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  1. What do you miss about old Y&R?
  2. Hair, makeup, wardrobe, sets for the week of May 18 (merged)
  3. Middle-Aged Nick's Too Old To Be Knocking Chicks Up on Broom Closet Floors
  4. Gabriel, The Stalker
  5. The night Billy kidnapped Adam
  6. Are we ever going to know who hit Delia?
  7. SPOILER: SOD nuggets for next week and summer
  8. Devon and Hilary scolded?
  9. What is the most well done love affair in Y&R?
  10. SPOILER: PROMO - Week of May 25
  11. So... who killed Kelly (this time)?
  12. Tired of Cassie's Death references
  13. Even grieving Nick and Sharon still have more chemistry than
  14. Nick, Sage and baby make four.
  15. Phyllis needs to pick up her game
  17. Y&R trivia game, lets name all the main doctors in Y&R. Who is your favorites?
  18. What if it was the real Gabriel Bingham who hit Delia?
  19. Is Victor Insane?
  20. Nikki vs. Sharon
  21. SPOILER: Soapfest fun on Marco Island, FLA - PARTIAL SPOLIER
  22. Guys! Let's talk MARCO! All things MARCO!
  23. Holiday reruns
  24. Who loves Drunk Nikki? I do I do!!!!
  25. RIP Tobias
  26. Peter Bergman's acting
  27. Are we headed for a Shylan Baby?
  28. Joe/Ashley... and other wasted opportunities...
  29. Please, Please, Please ~ Wrap these storylines up!
  31. Just My Opinion But I Don't Think The Miracle Baby Will Ever Make It To Full Term!
  32. Just loving Noah and Mariah's budding sibling relationship.....their scene at
  33. Sage's pregnancy will expose Adam?
  34. At the moment, Y&R has the most uninspiring restaurants/cafes/bars
  35. Courtney's family not telling Noah where she is buried
  36. Sage gets a make over
  37. "Hey, everybody, I'm having a kid with the woman I broke up with last week."
  38. Sets, hair, costumes etc for week of 5/25
  39. Nick and Sage's first date
  40. Howcome the winters never mention Drucilla's Death.
  41. Walt!!
  42. What Is Up With Neil? (merged)
  43. Is Kyle working With Marco?
  44. Sharon's Female Friends
  45. I May Be the Only One, but I like Mariah and Kevin
  46. drunk nikki is too old to be dragging guys home
  47. Shylan baby: Adopt
  48. So Lily kicks Devon out of the hotel he owns
  49. LiveThread for 12:30E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE
  50. New actress playing Faith again?
  51. What is it about Sage?
  52. Preview Talk: Nikki might get her freak on with WALT!
  53. The Scooby Gang is at it again
  54. Is Nick really concerned about Sharon having major custody or is he punishing her?
  55. Kevin is going to end up in a hosptial bed
  56. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE Tuesday - Wednesday USA
  57. Sick of Dylan Already
  58. I would like to see more friendships on the show
  59. Evil evil evil
  60. Brenda Epperson - former Ashley Abbott
  61. I can't seem to like or trust Kyle these days
  62. Can't wait to see Faith's reaction to Mommy's roommate
  63. Did I miss something about Sharon and Faith?
  64. Anyone else see Kristoff St. John(Neil Winters),on ET,tonight(5/26)?
  65. Dylan didn't seem all that sure
  66. Let's reflect: Y&R under Jill Farren Phelps
  67. KSJ laughing today at MTS
  68. How long before Fack starts to really ignore Victor?
  69. Would love to see "Marco" bring down the mustache
  70. Im totally confused
  71. How will anyone ever forgive Victor for bringing FACK to Genoa City?
  72. Storylines OVERALL... Intriguing or Campy..!???
  73. Nikki's Drinking
  74. Kristoff St. John files lawsuit
  75. I wish Y&R stop being a Newman-show and achieve balance
  76. SPOILER: Nikki & Victor
  77. Hair, clothes and makeup for the week of May 25
  78. Why would Tobias kill Austin & Courtney?
  79. LiveThread 5/27/15 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  80. Direction of Billy
  81. Am i the only one that doesn't consider what Nikki did ROCK BOTTOM? #TeamNikki!
  82. Dylan turns down thirsty Sharon's move-in proposal
  83. No surprise that Joe is further along in his recovery then Avery knows.
  84. Joe teams up with Sharon???
  85. Phyllis and Averry
  86. Sage The VOICE of REASON...!!???
  87. Stitch hanging with the younger group
  88. SPOILER: Today's Canadian Spoilers
  89. Phyllis don't even worry about it babe.
  90. where is JILL?
  91. It's Tea Time in Vancouver .. with Kate Linder (Esther)
  92. Is Avery Mentally Ill Now Too?
  93. Kelly Sullivan ~ Sage ~ now on contract!
  94. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE Wednesday Thursday USA
  95. Will Neil have an Intervention too
  96. Chelsea and Phylliss.... fake husband and real husband
  97. Do you wisht the writers had made Joe a good guy from the begining and not the guy he
  98. Sharon & Joe's Chemistry
  99. No resolutions to ANY of the storylines
  100. Kristoff St. John Interview About Death of his Son
  101. Phyllis: "She threw me down a flight of stairs"
  102. David Tom on Queens of Drama
  103. Another Newman Half-Sibling!
  104. SPOILER: CBS SID nuggets for next week and summer
  105. SPOILER: Major casting spoiler
  106. LiveThread for 12:30E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE
  107. Nikki's stand alone intervention episode (merged)
  108. I'll keep this brief and right to the point: It sure is nice to have Neil back!
  109. JFP's future status?!
  110. Irony much Fake Jack at Nikki's intervention
  112. Kudos to MTS for her portrayal of alcoholic Nikki
  113. Y&R May Have Just Nabbed Another Emmy with Todays's Epidode!
  114. What if Angel is the Killer
  115. Ashley & daughter
  116. Poor nicki is going to hit the bottle even worse when she finds out victor.....
  117. ARTICLE: Jessica Collins OUT as Avery Bailey Clark