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  1. SPOILER: Justin Hartley's (Adam) debut date
  2. Sets, hair, costumes etc for week of 10/13
  3. Hilary and Devon's affair - yea or nay? (merged)
  4. So, there are plans for Chloe to come back? (answer is a spoiler)
  5. How long until we see Michael getting his test results back?
  6. Kevin & Chloe today
  7. It's Sad that Summer is so Afraid of her Mother (merged)
  8. Why is Y&R making it like Jack and Phylis had this amazing thing? (merged)
  9. Hillary and Devon MUST tell Neil ASAP! Today is a new low....
  10. Ian Absurdity
  11. Phyllis calls Kelly tramp
  12. Mariah and Victor's growing rapport (merged)
  13. Ian didn't do anything illegal to get Dylan arrested for murder (merged)
  14. Neil KNOWS!
  15. Boo CBS!
  16. Poll: Which Story Line Would You Like to See Resolved First?
  17. Why does Phyllis hate Sharon so much?
  18. Is Tatyana Ali (Roxy) gone definetely?
  19. So, what is the truth about Stitch's Dad?
  20. victoria doesn't want nick to marry sharon
  21. I can not get into the Nick *obsession* about Sharon
  22. Y&R's Cast credits as of 10-17-2014 - US Friday
  23. Oct 24 - The Talk - Scott Elrod, Burgess Jenkins , Justin Hartley & Gina Tognoni
  24. Ben's mother is really annoying
  26. SPOILER: Y&R PROMO: Week of October 20 .. ~ A Haunted Past ~
  27. Will Devon Fire LANE or Will LANE Quit??
  28. SPOILER: SOC's spoilers: Week of October 20 .. & .. DTR
  29. Most Unconvincing Kiss: Ben And Victoria
  30. What Character Do You Feel Most Sorry For?
  31. I Am Perplexed: Why Did Phyllis Show Up In A White Dress At The Wedding?
  32. The Clairvoyant
  33. If Ben Is Innocent Will Jenna Return With Max And Create Another Victoria Triangle?
  34. Will Kelly be the next Sheila?
  35. How great were the Phyllis/Victor scenes today? Tognoni and Braeden had sparks.
  36. ARTICLE: Julianne Morris to reprise the role of Amy Wilson in November
  37. Phyllis/Ashley... do they like or dislike each other?
  38. Hurricane Lily can't some fast enough for me
  39. is there anyone else who would rather Phyllis stayed in the coma
  40. Nobody knows the secret!
  41. I thought the doctor said Phyllis' personality would change?
  42. The Baldwins are sexy and in lovd but storm clouds loom
  43. Victoria Rowell and Davetta Sherwood on TV-One
  44. Can not STAND to hear "The secret" anymore !!
  45. Maureen and Victor would be perfect together: worst parents ever
  46. Leave it to Mariah to get Victor to put to rest an age old rumor.....
  48. Please just shoot and kill Ian now...
  49. LiveThread 10/20/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  50. Cane and Joe Clark connection
  51. Yikes! Phyllis vs Ashley
  52. it should be Victor vs Phyllis not Sharon
  53. Ian's Arrest Too Easy, kind of Silly in fact
  54. SPOILER: Character making return visit to Y&R
  55. It's time for a haunted house story!
  56. So, it's Paul who tumbles to Nikki's drinking....
  58. So Neither Dylan nor Phyllis knows Joe?
  59. Sets, hair, costumes etc for week of 10/20
  60. Michael at the doctor today
  61. A little review over everything
  62. SPOILER: GLORIA (Judith Chapman)
  63. How will Jack be exposed?
  64. I am really not liking Maureen at all...
  65. LiveThread 10/21/14 for 12:30 E.T. Y&R NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  66. Question about Avery's name..
  67. I'm loving the New Phyllis
  68. What is Avery's Problem With Joe?
  69. Victor dislikes Stitch now?
  70. Neil asks to resume sexual relations, Hilary turns him down
  71. Too much drama
  72. Nicki taking a extra gulp of vodka when she.....
  74. Would you settle for a Dru recast?? Should she return??
  75. Abbot Family:
  76. nikki is not hiding the drinking very well
  77. Devon - Hilary - Neil - pregnancy?
  78. Has Jack forgotten he was in love with a woman called Kelly
  79. SWEEPS weeks begin Oct.30.....What do you want to be finished up ?????
  80. Did I miss something? Why did Ian kidnap Mariah as a baby?