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  1. What has Adam done to Sage that was all that bad?
  2. This Adam is good, but lacks the previous two Adams' Darkness and evil.
  3. Is Nick going to take care of Sage forever?
  4. The lovefest between Victor and Victoria
  5. Victor is responsible for the murders, Kelly and setting up Sharon
  6. Are we back to Winter's Wednesday again?
  7. NOT Buying Summer & Kyles DECLARATION of LOVE...!!!
  8. 60 Day Review: 2/14 to 4/14... rate Y&R
  9. Dopple-Jack! (merged)
  10. SPOILER: Thoughts on Today's Show - Contains Speculation About the Month Ahead
  11. It's Kelly! She is alive!
  12. If Sharon is being set up, will everyone apologize to her?
  13. Who is going to solve the case
  14. Oh please! MUST we go through ANOTHER Sharon REDEMPTION? Must we?
  15. what is Victor's end game
  16. SPOILER: Peter Bergman Dishes That Crazy Reveal on The Young and the Restless
  17. Double double toil and oh heck another double story line
  18. Spec on how DoppleJack will affect other story lines (merged)
  20. Victor better pay this time!
  21. Kyle and Summer were so awful today
  22. Was that a real minister saying something about a phony ghost?
  23. I adore Dylan's dad --- Paul Williams is the G.O.A.T. in Daytime!!!!!!
  24. Makeup, hair, wardrobe, props for the week of April 13
  25. Victor, again an accessory to rape (merged)
  26. Soapstars in primetime
  27. did Victoria lose her brain
  28. Where is this Bizarro world of Victors?
  29. What was Kyle doing out on Route 7?
  30. Daytime Emmys in Canada & SOC Dankies
  31. Who else is disappointed with ANOTHER Dopplerganger SL??
  32. I'd love for Yack to be a permanent cast member
  33. Is Kyle behind it all?
  34. I'm confused about the video's of Jack
  35. Doppelgangers, I guess this really happens
  36. Since No one is surprised about Current Events..
  37. LiveThread for 12:30E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE
  38. Logistics, logistics
  39. So When Did They Make the Switch?
  40. What happened to the bloody book end
  41. Victor: "She is this close to be out of our Lives"
  42. Kelly's drug on Jack
  43. Soo, who all is going to be at Sharons Trial??
  44. Fingerprints - thoughts about several sets.
  45. What if it has been faux Jack...
  46. who killed Austin?
  47. Do You Think Austin and Courtney are really Dead?
  48. SPOILER: CANADIAN EPISODE Wednesday - Thursday USA
  49. Could This Be Victor Newman's Last Storyline?
  50. What will Stitch do when he finds out Kelly is alive?
  51. What is the realJack going to do, when Phyliss finds out?
  52. Predictable Nick
  53. The Faux Jack Story is stressing me out.
  54. what is it with theses people saying sharon has to be guilty !
  55. Why Didn't Gabe Threaten to Tell About Sage?
  56. Did we find out how Courtney died?
  57. Few questions from a new viewer
  58. How long is the Adam/Gabe charade going to continue?
  59. Phyllis and Adam
  60. Questiion About Scotty Baldwin
  61. Speculation: Dylan .. on the night of the cabin murder
  62. Who do you think will be the next victim?
  63. Hate Watching vs. Hope Watching (credit to Alan Sepinwall)
  64. LiveThread for 12:30E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE
  65. Victor has Orchestrated Everything!
  66. Is Joe that obsessed with Avery?
  67. Why couldn't Sharon afford an attorney?
  68. Adam & Chelsea Make Love. Did you like it or hate it?
  69. Sharon should sue Abby for defamation
  70. Sharon under house arrest getting worse for her
  71. Stitch and the ashes
  72. Re Preview: How wil Billy find out about Chelsea and Gabe?l
  73. Gabe/Adam and Chelsea Scenes 4/16/15
  74. I'd bet money on a Chadam baby girl coming
  75. reunite Villy
  76. JH Adam and Chelsea have the best chemistry EVER
  77. Michael defending Sharon is strange. Short memory
  78. Avery refusing to help Sharon
  80. Gabe being there for Chelsea?
  81. Lawyers on Y&R
  82. Geez Sharon buy a lock for your front door!!!
  83. Phyllis Is Going To Give Victor Hell Once She Learns The Truth!!
  84. How many people watch Y&R BECAUSE of Victor Newman? In spite of him?
  85. Thought Adam was burned in the accident
  86. Chelsea, no inkling of familiarity?
  87. Has anyone experienced one of the funnier soap cliches in real life?
  88. When Abby was attacked in the Park...
  89. Courtney on Big Bang
  90. Chadam/Chabe - who cares gimme MORE!!!
  91. Victor and Sage Finally Meet - a Clue or Not?
  92. What type of message is being sent to couples facing prostate cancer?l
  93. Sharon's in trouble and Mariah is MIA
  94. Adam/Gabe will out Dopple-Jack, or vice versa?
  95. Why was Austin killed?
  96. LiveThread for 12:30E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE
  97. SPOILER: SOD nuggets for next week
  98. Nick believing Sharon is capable of murder
  99. Sage the Sponge
  100. Return of Dark Adam
  101. Kyle shot down!
  102. How did the killer get into Sharon's trunk?
  103. Sharon needs to emerge from this triumphant
  104. I Do Not Trust KYLE
  105. how did they determine a crowbar killed Austin?
  106. So what is Noah going to do?
  107. SPOILER: Canadian Episode for Friday
  108. Is Victor Newman mentally ill or just this evil?
  109. The killer's next move?
  110. Sharon's house arrest
  111. SPOILER: PROMO - Week of April 20 ~ While Jack's Away ~
  113. Remember when Jack Abbott DEFEATED Victor Newman? Michael Baldwin did too.
  114. So Michael's going to stay with Sharon, I hope they make them long-term friends
  115. Abby and Stitch slowly falling for each other
  116. Could there be something wrong with Sharon?
  117. SPOILER: SOC spoilers .. Week of April 20 .. & .. DTR
  118. Jack the look-alike is the one who broke in and hacked both computer systems!!
  119. Victor put Sharon's fingerprints on the tire wrench!!!
  120. Sharon's Home Confinement
  121. So what was the point of bringing Fen on the canvas back in February?
  122. SPOILER: Tweet from .. MAX EHRICH .. (Fen)
  123. I'm Assuming Chelsea Didn't Shower Afterwards?
  124. Justin Hartley
  125. Eileen Davidson
  126. Ouestions not asked by paul and the genoa city police
  127. What if kyle is not the real kyle?