  35. So Stitch did admit Vicki is more important than his son
  36. Did Kelly forgive Stitch?
  37. LiveThread 11/25/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  38. Phyllis and Avery are more believable as sisters with GT in the role
  39. Matt Clark/Joe Clark
  40. This Friday's Episode
  41. Nick's dream - the exes grind their axes (split)
  42. Nick's drinking
  43. Spectacular Cupcakes
  44. I bet Sage will be the woman Nick will turn to next
  45. Longtime Y&R producer OUT!
  46. Is this "Nick-centered" episode the writers attempt to give Joshua Morrow an Emmy?
  47. Let's shake the canvas up..List some couples you could go for (merged)
  49. Will Maureen tamper with the paternity results?
  50. Sorry if this has been asked about the background music...
  51. Why weren't the police keeping maureen under surveillance? She's guilty
  52. Billy Miller was on Major Crimes last night.
  53. Nick's current storyline reminds me of the plane crash/doctor in the woods story
  54. Is Constance's dog the same dog that belonged to Delia? Did Constance kill Delia?
  55. Phick: "Meh" Funny!!!!!
  56. My Sharon wish
  57. Gabriel and Sharon ??
  58. Time to focus more attention on Michael's story.
  59. Shick, Phick, Navery etc: What Is Over/What Isn't
  60. When is Adam heading back to Genoa City?
  61. LiveThread 11/26/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  62. johnny and conner
  63. SPOILER: CBS SID spoiler nuggets
  64. Poor Faith
  65. Couldn't Tyler be kept around for Tyler/Hilary/Devon?
  66. Why does everyone call Adam a Child murderer
  67. Chelsea has no maternal instincts with Johnny or shows no interest in him.
  68. Victoria names her baby "Katie" (merged)
  69. SPOILER: Canadian Wednesday and Thursday
  70. Happy Thanksgiving (merged)
  71. Has The Dialog Been Dumbed Down?
  72. Nikki slams door in Sharon's face
  73. Is Hilary reverting back to her evil ways?
  74. SPOILER: PROMO Fateful Reunion
  75. What will happen when nick realizes he made a mistake and wants sharon back?
  76. SPOILER: Bryton James (Devon) interview - some mild spoilerish content
  77. Summer isn't spending time with Phyllis
  78. The Blame Game
  79. "Gabriel"
  80. What did miss... Why wasn't there an Abbott Traditional Family Thanksgiving?
  81. With what I believe to be a successful Phyllis recast, I say bring on a Nu-Drucilla
  82. Cane and Lily's kids.
  83. victoria asking Abby's help
  84. Still waiting: who killed Delia (time to wrap this one up)?
  85. question about old Y&R storylines
  86. where is courtney
  87. Jack and Phyllis today
  88. Did Anyone Notice that Billy had his Wedding Ring ON? What's That All About?
  89. Amelia Heinle in a 90s Everclear music video
  90. Will Faith get hurt under drunk Nikki's care? (merged)
  91. Who would like to see the eighties bratpackers get some lead storylines?
  92. SPOILER: TV Guide Spoilers for next week 12/1 - 5th (TV guide LINK)
  93. How to use Multi Quote
  94. Question regarding Nikki's birth flashback
  95. Nick and Sharon should duet...
  96. LiveThread 11/28/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  97. Happy Birthday Gina Tognoni (11-28)
  98. Bugatti the Dog....Cutest Dog Ever!
  100. Are they trying to turn Summer into the original Phyllis?
  101. SPOILER: Why I Hate Summer. (It contains spoilers from 12/1/14 episode)
  102. Was Y&R pre-empted in the States today and yesterday due to Thanksgiving?
  103. Hoping Y&R don't have another round on new writers...
  104. SPOILER: SOC spoilers week of dec 1 and DTR