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  1. Will Neil be charged with kidnapping? (merged)
  2. Adam's Get out of Jail Card (merged)
  3. Anyone ELSE... ROOTING For ADAM!!!???
  4. Victor punches Adam
  5. Marco
  6. ARTICLE: Stitch Rayburn (Sean Carrigan) plus three more to die at November Sweeps gala?
  7. All The "Holier Than Thou" Garbage Is Making Me Sick (merged)
  8. ARTICLE: Could CBS turn Justin Hartley (Adam) into their new MacGyver?
  9. Jack and Adam's friendship - disgusting or touching? (merged)
  10. Is Adam a VICTIM of Billy's irresponsibility??????
  11. Quit persecuting Adam, Genoa City! Stop blaming him for everything! (merged)
  12. Busted Sage - sarcastic and defensive, not cool (merged)
  13. SPOILER: Mishael Morgan (Hilary) return airdate spoiler
  14. "He doesn't deserve the Newman name" - jealous a little Nick
  15. More Action for Paul Wiiliams
  16. Justin Hartley Appreciation....
  17. So..Is Adam or Nick the baby's father?
  18. Would Sharon have revealed the truth about Adam?
  19. Adam is useless
  20. Has Billy forgiven himself for his role in Delia's death?
  21. Nikki was SO ANNOYING TODAY! OMG. Shut up already!
  22. Who is your top three favorite characters and your least favorite?
  23. Delia's death was the 1st crime in a chain, everyone should be arrested (merged)
  24. Kudos to Kelly Sullivan
  25. ARTICLE: Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) teases upcoming surprise guest star for Y&R
  26. Hard to Watch Neil or Devon Anymore
  27. If you could write an episode y&r, what would you write.......
  28. The "roll your eyes" moments of today
  29. Sage's ridiculous birth!
  30. No good Newmans!
  31. ARTICLE: Michael Muhney (ex- Adam) witnesses tragic death at charity event
  32. Is Dylan a Cop? Who pays his Salary???
  33. Let's guess Baby Newman's name
  34. Wow, Nick you could have at least thanked Adam!
  35. Sage gets off easy because she had a baby
  36. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE Wednesday - Thursday USA
  37. I seriously hope this squashes any baby stealing storyline
  38. Villy - finally back together??
  39. Am I the only one who was disturbed by Sage's behavior?
  40. Adam's Good Deeds
  41. So who is blackmailing Devon?
  42. I'm sick of watching Neil chewing Gwen out every few days
  43. The new improved Abby
  44. Deliah didn't die; she is in the kitchen playing doctor (merged)
  45. Seems like all Nick's babies have questionable paternity
  46. Hillary's Ridiculous Kidnapping goes from Bad to Worse.
  47. So who wrote the ransom note?
  48. How did Stitch know that Gabe is Adam?
  49. Question re: the cops present at the station during Adam's arrest (merged)
  50. Bait and switch
  51. ARTICLE: Debbi Morgan (ex- Yolanda/Harmony) to play Toni Braxton's mom in new movie
  52. Y&R stars having fun on the set (link)
  53. Think they need a lessen in tracking
  54. SPOILER: gala explosion related spoiler? via ______'s Twitter
  55. Was Adam the one who hit Delia???
  56. ADAMS ALIVE... How Will SHARON React !!??
  57. LiveThread for 12:30E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE
  58. What happened to Michael's cancer s/l??
  59. ARTICLE: Two Scoops - Spinning wheel got to go 'round
  60. For the love of god Adam did NOT murder Delia (merged)
  61. Michael The Knight in Shining Armour
  62. Backdoor to Paragon
  63. Lack of older women in Y&R
  64. Victors visit to jail
  66. Has Nick really forgiven Sage?
  67. Hello everyone
  68. Victor gets rewarded yet again - another baby named after him!
  69. I sort of want Adam in jail
  70. Adam finally breaths a sigh of relief because of honesty
  71. Joe clark (scott elrod)
  72. Sandra Allen - is Nick's past catching up with him? (merged)
  73. Michael Muhney (ex- Adam) film "Search Engines" out soon
  74. ARTICLE: Poor Daniel Goddard (Cane) faces 6 more weeks of recovery from fight scene injury
  75. ARTICLE: Kate Linder (Esther) scores role in new Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston film
  76. Y&R ratings back up week ending October 2
  77. SPOILER: SOD nuggets for next week
  78. SPOILER: Nick/Sage baby related spoiler from MF interview
  79. LiveThread for 12:30E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE
  80. Actor who played Larry Warton, David "Shark" Fralick, was on Judge Judy last night!
  81. I wonder if that was Austin?
  82. Wait, So Adam Delivered Johnny?
  83. What's the deal with shady Dr. Anderson? (merged)
  84. Error, has been stated incorrect on today and yesterdays episodes.
  85. Eric has me blubbering like a baby
  87. Dylan couldn't stop the ransom guy-- $1 million wasted?
  88. SPOILER: PROMO - Week of October 12
  89. Chelsea or Joan of Ark?
  90. SPOILER: SOC spoilers - Week of October 12 .. & .. DTR
  91. Will We Ever See Gloria Again?
  92. Does anyone else like the Abby & Chelsea relationship?
  93. chelsea and connor
  94. Is Sage positioned to be the new leading character of Y&R?
  95. Adam bashing will never stop.