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  1. Traci Abbott
  2. For those who took Neilsen Survey, who did you name as the most important character?
  3. Victor uses the Paragon Project to control Jack - what the heck? (merged)
  4. Gina Tognoni reminds me of old Hollywood Glamour.
  5. Jack should have had a triumphant return
  6. Kevin and Mariah Discussion Thread
  7. Does nobody in Genoa City know how to Google????? (merged)
  8. Is Jack ever going to inform Phyllis that she was repeatedly raped? (merged)
  9. I Don't Think Chelsea Should Be Mad AT Adam (merged)
  10. Sets, hair, costumes etc for week of 7/27
  11. Sharon is officially pregnant--can she and Sage be friends?
  12. Potential Romance of Joe & Lily
  13. Just Can't Feel Sorry For Poor Poor Crying Sage!
  14. So Is Sharon Gonna Be There For Nick Once Nick Knows About Sage And Gabe Aka Adam
  15. Jack having sex with Phyllis knowing she was raped by Marco
  16. Gabe drugs Anita and takes Connor
  17. What Victor did to Phyllis was the worse of all.
  18. The return of Phick????
  19. Billy's obsession with Gabe is tedious
  20. James the Vet - a new character?
  21. What's Neil cooking up?
  22. Harding acting like a jerk
  23. So do you think Billy will ever forgive Jack?
  24. Now Jack wants to go on Honeymoon to Istanbul
  25. The Dumbing Down of Phyllis
  26. Where Is Ashley?
  27. nikki's cute hair
  28. Michelle Stafford (ex-Phyllis) expecting
  29. Sexist attitude regarding adultery and infidelity
  30. Paul's medical problem
  31. Cane has a right to his anger given Lily's quick turnaroud
  32. Poor Abby upon learning the truth of her biggest supporter, Gabe
  33. Christine & Dylan need more scenes!
  34. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE Wednesday - Thursday USA
  35. Why does Billy think he is a "Good Guy" ?
  36. At some point Phyllis is going to see 2 Jacks together and say "Oh, Jack, you knew!"
  37. Cane is being way to harsh>>>
  38. Jack is one fast healer
  39. Adam/Gabe quoting Bob Dylan...
  40. Ben seems turned off to Abby
  41. Devon, u got a billion dollars, take hilary and get married on beach somewhere.
  42. LiveThread for 12:30E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE
  43. Was Harding around before Chief Wiliams' heart attack?
  44. Cane witnesses Joe and Lily kiss
  45. Lauren to Michael "I'm ready to try". Likey has hope. (merged)
  46. Why does Phyllis have these doubtful looks at real Jack
  47. Disappointed: Devon got set up, maybe raped - the wedding is ruined (merged)
  48. Lauren and Hilary scenes were nice
  49. Did Jack tell anyone all of what he went through when kidnapped?
  51. Too Many Villains?
  52. Where's Jill? and other AWOL characters (merged)
  53. Why doesn't Marisa just tell them that Marco looks like Jack?
  54. ARTICLE: Tweet from ERIC BRAEDEN - Re: Contract
  55. Victor/Marco
  56. Does Abby live in the real world?
  57. Is there too much violence on Y&R?
  58. LiveThread for 12:30E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE
  59. Not feeling lily and hilary
  60. "Scooby Gang" reference
  61. Why does Devon trust Colin??
  62. Noah is just like his dad Nick
  63. SPOILER: SOD nuggets for next week
  64. SPOILER: PROMO - Week of August 3
  65. devon sure is stupid
  66. Y&R reality or just plain drama what kind of signals does the show send out
  67. Double Jack
  69. Faithfullness in Y & R
  70. SPOILER: SOC spoilers - Week of August 3 .. & .. DTR
  71. I Still Don't think Jack is going to come clean.
  72. Victor Wants Nick To Be Like Him So Bad!
  73. ARTICLE: Kristoff St. John (Neil) defends his character
  74. SPOILER: Casting Corner News
  75. question Sharon and the murders
  76. Neil knew there was something going on with Devon/Hilliary from the beginning!
  77. Devon still makes out with Hlary thinking that he cheated??
  78. Cane is a better man than Nick
  79. Does Cane have a job?
  80. Victor's Favorite Child?
  81. RATINGS - Week of July 20 - 24
  82. Where is Marco from